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21 December 2012 @ 08:55 pm

. c o m m e n t . t o . b e . a d d e d .

Contrary to the banner, this journal is not friends only. Rather, it is semi-friends only for the reason that I like people to comment before they friend me. Why? Because I don't feel comfortable with complete strangers friending me. It's as simple as that. I don't expect anything fancy and I don't bite- just drop me a comment stating who you are and why you'd like to friend me, and, chances are, I'll friend you back. Fandoms in common help a lot, too. However, if you don't comment on this post, I won't friend you back, simple as that.

I do have a few rules for friending:
☆ I don't friend journals that are linked to twitter/facebook/other social media (so that the majority of the posts are, for example, a conglomeration of tweets)
☆ I don't friend journals that are mostly sales journals.
☆ I don't friend journals that regularly post large images without using an LJ cut.
If your journal contains any of these things, please feel free to friend me regardless; all of my fic, icons, translations, reports, meta, and other fanworks will always be unlocked. I reserve the right to unfriend any journals that begin doing these things after we're friends. It's also simply my policy to unfriend any accounts who unfriend me for whatever reason.

In the case that you happen to stumble across this journal and are considering friending, here's just a bit about me to help you out, a bit more in-depth than my userinfo.

☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆✳☆Collapse )

I also have some rules for conduct within my journal:
☆ This is a safe space. Please refrain from language that is derisive or discriminatory.
☆ I understand that slang is different in all countries and cultures, but please try to remember that something that might not be offensive to you may be offensive to someone else. In particular, I know that the word "Jap" is not considered a racial slur used to refer to someone of Japanese heritage in some countries, but being American (and living in Japan knowing Japanese people who find it very offensive), I ask that you don't use it in the comments on my journal.
☆ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect the opinions of everyone who comments on my blog. I try my hardest to engage with all commenters in a polite and respectful manner. That being said, please respect my opinion and, in the long run, understand that this is my blog and I will post in accordance with what I feel and believe. If you're offended by it, please simply don't read it.
I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel violate these rules.

That all being said, if you still wish to be friends, please, comment away! ♡

Or, if what you're interested in is my writing:
Fic ArchiveJohnny's Entertainment Fic Archive

If anything I write makes you feel uncomfortable, please let me know in any way you feel comfortable (pm, comment) and I'll do whatever I can to rectify the situation. I do my best to warn for any possible triggers in my works, but sometimes, I make mistakes. I want my journal to be a safe space for everyone.
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04 July 2015 @ 11:58 pm
Today I downloaded a bunch of apps supposed to help you get into good habits, so I hope they work. XD I'm looking forward to trying them. I've always been bad at keeping up with things unless they're a commitment to someone else and not myself, but I've done well with apps in particular, so I hope these apps help! I'm particularly looking forward to using one for writing positive thoughts and appreciating small things in your life more. Because if I don't make my own happiness, no one's going to make it for me, right?

In other news, I watched The Music Day today, and it was really fun! I enjoyed JUMP's performance a lot, and the Johnny's Medley was great too! Ino-chan got to stand in the front row with the three frontmen in the small talk section, too, and the camera made a point to zoom in on him in Ride with Me, even though he's really not featured in that song. ♥ It was so good, and their costumes were really nice, too!

It's been good relaxing all day, but I'm already panicking about packing for traveling abroad… OTL I hate packing so much…
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03 July 2015 @ 10:56 pm
Cut for negative opinions on the J&A management and general long-winded hypothesizingCollapse )

In other news, TGIF~ I'm going to try to get lots of sleep and get pumped for The Music Day tomorrow~ I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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02 July 2015 @ 09:54 pm
Looks like I'll be seeing the Gamushara Summer Station from the balcony! I'm pretty happy with that; I like the balcony and there's less… claustrophobia and the feeling of being crushed? XD You're still really close, either way, so I'm looking forward to it!

In other news, I'm totally sad that new JUMP photos have come out in the shop and I won't be able to get them until after I get back from America T__T; I don't know if I mentioned it here before, but I'm visiting America to see my family and stuff in two weeks… and I won't be able to get to Tokyo before then, sigh. I also really want to get paparazzi photos from Waku Waku T___T; I guess it'll all have to wait until August.

