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21 December 2012 @ 08:55 pm

. c o m m e n t . t o . b e . a d d e d .

Contrary to the banner, this journal is not friends only. Rather, it is semi-friends only for the reason that I like people to comment before they friend me. Why? Because I don't feel comfortable with complete strangers friending me. It's as simple as that. I don't expect anything fancy and I don't bite- just drop me a comment stating who you are and why you'd like to friend me, and, chances are, I'll friend you back. Fandoms in common help a lot, too. However, if you don't comment on this post, I won't friend you back, simple as that.

Three things: I don't friend journals that are linked to twitter/facebook/other social media (so that the majority of the posts are, for example, a conglomeration of tweets) and I don't friend journals that are mostly sales journals. I also don't friend journals that regularly post large images without using an LJ cut. If your journal contains any of these things, please feel free to friend my regardless; all of my fic, icons, translations, reports, meta, and other fanworks will always be unlocked. I reserve the right to unfriend any journals that begin doing these things after we're friends. It's also simply my policy to unfriend any accounts who unfriend me for whatever reason.

In the case that you happen to stumble across this journal and are considering friending, here's just a bit about me to help you out, a bit more in-depth than my userinfo.

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That all being said, if you still wish to be friends, please, comment away! ♡

Or, if what you're interested in is my writing:
Fic ArchiveJohnny's Entertainment Fic Archive

If anything I write makes you feel uncomfortable, please let me know in any way you feel comfortable (pm, comment) and I'll do whatever I can to rectify the situation. I do my best to warn for any possible triggers in my works, but sometimes, I make mistakes. I want my journal to be a safe space for everyone.
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27 March 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Somehow it keeps happening that I post fic right before I have to get to bed and get up early in the morning XD But here's another idolverse bit! This is the third part in the timeline that I have going, so please make sure you read the author's notes. And now I'm off to bed. XD;

title: gravity
rating: pg
pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/Inoo Kei
warning: somewhat unhealthy mentality towards relationships
word count: 3,933
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is another installment of idolverse. It's the next in timeline after もっとみてよ、みつめてよ and Common Sense, so it's meant to be read third.
summary: "Think of me as a friend… an admirer, really, then," Hikaru responds evenly, and before the words have even fully left his mouth, Inoo believes.

Inoo"s hands are shaking as he leans against the door of the Chuo-Sobu line at eleven-fifty on Tuesday morning, no matter how hard he tries to stop them.Collapse )
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25 March 2015 @ 10:48 pm
I just got back from a work party and I'm almost literally falling asleep at my computer, so without much comment, have another idolverse fic! Enjoy~

title: Warmth
rating: pg
pairings: gen; Daiki-centric
word count: 1,322
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is another installment of idolverse, set sometime ambiguous in the timeline of もっとみてよ、みつめてよ and Common Sense. Written for Shiritori @ writetomyheart!
summary: Daiki can't help but think that maybe, despite the fact that he ended up in this whole career by accident, being an idol is all he really wants, after all.

Being an Akihabara-style idol was never exactly Daiki"s dreamCollapse )
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Last weekend I saw NEWS for the first time in Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya! It was my first time seeing NEWS, my first time seeing a show in that venue, and the very first show of the whole tour, so it was especially exciting! I'm not going to write a whole real report, because NEWS isn't one of my main groups, I don't know all their songs, and I'm sure there are a lot of other fans who will do a better job, but I just wanted to get down a few things that were amusing to me!

NEWS Live Tour White 2015, Nippon Gaishi Hall on March 21, 2015 @ 5 pmCollapse )

Okay, so that wasn't really a report at all. Whoops. Well, that's what left an impression on me |D; Sorry that it sort of sucks, but hopefully the few anecdotes are amusing, anyway! XD;
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23 March 2015 @ 11:12 pm
Tomorrow is elementary school graduation and I need to get to sleep because I'm pretty much passing out sitting up, but:

✪ NEWS was a lot of fun! I'm going to try to write up a few amusing things that happened, if I get the time.

✪ JUMP tour was announced for summer! I'm so stupidly excited for this. ♥ It will be my first JUMP concert since my tangae and I'm looking forward to it!

