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Dragomir's birthday!

Dragomir's birthday! [this takes place sometime in august, so it's not really a chapter right now ^^; ]
Claimer: this pr0n=ours
Rating: NC-17~
Warnings: yaoi sex~~ :D
Beta: yomimashou

Dragomir walked through the dilapidated, filthy garden that led up to his old home with an extra skip in his step. He glanced down at Niles and gave his hand a light squeeze as he rapped his knuckles on the ancient door. Now that he didn’t actually live here, the rotting wood doorframe and the bell that was rusted beyond usability seemed rather quaint and homely; they reminded him of growing up in the house rather than figures and estimates of replacement costs, as such fixtures of poverty had once always called his attention to. Perhaps, however, Dragomir’s particularly good mood was responsible for allowing him to forget about money, because today, August eighth, was his birthday. Dragomir grinned brightly at Viorica when she opened the door for them, and hugged her back when she slipped her arms around his waist and wished him a happy birthday.

“Please take a seat, dinner is almost ready!” Viorica smiled at both of them, leading them to the couches before heading off towards the kitchen.

“Don’t worry; Tatiana is cooking tonight,” Pierre said bitterly from his seat in the corner, sounding as though he was insulted by the idea that his cooking wasn’t good enough for Dragomir and Niles. He bounced his knees, and Amelie giggled with delight at the movement. Pierre smiled at her in what Dragomir found to be a rather eerie fashion and kissed her on the forehead. “Isn’t that right, Amelie?” Pierre gurgled meaninglessly, pinching his voice in a way Dragomir hoped he’d never have to hear again.

“Well, that’s good.” Dragomir managed to smile as he turned to Niles. Amelie was already four months old, and getting cuter by the day, but somehow, Dragomir found he had trouble appreciating her while she sat in Pierre’s lap. “Are you hungry?” he asked Niles stupidly, for lack of anything better to say.

Niles smiled back. "Yeah, a little," he admitted, nodding. In reality, though, Niles was feeling horribly nervous for the whole occasion of Dragomir's birthday; he had never celebrated anyone's birthday before, besides the one time Dragomir had celebrated his birthday, and he was terrified that he would do something wrong. He had already bought more gifts than he could carry and had them wrapped and waiting at home. He had already worried enough about the presents; his wrapping was terrible, as always, and he hoped he had gotten things that Dragomir would like and such.

Luckily, he got out of cooking by going to the Hirleas' for dinner; he didn't know what he would have had his servants prepare, and he would have felt bad that he couldn't have done it himself. Still, he was glad that he was going to get to see the way the Hirleas celebrated first, so he would know not to make any mistakes.

He took a seat on the sofa beside Dragomir, nervously smoothing his deep blue jacket and fingering his burgundy cuffs. He had worn a new outfit for the occasion, blue with red accents, because red was Dragomir's favourite colour, and he wanted to look his best for Dragomir's birthday. But even as he sat, waiting, he couldn't get past his nervousness, and fidgeted anxiously.

“Dinner’s ready!” Viorica called, emerging from the kitchen with a large platter of fruit that was quite a bit more extravagant than the Hirleas had ever eaten at their own table.

Dragomir stood up, offering Niles a hand, and they made their way over to the table followed by Pierre, who was rocking Amelie gently in his arms. Dragomir noted the little baby chair situated between Pierre and Tatiana’s seats, and realized he hadn’t seen the hand carved wooden thing since Viorica had last used it. Dragomir took his seat across from where Pierre was situating Amelie and pulled a chair out for Niles. Tatiana appeared moments later with the main course, a roasted chicken on a bed of vegetables.

Dragomir looked up at Tatiana quizzically, wondering for the first time that evening about the money. Viorica read his mind, and laughed as she set down a try of sweets. “We figured it would only be fair to use a bit of that money we got for your dowry on your birthday dinner, Dragos. But don’t worry so much about it!” Viorica beamed, dropping into her seat next to him.

“Still, I’m sure this is nothing compared to what you’re used to lately, is it?” Pierre hissed as he finished tying a bib around Amelie’s neck. “What a shame to have to eat with the poor on your birthday,” he sneered, elaborating his point. Tatiana sat down next to him and he smiled at her quickly to avoid being reprimanded.