Sorry that 90% of my posts are boring life updates lol. Summer break starts in two weeks and I'm so ready. Once I get recharged, hopefully I'll be more interesting. |D;

Unrelatedly, I love this song liek woah. Kitty Ino-chan. ♥
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01 July 2015 @ 11:35 pm
After a fun English event on Monday and going to the immigration office yesterday, today was technically my first day of work this week! It was rough |D; I'm tired |D; Isn't the week done already?!

I'm excited about the Music Day on Saturday, though! They announced the groupings for the Johnny's Medley, and Ino-chan is singing V6! This should be good, I'm looking forward to it! Even if the majority of the show is boring or enka, I still enjoy having it on in the background~

Also, I picked up JUMP's anan, and they all look amazing. Anan is totally ridiculous (there's little lines that each of them wrote about getting together with an older woman, lol) but in a really amusing way, and I love all of their photos. I already can't wait for the concert!
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30 June 2015 @ 09:42 pm
I managed to squeeze one last fic in in June! It's based on Waku Waku (more context in the author's note) and on Inoo and Jun's cute interaction there and ever since the time Inoo was on VS Arashi. It's just a short drabble, but I hope it's still enjoyable!

title: Advice
rating: g
pairing: Yaotome Hikaru & Inoo Kei
word count: 774
beta: yomimashou
author's note: During the last Waku Waku Gakkou show in Tokyo, Inoo told this story about how Yabu had been repeatedly been asking him where he was, and then when he got a phone call, Inoo had gotten annoyed and told him off, only to find out it was actually Jun on the phone. XD;; This is based on that story.
summary: Despite the fact that Inoo had accidentally taken him for a pestering Yabu and mistakenly yelled at him over the phone, Matsumoto-kun had asked him out for drinks in Osaka.

Inoo closes the door to the hotel room as quietly as he can.Collapse )
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I finally got my JUMPing Car CDs! I haven't had a chance to get a good listen-through yet, but I'm really excited at least by the packaging and the way the photos in the booklets were done and everything! I don't at all regret getting all 3 copies; in the past with albums I've been a cheapskate but I'm really happy I got all 3.

I've listening closely to JUMP's Korosensations, though, and ahahah how very odd. I'm loving that Ino-chan got Chinen's parts and therfore has a lot of solo lines, but oh man, what a ridiculous concept. I hope Yuto enjoyed having Yamada's opening lines. XD Also I'm sure they all enjoyed doing the "nurufufufufu" Korosensei laugh.

Tomorrow I'm heading into Tokyo for my Waku Waku weekend! I'm really, really looking forward to seeing JUMP in it, so I can't wait!
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24 June 2015 @ 11:07 pm
Just a quick drive by post because I need to get to bed, but here's a few photos of what I did today ♥

Happy birthday to you~♪Collapse )

In other news, my CDs are in transit. >__< Dammit, Amazon. I should get them tomorrow, but I won't have a chance to watch them before Waku Waku since I'm going out of town after work on Friday and I have to pack tomorrow night and all that. Well, more to look forward to, I guess.
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22 June 2015 @ 07:38 pm
Happy birthday, Ino-chan!! I had originally planned on posting something a little more sustantial, but about a thousand words was all I had in me today. Still, I hope that this is enjoyable!

title: Birthday Surprise
rating: pg
pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/Inoo Kei
word count: 1,150
beta: yomimashou
author's note: Happy birthday, Ino-chan! This is another installment in idolverse, but it's not in the current timeline. See the summary for details~
summary: It's been a long day by the time Inoo makes it back to Hikaru's apartment after work. Set on Inoo's birthday about two years after the events that start in もっとみてよ、みつめてよ.

Though his birthday still hasn"t actually happened yet, it"s been a long weekend of birthday activities.Collapse )
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21 June 2015 @ 11:13 pm
So today yomimashou and I finally showed our guy friend the s3art con, and it was a success! XD He seemed to enjoy it a lot, and he liked Chinen~ He also liked Yabu and Inoo, so yay |D;; Good results all around! He also really seemed looking forward to seeing the show, and to buying goods and everything. He said he wanted to watch variety shows at some point, too, so I hope that he enjoys them!

We also bought our Waku Waku tickets today! We got front-ish seats in the 4th floor stands, which is basically what we wanted. I'm really really excited now that I know for sure that I have a ticket!

Also, they did Kira Kira Hikare on School Kakumei this morning and now I can't get it out of my head~ I can't wait for the album to drop~ Only a few more days!