✪ I saw Doctor and Sonic Hunter's costumes at Nagoya Tower Records, which was awesome! I'm hoping to check out the Tokyo and Yokohama ones too, so if I manage that, a compilation post will come later. ^^;

✪ Only a week until Sexy Zone! Concert season has really gotten underway, and while it's tiring, I love it XD

I swear one day I'll get my shit together and make a real post and answer all my comments… but today is not that day =___=;
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20 March 2015 @ 11:59 pm
I was going to translate the fanclub email, but I ran out of time, and I'm heading to see NEWS in Nagoya this weekend, but for the time being, I'm really excited to see a new JUMP single announced! I was hoping for a theme song for Ino-chan's drama… but really anything will do. The titles are "Chau#" and "Oh I need you," and the B-sides are 7 and BEST songs. I'm unsure why there are so few versions (only one LE), but whatever, I'm glad to see a release at all!

In other news, I finally got my Korosensations LE. XD; Just in time for me to go to Nagoya. |D;;;
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18 March 2015 @ 02:04 pm
I've said it a few times before, but I really want to reiterate how sorry I am that I've fallen behind in fandom activities in the past 6+ months. Things had been pretty rough for me in terms of fandom, health, and personal life since about July, but they're coming around now, and I'm trying to get back in business.

That being said, this means I didn't end up being able to write reports for various concerts I've seen since July, and I really feel bad about this. My most particular regret is completely failing to write a report about the Hey! Say! JUMP 's3art' concert from October, which came out on DVD last month. It was truly an amazing concert (as can be seen on the DVD!) and I really wanted to share my experience, but it just didn't happen.

It doesn't really make up for it, but I want to take the time now to sort of write up what you missed out on if you only saw the DVD and didn't attend the concert. A lot of these things probably appeared on Twitter (I don't use twitter, so I honestly don't know), but I want to at least bullet-point the things that might be useful to others, both in terms of interesting happenings and concert-going related knowledge.

Hey! Say! JUMP s3art Concert in Yokohama Arena, 2014.10.12Collapse )

Sorry that that isn't much, but that's pretty much all I have to add to the DVD. I hope it's at least of interest to someone!
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17 March 2015 @ 11:27 pm
So today there was a promotion to get Ansatsu Kyoushitu clearfiles from Family Mart (a convenience store) if you bought two chocolate items. You can see from the Family Mart website that they feature Korosensei, but as it turns out, they really look like this:

clearfiles!Collapse )

As you might guess, they sold rather quickly, but I managed to get my hands on one of each kind! Hurrah! yomimashou told me that at her Family Mart, they were sold out, and one of the cashiers told her that someone had come in and bought all of the files at midnight. @__@ Luckily, we were both able to find all that we wanted~

Now I have all this chocolate that I didn't really want, though |D;;;
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14 March 2015 @ 11:54 pm
Things I didn't get done today:
→ As much chocolate-making as I wanted
→ Basically anything else productive like fic

Things I did get done today:
→ Started on making chocolates!
→ Finished my Tegoshi uchiwa for the NEWS concert next weekend!
→ Watched JUMP Sensations on CDTV and made noises only a dog can hear.

Seriously, though, the person who looks like Inoo is so perfect and beautiful ;______; He has a really important solo line and he comes to stand right next to the person who looks like Yamada and ahhhh. I can't wait until Wednesday!!

Also, happy Pi Day!
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12 March 2015 @ 10:51 pm
Tomorrow is graduation and I need to get to bed, but my shiritori time was up, so here's a little short thing! I really enjoy Americaverse |D;;

title: Lucky
rating: g
pairing: Nakajima Yuto/Okamoto Keito
word count: 958
beta: yomimashou
author's note: Yet another Americaverse installment! Because this was originally based on the Hey! Say! JUMP 2014-2015 Calendar, Keito ended up as a designer even if that seems surprising XD; This was written for shiritori @ writetomyheart
summary: There's nothing Yuto can do but gape as the most painfully gorgeous man he has ever seen in his entire nineteen years of life wanders into the Starbucks.