“Please serve yourself,” Tatiana said sweetly, though rather distracted by correcting the knot Pierre had tied. “Go ahead, Dragos.”

Dragomir tried not to think about Pierre’s comment or the fact that they’d spent so much money on a single dinner; he was happy to be home for his birthday, and he was sure the food was excellent, regardless of price. He served himself and then shifted to cut for Niles, before Viorica passed him the plate of fruit. “Thank you for having us over,” Dragomir grinned once everyone had been served.

“Thanks for thinking of us at all.” Viorica grinned rather suggestively at the two of them and elbowed Dragomir in the ribs. “I bet Niles has the rest of the evening all planed out.” She smirked, ignoring Pierre’s grunt of disgust.

Niles flushed brightly, laughing embarrassedly. "I hope what I have planned can live up to what you have for him...I'm not very experienced in this all, really," he explained. "It really was so kind of you to prepare all of this, and to have us over." He looked around, and, seeing that everyone had served themselves, began to eat. Smiling across the table to Tatiana, he remarked on how good the food was. Ignoring Pierre's glare, he smiled back at Dragomir, then returned to eating. His nervousness had dissipated somewhat, and he hoped he could forget it for the time being.

Dinner went remarkably smoothly without any nasty Pierre-comments; most of the table conversation was regarding Amelie, and Pierre seemed more interested in boasting about his little girl than in insulting his guests. Dragomir was happy to hear all about her, but as dinner went on, he started to feel a little bored with Pierre’s innumerable stories about how little Amelie had gurgled two syllables that sounded remotely like “papa.” He was therefore relieved when Tatiana excused herself from the table and disappeared into the kitchen only to reappear minutes later with a small cake covered in lit candles. She set the cake down carefully in front of Dragomir and he turned to grin rather slyly at Niles as he decided on a wish. Then, inhaling deeply in preparation, Dragomir blew out all twenty-six candles in one breath—a rather impressive feat of which he was quite proud. Viorica passed Dragomir a knife and he divided the cake into six uneven pieces, the smallest of which went to Amelie.

“Thank you so much Tatiana.” Dragomir grinned as he stuffed a forkful of cake into his mouth. “It’s really good!” he said eagerly through his food before swallowing. “It must have taken a while though to prepare all of this, though.”

“Oh, it was nothing.” Tatiana smiled softly, offering Amelie a tiny spoonful of the sweet before turning to face him. “I’m glad you like it; I know you always like your own cakes best, but since you haven’t written down your recipe, I had to experiment a bit.”

“It’s not really that he hasn’t written down the recipe, it’s that he can’t,” Pierre told Amelie knowingly, continuing to feed her where Tatiana had left off.

“You did an excellent job.” Dragomir smiled a little tersely, ignoring Pierre.

“Did Dragos make a cake for you for your birthday, Niles?” Viorica asked curiously as she scraped up a bit of frosting with the side of her fork.

“I doubt it.” Pierre snorted, handing Amelie’s spoon back to Tatiana and crossing his arms. “Why would he bother when they’ve got kitchen servants to do that?”

Viorica rolled her eyes at Pierre, ignoring his comment. “It’s sort of a tradition, you see. He always bakes a cake for us whenever it’s someone’s birthday,” she explained with a grin. “I bet he did. Didn’t he?”

Niles smiled back at her, blushing slightly. "Yes, he did. It was definitely the best cake I've ever had in my life." He laughed. "You're lucky you've gotten to have them every year!" Then, looking down to his slice, he took a bite carefully, then smiled. "But this cake is very good, too!" he complimented, smiling across the table at Tatiana and doing his best to ignore Pierre, who, having handed care of Amelie back to Tatiana, was now scowling at him.

“Why thank you. I’m glad it turned out.” Tatiana smiled without looking up from Amelie. Pierre handed her a napkin and she wiped off the frosting that was dribbling down the baby’s chin dotingly.

Dragomir turned and grinned at Niles. “Don’t worry, from now on you’ll get one every year.” He leaned over and pressed a kiss to Niles’s cheek with a smirk as Pierre scowled at them with disgust.