And soon it'll be Inochan's birthday ♥ He's almost 25! I hope he's having a wonderful evening, anyway~ ♥
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20 June 2015 @ 11:19 pm
I don't know what's been up with the weather recently, but it seems like it's been pretty cold recently for June. It's been rainy and humid, which is normal for tsuyu and all, but it's also been going between the mid-80s and the high 60s, which strikes me as less normal. I'm not sure whether I want my AC on or I want to sleep under all my futons XD;; But hopefully soon tsuyu will be over, and at the very least it will stop raining on everything.

Monday and Tuesday are test days at JHS, so I get to relax, yay! Hopefully I can get some fic written :3 It always makes the weekend easier when I know I don't have any classes on the day after. XD;
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19 June 2015 @ 11:58 pm
I'm feeling pretty gross and crappy now, but my work party was good! All the other teachers from my elementary school are really nice, and it was way better than I expected… A lot of the time since people tend to ignore me, since they're afraid (I guess?) to make conversation with me and I'm not a native speaker so I'm not the best at keeping up a conversation depending on the topic, but today everyone wanted to hear about me and my life. They ever let me show them photos of my dog XD;

The downside was that I had to miss JUMP on Music Station, but I luckily, I recorded it, so I could watch it when I got home. I'm still sort of in shock that Inochan's solo line made it into the TV version… but I'm definitely not complaining ♥

Now I'm going to get some sleep to try to make up for this week! Wish me luck with showing the s3art DVD to my guy friend this weekend… XD
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18 June 2015 @ 10:42 pm
So because I'm probably the slowest person ever, I just today watched the news report for the new JUMP album, and omg I'm in love. Inochan and Hikaru were so cute and lovey-dovey together, ahhhh ♥ Yuto's legs are scary long, omg. XD; And the PV looks so amazing! I can't wait for the CD to come out, ahhh. It feels like so far away! I had no idea JUMP driving convertibles was something I wanted, but omg I want it. XD;

In other new, thank god it's almost Friday xD I have to go to a work party tomorrow, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Sadly, I'll miss JUMP on Music Station, but I'm recording it, so I can watch it as soon as I get home, at least!

I can't wait to catch up on sleep this weekend! Because I sure as heck am not going to sleep next weekend when I go to Tokyo again, ahaha. |D;
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Nothing like watching a bunch of JUMP videos to brighten your day! I hadn't had a chance to watch Itadaki High JUMP yet, or last week's Little Tokyo Live, so I finally caught up today, and they did not disappoint XD; Please don't read on if you don't want spoilers! But they did air last week and all XD;

Itadaki High JUMP was great all around, ahaha. I'm going to have nightmares about Hikaru in that green pepper suit for the rest of my life, though. |D;; Ahaha. I don't know who came up with that idea, but it was totally ridiculous. I wasn't expecting Chinen to be so good with kids, but then again… Chinen is good at everything XD; And then ahaha everything about the Heros corner. Of course Inochan made up the choreography for the girl. And Yamada was adorable. |D;;; Also, I loved all their faces of horror after watching the performance the first time… except Inoo, who looked excited to do something embarrassing XD;

I'm so excited that Inochan won the audience poll for Little Tokyo Live ♥ Maybe it's a silly thing and he didn't have that much competition, but I'm happy anyway ♥

And then after that I watched an old Ya-ya-yah clip that I had found recently with baby NEWS and baby Yabu, Hikaru, and Inoo, and it was sooo cute. Inochan makes the same expressions now! XD So adorable.

This weekend, a guy friend is supposed to be coming over to watch the s3art DVD with me, so I'm really excited for that too! I hope he likes it XD;
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15 June 2015 @ 09:56 pm
I'm super exhausted and not really coherent, but I'm back from NEWS, etc! The concert was actually way more fun than I was expecting; our seats weren't as bad as I thought and I could actually see fairly well. I had a really good time!

The only other really exciting thing that I did was go secondhand shopping and paparazzi shopping. |D; I got a few vintage goods and some photos, which isn't actually very exciting at all, but oh well. XD;

Ino-chan goods and photos!Collapse )

The other good news is that my friends and I hit for every day we wanted to go to for Yokohama Arena for JUMP! Sadly, we didn't hit for Nagoya, but oh well. We can choose our seats. XD;
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Exciting news!! ITADAKI HIGH JUMP, the show which first aired as a special in December of 2014 and included a waking-up prank and the members running on treadmills, is going to become a regular half-hour show starting in July, according to this source!! I'm not going to translate the whole thing, because I don't have that much time, but here are some important points:

It has been decided that Hey! Say! JUMP's regular show, "ITADAKI HIGH JUMP," (Every Wednesday night, 1:25-1:55 on Fuji TV; 1:50-2:20 on the first time) will start from July 8th (Wed).