Previous Americaverse fics: Ready (Hikaru/Inoo), The Start of Something New (Takaki/Yabu), Engaged (Takaki/Yabu), あけまして (Yamada/Chinen)

As much as possible, Yuto tries to study outside the apartment in the weeks before finals.Collapse )
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08 March 2015 @ 11:39 pm

Happy birthday to the cutest capybara junior around ♥ Thank you for supporting your friends and delighting fans for yet another year, and I hope you enjoy being 21~ Go get a drink with Fuma. XD
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07 March 2015 @ 11:20 pm
The Hey! Say! JUMP calendar came out today! It's really interesting that this year it wasn't an idol magazine, but Josei Jishin that had their calendar this year, and I think a lot of the shots really reflect that. I felt that it was a lot more artistic than usual this year (which is kind of odd considering that Josei Jishin is basically a tabloid, but there you go) and featured a lot of really beautiful and breathtaking photos. Of course there were lots of amazing ones of all the members, but you can see Ino-chan's here~ His hair was a horrible mess and it looks like he hasn't plucked his eyebrows in months, but man is he beautiful. ♥

Also, Korosensations!!!!! I'm so in love, I can't wait another week!! Everything about the short PV is amazing, and ugh, my boy does so well with his solo line in the chorus, and he's so perfect, and ugh. I've watched it an embarrassing number of times now, ahaha.

Also, Ino-chan has been announced as participating in the Johnny's vs. Comedians thing on TBS! I'm so excited. ♥

Unrelatedly, happy birthday Fuma! I hope you had a great day.
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06 March 2015 @ 04:22 pm
My JE fic archive and regular archive are up to date with my first fics of 2015! As of right now I've written 118 JE fics to date~ Woo.

I know this is random, but I really miss jentfic_remix. I really enjoy writing remixes and seeing what people do with my writing, and I miss the opportunity to have that sort of experience, different from the regular exchange setup. I've been thinking about if there's any way to do that sort of thing on a small scale, but I really can't think of one, sadly. Does anyone want to pair up with me and write exchanges of one another's works? |D;

Well, on the bright side, it's the weekend, and I can't wait to go home and watch the short Korosensations PV~
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05 March 2015 @ 10:45 pm
Good news! Now not just Inoo, but Hikaru has a new drama announced for next season! "DoS Deka" (Sadistic Detective) ahahaha. It sounds pretty bad, but maybe in an amusing way |D;; It's starring Okura from Kanjani8, which means that Kanjani8 will probably have the theme song, but I'm still really happy to see Hikaru getting another drama this season! He's such a talented guy. ♥

So that means for spring, Inoo and Hikaru have dramas, Inoo and Yabu have stageplays, Yamada has a movie, and Yuto is making a movie. Plus they all are in a new CM, and they're releasing a DVD single in 2 weeks. JUMP is really doing amazing right now ♥ (knock on wood ;;) And there's a song that's being used in the CM, which… gives me even more hope. ;__; Here's to hoping!

But does anyone remember Hyakka Ryouran from 2012? I really wish that song got recorded. Oh 2012…
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Because I just want to address this and get it out of the way and out of my life, here's what I was moaning about yesterday:

Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, and Sato Shori of Sexy Zone have been announced as the supporters for the 2015 FIVB Volleyball World Cup (source). Yes, that does have the implications that you think it has-- they're apparently in the place of what should have been the new 2015 volleyball debut.

In case this isn't something that's common knowledge, just a little history on the volleyball debut: It's a tradition that started in 1995 with V6 and has happened every four years since then. The FIVB World Cup is a big deal Olympics qualifier volleyball event that happens in Japan every four years, and since 1995, Johnny's has been supplying the popular media "support group" and song for this event. V6 was followed by Arashi (1999), then NEWS (2003), then Hey! Say! JUMP (2007), and finally Sexy Zone (2011).

Up until this year, the FIVB Volleyball World Cup has always happened in November. This means that all the volleyball debuts have been announced in September and their debut single dropped in November. For that reason, we celebrate these groups' anniversary in September even though their debut date is actually in November. I don't really understand this tradition (debut is debut imho), but either way, end of September and mid November are the key time periods in (almost) every volleyball debut. This is something that's gone on for the past 20 years now.