When Dragomir sat up again and smiled at Niles, Pierre gripped the arms of his chair and said matter-of-factly, “Don’t do that in front of Amelie; children are easily influenced at this age.” Viorica dropped her fork and snorted with laughter as Pierre turned to glare at her sharply. Then, his usual sneer returned to his features and he spat, “I wouldn’t laugh if I were you. You’re the perfect example.” Tatiana turned to him and gave him a look, which he ignored, determined to make his point. “I think we all know who’s to blame for the way you turned out.” Pierre shot a look at Dragomir, then turned and pinched his voice in that same eerie way as he leaned over to tickle Amelie adoringly. “I just don’t want the same thing to happen to my little girl.”

Tatiana said nothing, and Dragomir wondered if she thought the same. Nevertheless, he clenched his jaw and finished eating his cake in silence, as did Viorica. Pierre always knew exactly how to spoil the moment, and they were both doing their best to ignore the blatant insult.

Niles sighed in annoyance and shook his head. He felt Dragomir tense beside him, and he set his fork down on the edge of his plate politely, the clink seeming louder than it normally would in the silence. Crossing his hands thoughtfully against his face, he looked into the distance, as if deep in thought. "Though, Pierre, I do wonder... Is it more important for a child's growth to have good influences, or a father with a job?" He dropped the act, turning to look at Pierre in stern seriousness. "I think it might be harder for her without the money to buy her clothes and things." He raised his eyebrows, giving the silent option he found himself so often offering.

Pierre stopped dead and sat up very straight with an expression of terror as both Viorica and Dragomir roared with laughter. “No, no!” Pierre said quickly over the din. “I meant no offense!” He waved his arms in front of himself defensively, obviously spouting whatever he could to try and save his job.

Dragomir turned to Niles with a look of admiration and grinned broadly. Never before had anyone been so good at keeping Pierre in check, and Dragomir was truly impressed by Niles’s steadily developing wit. As Dragomir looked on at him, swelling with pride, and idea popped into his head and he smirked again. He glanced once, defiantly, at Pierre before catching Niles by the shoulder and turning him just enough to kiss him full on the lips and hold it, to Pierre’s horror and utter disgust.

Niles was surprised when Dragomir kissed him, but he certainly was not complaining; he kissed back readily, letting a hand move to Dragomir's shoulder. Though he knew, with Pierre, he was the one in control, he still felt uptight about issuing such warnings, no matter how rewarding it was afterwards, but now he was able to relax into the kiss, glad to be useful and appreciated.

When they broke apart, somewhat breathless, a few moments later, Niles gave Dragomir a lingering smile before turning back to Pierre with the same hard tone. "You would do well to hold your tongue."

“Yes sir.” Pierre said tersely, looking down. Tatiana offered Niles a weak and apologetic smile before getting to her feet and urging Viorica to help clear the table.

Once all the dirty dishes had been removed, Tatiana clapped her hands together and smiled again, a little stronger, determined to be a good hostess. “Why don’t we move into the sitting room for presents now?” she offered cheerfully before lifting Amelie, who had been dozing, out of her chair and cradling her gently.

Dragomir got to his feet and grinned eagerly, following Tatiana over to the sofas and taking a seat with Niles. Viorica, meanwhile, headed down the hall and returned with two small but neatly wrapped presents and pressed them into Dragomir’s arms with a broad smile. “That one’s from me.” She pointed to the heavier, flatter present.

“And the other one is from us.” Tatiana smiled, rocking Amelie softly. Pierre grunted and looked away; the two of them shared a long tradition of “forgetting” one another’s birthdays and Pierre didn’t even bother to make an excuse.

“What about your present, Niles?” Viorica asked mischievously. “Did you bring it, or are you waiting until tonight because it’s private?”

Niles happily sat beside Dragomir, watching as he accepted his gifts. However, when Viorica spoke to him, he turned a rather deep shade of red. "Ah-I left my gifts at home because it would be a bit of trouble to bring them, and I didn't want to intrude or anything," he explained hastily, not wanting to reveal that one of his gifts actually was of a rather private nature. Turning his attention to Dragomir in hopes that Viorica would drop the subject, he smiled. "Are you going to start opening them, then?" He was eager to see what Dragomir's family had given him, and he hoped his gifts weren't too out of place, or too bad to compare.