It will be a variety show made up of only the Hey! Say! JUMP members, in which all of the members gather in the studio each week.

The rest of the article describes things that are going to happen in the 6/10 hour-long "second pilot" episode.

This is really really exciting, because, so long as this article is true to its word (which is always something we have to take with a grain of salt in Johnny's…) it will be JUMP's first all-member only-member regular show! I love Little Tokyo Live, and I loved Yan Yan JUMP, but I'm really happy to see that the group has been given this opportunity to show that they can pull the whole show as a group! There aren't enough opportunities to see all nine members together, either, so I'm just really really excited about this all around.

I'm unsure what the format is going to be (and often, with variety, they try out a bunch of things at first, the way that Little Tokyo Live has changed formats a few times), but whatever it is, I can't wait to watch it!
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07 June 2015 @ 07:30 pm
Yesterday, I went in to Tokyo to do some "errands" (read as: fun shopping), and I was successful on all counts! I was exhausted when I got back, but it was totally worth it for shop photos, clothes, concert accessories, and a new bag!

Photos under here!Collapse )

Today, I got to relax~ I've been enjoying the reports from Waku-Waku Gakkou, including this one:
Inoo:I won't lose to the likes of Arashi! (self-satisfied)
Arashi:Oi! Who said that! (laughing)
Inoo:Arioka did!!
Arioka:What?! Inoo did!! Iio!!!!
Jun:Oi, Iio!!!!!
Oh, man, I can't even wait for Waku-Waku in Tokyo. XD;; I hope Inoo gets to do as much as he seemed to get to do in Osaka! He also said that in 10 years he wanted to have a show called "Ino-san" ahaha. How cute is he.
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04 June 2015 @ 10:02 pm
I was excited to see the new JUMP album coverse! For some reason I hadn't realized that the A in "CAR" was supposed to be a 4 until now. XD JUMP WORLD clearly missed the mark since the other three albums are numbered |D;; The whole car theme really isn't my style (in case it wasn't clear, Chau# is much more my aesthetic, ahaha. Pastel and fluffy!) But I'm really happy nonetheless. Ino-chan's position looks really good on two of them, and they all look really cute. ♥ It's hard to believe how many releases they've had recently. I'm knocking on wood hardcore, ahaha, but it's really really exciting.

Also, they announced recently that JUMP and V6 designed the shirt together for 24 hour TV and I'm really looking forward to seeing the design when it gets released ♥ I hope that it's cute!
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03 June 2015 @ 11:21 am
New Yuto icon! I really want to make new icons, but sadly, my computer is still unwell, so for now I'm using ones made by others and ones I made a while ago. At any rate, this fic is totally ridiculous, but hopefully at least there's some… entertainment value (badum ching~)!

title: Entertainment Value
rating: pg
pairings: Yuto-Yamada antagonistic relationship centric; background Takaki/Yabu, Yuto/Keito, Yamada/Chinen, Hikaru/Inoo
word count: 1,182
beta: yomimashou
author's note: I'm really tickled by Yuto and Yamada's antagonistic relationship XD; Ever since they admitted in the long interviews that they've never really liked one another, everything sort of clicked for me about their previous interaction. Please don't read this if the thought of that is offensive to you, or if you don't want to read about Yuto being a dick, because that's basically the main premise of this fic XD;; For shiritori @ writetomyheart!
summary: Yuto feels as if perhaps he's starting to like Yamada after all.

"I guess that makes you the girl," Yuto goads.Collapse )
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Well, besides finish a fic, do some stuff for work, and sort like 8 albums of yomimashou's shop photos (there's still like 10 albums to go, sob), I really didn't do anything this weekend… oops. >__> I always think I'm going to be productive during free weekends, and then I never am.

I did, however, freak out over Ino-chan on Nino-san! Ugh, he was so perfect. I hope someone uploads it, because it'll be travesty if the world can't see it. He and Nino actually worked perfectly together. I was worried, but Nino likes to be an asshole on TV and Ino-chan is really doM, and they just worked perfectly together. Also, Ino-chan was wonderful and beautiful, and his presentation on architecture was wonderful and beautiful, and I want to watch it a million times. ♥

Ugh, why is tomorrow monday already. Blegh.
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