However, this year, for reasons unknown to me, the FIVB Volleyball World Cup has been pushed up to August. That would mean, for a new group to be supporting it, the debut announcement would have to happen at the end of June and their debut would be in August. That's a whole three months earlier than every single volleyball debut for the past 20 years.

But for reasons also unknown to me, instead, the front three members of Sexy Zone have been announced as the supporters of this year's world cup. This breaks with 20 years of Johnny's tradition and is, for a variety of reasons, pretty surprising and alarming to me. First of all, Johnny's tradition is pretty good. I like Johnny's for a reason-- that it's Johnny's. Them changing their formulas and breaking long-standing, important traditions is not something that particularly comforts me or makes me happy. Second, the volleyball debut is a big deal, and an important chance for juniors. Not knowing when it will happen or if it will happen at all is highly concerning. And of course, third, all those Sexy Zone-related issues. But that's another matter for another post that I am almost certainly not going to make.

Still, perhaps it's a personal flaw or perhaps it's because we all want to find some sense of security in the craziness that is Johnny's, but it's all I can do to give a few options of what may happen from here. Note that in the past 20 years, there have been some changes in the pattern of the volleyball debut, so this does not necessarily signify the end of an important tradition.

Therefore, with no further ado, my hypotheses for what might happen:
① A support group may be announced in June at Johnny's West's Kobe shows (for a Julie group) or at a yet-unannounced Sexy Zone, Kis-My-Ft2, or ABC-Z performance in June (for an Iijima group). Having two supporters, one from a previous volleyball unit, is not unheard of; Sakurai Sho was a supporter along with Hey! Say! JUMP in 2007.
↳ ⓐ Therefore, a new group may debut on an expedited timeline of June → August and present along with the Sexy Zone members, perhaps with Sexy Zone's presence to draw interest for the new group.
↳ ⓑ An alternate theory is that, like NEWS, the new group may be a Junior unit, perhaps presented as secondary backers to the Sexy Zone members. NEWS so far is the only volleyball support group that was considered a Junior unit at the time of the FIVB World Cup, but that doesn't necessarily rule out something similar happening again, with a debut following in the year after.
↳ ⓒ A third option is that Sexy Zone's participation may be an out-and-out lie, as with Johnny's strange fake announcement of ABC-xyZ back in 2011.

② The agency may be choosing to keep the new group on the same timeline, September → November, regardless of support opportunities. The FIVB World Cup itself has little to do with the debut besides it being the supposed reason; Johnny's debuts non-volleyball groups with equal frequency, so there's no actual legitimate necessity for the "volleyball debut" to actually be a debut with relation to volleyball. It may still follow the same formula (the timeline, the age gap, the "fresh" members… see my post here, and then the following two here and here for more details) but simply be unrelated to this year's World Cup.

③ The agency may choose to have the group support the 2016 summer Olympics instead, either having them debut in the same September → November time frame, or perhaps pushing back the debut into 2016. This would be odd to me, but I don't necessarily think it's impossible. It might also fall into the same category as option ②, if the group were to debut in November and then just happen to do the support for the Olympics.

④ Perhaps there will be no volleyball debut at all, and Johnny's will, once again, completely thwart my continued attempts to understand it.

Frankly, I don't see how the agency could possibly benefit from breaking with tradition. The volleyball unit is a carefully and very intelligently concocted formula: it creates interest from a wide range of fans with members with a wide age spectrum, it draws the support of Junior fans while still keeping them paying for Junior events as well by splitting up popular Junior units and leaving some popular Juniors behind to continue to head up the Junior fandom, and it captivates fans for a long period of time to watch the completely new group come together, form a bond, and grow. This method has been a great success in the past (considering Arashi is a volleyball unit), and is, in my opinion, an integral part of contemporary Johnny's as a subcategory of popular entertainment. I really can't imagine how not having such a debut at all could be seen as a positive from a marketing or image-branding standpoint.