“Yeah,” Dragomir grinned with a chuckle, laughing at Niles’s still visible blush and hoping it meant there was something especially interesting awaiting him that evening. “I’ll start with this one.” He smiled, setting aside the present from Viorica and tearing back the wrapping paper eagerly. He carefully extracted a thick, oversized mitten from the remnants of the paper and looked it over with a smile. “I didn’t know you knit,” Dragomir said bemusedly, looking up at Tatiana.

“I’ve just taken it up.” Tatiana smiled proudly. “Lately I haven’t had the time for needlepoint, but knitting, I’ve discovered is a fast way to pass the time, and it doesn’t require much concentration so I can watch Amelie while I work.”

“I see,” Dragomir laughed, pulling the mitten on. “It is an oven mitt, isn’t it?” He asked quickly to double check.

“Yes,” Tatiana nodded, and Dragomir smiled again, thanking her for the gift as he pushed away the paper and set the mitt on his lap before starting on the present from Viorica. He could tell right away that it was a book, and began to worry that she’d decided to be clever and give him something to poke fun at his illiteracy. Nevertheless, he extracted the book and opened it to the first page. Inside was a picture of an abacus with a large letter A and some words scrawled neatly below it. Dragomir found himself thoroughly confused and blushing; had Niles told her he’d been looking through picture books? And what did a book have to do with figures? Dragomir hated math and had never learned how to use an abacus. He shut the book quickly and said, with mock gratitude, “Why thank you, Viorica. What, exactly, is it?” Viorica burst into laughter and Dragomir watched her indignantly, waiting for her to regain her composure.

“Its-its—” She began, laughing at his expression too hard to continue right away. “It’s a dictionary,” Viorica managed at last. “With pictures!” she giggled. “That way, you don’t need to be able to read to know what the word means, but you can still look up the spelling.” She seemed to think it was very clever, but Dragomir was not amused.

“Thank you very much,” Dragomir repeated snappishly as Pierre began to snigger at his expense as well. Dragomir could only hope that Niles’s gifts would prove to be rather less humiliating, and he looked over to Niles, hoping he’d at least be considerate enough not to laugh.

Niles felt bad that, for the second time, he realized vaguely, remembering Christmas, Viorica was giving him a gift that was meant to make fun of him more than anything. It didn't seem quite fair to Niles to do that to him on his birthday, and he placed a comforting hand on Dragomir's shoulder as Viorica and then Pierre began to laugh. Dragomir looked over at him and he offered a sympathetic smile, not knowing what else to do. Soon, they could go home, and hopefully, the gifts Niles had waiting could cheer Dragomir up a little.

Eventually Viorica apologized, though rather laughingly, and before long the little party was drawing to a close. Pierre left early to tuck Amelie in, and though his absence was appreciated, it drew attention to the time and the already dark sky. After saying their goodbyes, Dragomir and Niles returned to the automobile where Dragomir waited until Niles had pulled out on to the main road to open his dictionary again and flip through the pages. “This little joke aside,” he said as he closed the book and laughed lightly, sounding slightly perturbed, “The party was nice, I think.” Dragomir smiled over at Niles and fingered the oven mitt absently as he tried not to think about the book which he’d moved to the floor in front of him. “And thanks for keeping Pierre in line tonight.” The party really had gone well, and Dragomir was glad to have had the chance to spend a little time with his family on his birthday, but the truth of the matter was that he was most looking forward to his and Niles’s own private celebration afterwards.

They arrived home in good time, though Niles felt like it was eternities, and Niles didn't even wait for the servants to take his automobile before hurrying out, grasping Dragomir's wrist as he exited the passenger's side, and dragging him upstairs to the bedroom. Sitting Dragomir down in the sitting area, he bubbled excitedly, "Close your eyes, let me bring the things in for you!" When he was assured that Dragomir's eyes were shut, he dashed to his study, where he had stashed his wrapped gifts, and hurriedly brought them in one by one and set them on the table and floor around Dragomir. Then, settling into his seat beside Dragomir, he smiled. "Okay, you can open your eyes!"