But at the end of the day, I don't work for Johnny's, and I can't really make any statements with certainty. So for the time being, I'm just going to leave it with this and hope for the best.
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02 March 2015 @ 09:09 pm
I'm not going to address the news today because I'm too tired of Johnny's crap, and moreover, simply because I don't want to focus on it. As it is, I got hit (minorly) by a car on the way to work today, and I really just don't want to think about unpleasantly things. So instead, I'm going to post photos of the chocolates I made for Valentine's day! I don't care how unrelated that is. XD;

I don't like baking (they say baking is like science, and despite both my parents being chemistry PhDs and my little sister starting a chemistry PhD program next year, I'm not a science person), but I enjoy making artistic food, so I really enjoy the Japanese Valentine tradition. I love giving gifts (sometimes to the point that people think I'm weird, oops) and I have fun making cute designs, so I really look forward to this time of year… even if no one gives me anything for White Day, sigh.

This year, what with my eye surgery and miscellaneous life problems, I was a bit rushed, but I still managed a few different things!

Chocolates under here!Collapse )

I'm planning on making more for the end of the year to give to the teachers as a "thank you for putting up with me for a year" sort of gift, so hopefully I'll have more to show off soon! The end of the year, among other things, sucks, but I like to look on the bright side. ♥
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01 March 2015 @ 11:47 pm
I assume by now pretty much everyone has seen the Crea schedule, but I figured I'd translate it just in case.

Johnny's Ginza 2015
Show Schedule

[Show Schedule]
Tokyo / Theatre Crea
4/24 (Fri) ~ 6/1 (Mon)
※ Off Days ⇒ 5/7(Thurs)・11 (Mon)・18 (Mon) ・26 (Tues)

Hirano Sho
Nagase Ren
Takahashi Kaito
Iwahashi Genki
Jinguji Yuta
Kishi Yuta
4/24 (Fri) 18:00
4/25 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
4/26 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/30 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
5/31 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
6/1 (Mon) 14:00

Masuda Ryo
Hanzawa Akatsuki
Nagatsuma Reo
Tanimura Ryoichi
5/8 (Fri) 18:00
5/9 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
5/10 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/17 (Sun) 13:00/17:00

Matsumura Hokuto
Morimoto Shintaro
Tanaka Juri
Kouchi Yugo
4/30 (Thurs) 18:00
5/1 (Fri) 13:00/17:00
5/3 (Sun・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/4 (Mon・holiday) 13:00/17:00

Miyachika Kaito
Abe Aran
Kajiyama Asahi
Nakamura Kaito
Yoshizawa Shizuya
5/5 (Tues・holiday) 17:00
5/6 (Wed・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/15 (Fri) 14:00/18:00
5/16 (Sat) 13:00/17:00

Snow Man

Iwamoto Hikaru
Fukasawa Tatsuya
Watanabe Shota
Miyadate Ryota
Abe Ryohei
Sakuma Daisuke
5/27 (Wed) 18:00
5/28 (Thurs) 18:00
5/29 (Fri) 14:00/18:00

They budou

Yamamoto Ryota
Hayashi Shota
Eda Tsuyoshi
5/19 (Tues) 18:00
5/20 (Wed) 18:00
5/21 (Thurs) 14:00/18:00


Tatsumi Yudai
Fukuda Yuta
Koshioka Yuki
Matsuzaki Yusuke
4/27 (Mon) 18:00
4/28 (Tues) 14:00/18:00
4/29 (Wed・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/2 (Sat) 13:00/17:00

Nozawa Yuki
Yasui Kentaro
Morita Myuto
Hagiya Keigo
Morohoshi Shoki
Kishi Takayoshi
Ishigaki Daisuke
Goto Hiromi
5/23 (Sat) 17:00
5/24 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/25 (Mon) 14:00/18:00


Ikeda Yu
Matsumoto Kota

Akiyama Taiga
Tomioka Kento
Inaba Hikaru
Fukushi Nobuki

Morita Myuto
Nakata Hiroki
Kawashima Noeru
Shimekake Ryuya
5/22 (Fri) 18:00

Matsushima Sou
Matsuda Genta
Matsukura Kaito
Takahashi Fu
Tajima Shogo
Nakamura Reia
Haniuda Amu
5/12 (Tues) 18:00
5/13 (Wed) 18:00
5/14 (Thurs) 18:00

I'm happy about some things and unhappy about a lot of things, but what can you do? Such is Johnny's.

Also, somewhat relevant, rumour has it that Anderson Casey has left Johnny's. Apparently his shop photos have all been pulled from the Johnny's Shop. As always, it's unclear what happened, but I'm sad to see him go.

But hey, it definitely could be worse. Even if I'm going to have to take paid leave to see Reia… at least his name is there at all.
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28 February 2015 @ 11:33 pm
In an attempt to look on the bright side and stop being so completely negative, I'm going to list some positive things in my life right now!

☼ I weeded through some of my clothes today and put together bags to take back to America next time I visit and bags to sell/donate! I mentioned over a year ago the possibility of me trying to sell for a very small sum some of my clothes that I've never worn/only worn once or twice in order to share my love of Japanse fashion with anyone who can't or doesn't want to go through the channels of buying it internationally on my flist. I finally made it one step closer to that, hurrah!

☼ I also cleaned up a lot of the clutter that had accumulated in my living room and bedroom, so I'm happy about that! My plans for tomorrow got cancelled, though, so I have even more time to make sure it looks perfect before people actually see it, ahaha.

☼ I'm still so totally excited for Korosensations, omg. I just can't stop watching the news clip and looking at all the images and gifs. They all look amazing, especially Ino-chan ♥

☼ I also hit for Ino-chan's play! yomimashou hit, too, so unless something comes up, that means we'll be going twice. Hurray~

☼ Our schedule for spring is filling out! First Gamushara J's Party and Sexy Zone in Yokohama, then Ino-chan's play, Crea for Reia and for Bakaleya6, possibly Sexy Zone again in Osaka depending on how Yokohama is, and Takizawa Kabuki (since she's Yabu-tan~). We're also trying to see the new *pnish* honkouen! We don't have tickets for all these things yet (obviously |D Since some of them haven't even gone on sale yet!) But that's the tentative plan so far. I'm really looking forward to all of it!

☼ Because my plans got cancelled for tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some writing done! Who knows if it will actually happen, but I'm going to try |D;
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27 February 2015 @ 11:32 pm
Yeesh, so many things happened in fandom today, but I'm going to choose to focus on the good. And so… omg the Korosensations preview!!! It looks amazing! They look amazing! Inoo looks amazing!!! I can't wait at all for this omg why did they release the preview so early? I seriously am not going to make it until March! The costumes are perfect and the stupid code names are perfect and them all acting like they're not Hey! Say! JUMP is so perfect and ahhhh I love them. ♥ I really can't wait for more promotional material to be released T__T;

Also I should find out sometime in the near future if I hit for Inoo's play! And I got the issue of Stage Square with his solo pinup *__* So even though I had a rough day, I'm a happy camper~
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25 February 2015 @ 01:51 pm
I've been moved to a new team in shiritori, and it's a new round, so he's my ~starting out~ fic! More Americaverse, because I enjoy writing about them being silly Americans. XD; I hope it's enjoyable!

title: あけまして
rating: g
pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
word count: 1,005
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is set in my and yomimashou's "Americaverse" again, this time focusing on Yamada and Chinen, who are wealthy economics majors at Columbia University! Written for the new round at Shiritori @ writetomyheart~ The prompt for starting this round was Lunar New Year, and the title is part of the Japanese New Year's greeting, "Akemashite omedetou." It means "to dawn" or "to become light" and is also a homophone with the word for "to open." It seemed like a good theme for starting out a new Lunar year and a new shiritori round!
summary: Even if he drives Yamada up a wall sometimes, at the end of the day Yuri is so thoughtful, so aware of others, so considerate that Yamada couldn't help falling in love with him despite his annoyance a year ago, and it feels as if his heart is still swelling with love even now.

Previous Americaverse fics: Ready (Hikaru/Inoo), The Start of Something New (Takaki/Yabu), Engaged (Takaki/Yabu)

"Chinese New Year IS a real holiday!" Yamada proclaims indignantly, looking at Yuri with an expression of horror.Collapse )
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