Dragomir opened his eyes with a smirk that faded from his features immediately as he blinked at the five packages laid out in front of him. “Are all of these…?” he asked stupidly; of course they were all for him. He grinned and laughed at his own question as he pulled the largest rectangle-shaped present off the floor and onto his lap. “Thank you Niles!” Dragomir chortled, tearing away the paper excitedly. The package had considerable weight to it, and as the shiny metal object came into view, he realized it was a pan for baking. Smiling broadly, Dragomir tossed aside the paper and held up the pan. “This will be perfect for pastries; it has just the right weight to it!” He explained to Niles. “I’ll have to bake you some éclairs tomorrow to try it out.”

Niles squealed with delight. "Oh, I'm so glad you like it! I was worried it wouldn't be the right kind...but I'm so excited for you to use it!" He smiled brightly. "Go on, open another one!" His nervousness having passed, he was completely excited to see Dragomir open his gifts.

“All right,” Dragomir said eagerly, moving the pan aside so that he had room for his next gift. He selected one of the smaller presents off of the table and pulled off the paper in one action, barely able to contain his excitement. Dragomir stole a glance and flashed a grin at Niles before lifting the lid of the ornate box and peering inside. He withdrew a small, delicate looking handgun, and turned it over in his hands, admiring the handiwork. The handle was steel, embellished with an ornate design that worked its way down to the barrel; as Dragomir looked over the pistol, he realized that, contrary to its compact little design, the weapon packed quite a punch, and he smiled fondly at Niles’s choice of instrument. “This is really nice,” Dragomir said seriously, looking up from the pistol, impressed. “I don’t have anything this size.” His smile widened into a grin as he imagined how easy it would be to conceal. “Thank you.”

Niles smiled back. "You're welcome, I'm really glad you like it. I didn't know what kind you'd want, since you have everything...so I chose something pretty. I don't really understand how it works or anything, but...I hope it's all right." He smiled sheepishly, happy that he had gotten it all right.

“This will be great—just the thing for something stealthy.” Dragomir nodded and replaced the weapon back in its case, setting it reverently next to him and reaching for another large box. He unwrapped it enthusiastically and pulled off the lid before he realized what it was. “Another outfit,” Dragomir grinned, taking the contents out of the box and laying them out so that he could get the full effect before reaching for the hat and pulling it on with a laugh. “You’ve really spared no expense today, Niles.” Dragomir smirked, running his fingers over the fine material of the jacket.

Niles giggled. "I hope you like it...if you take a look in your wardrobe, there's a few more in there for you that I didn't wrap." He motioned to the piece of furniture. "I picked colours and fabrics I thought you'd like, but if you want anything else, I can have it made for you." He grinned, noting that Dragomir seemed to be liking the outfit he had wrapped, a red silk jacket with blue cuffs and a blue vest with a matching red hat, fairly well.

Dragomir leaned forward and kissed Niles briefly on the cheek. “Now we can match,” he grinned, noting Niles’s outfit as he sat back. “I’m looking forward to seeing them all,” Dragomir added as he replaced the outfit in its box. He then reached forward for the next present, a thin, skinny box and smirked, already pretty sure of what it was. He pulled off the paper and opened the lid of the box before delicately removing a small dagger. He handled the graceful blade in his hands, trying the weight and testing the feel, grinning broadly. It was very high quality, and Dragomir imagined the thin little blade would have no troubles slicing through almost anything. “How beautiful,” he said at last, looking back up to Niles and smiling. “Thank you so much for everything.”

Niles blushed. "I don't really know anything about daggers, so I hope it's all right." He smiled, but already, his nervousness was beginning to build up again. The last gift was the one he was the most worried about, as it was a bit presumptuous and not very subtle, and he hoped Dragomir wouldn't mind. Still, he would have to open it at some point. "I'm glad you like everything. Go ahead and open the last one," he urged, placing a quick kiss on Dragomir's cheek.

Dragomir grinned and pushed aside some of the paper that had fallen on top of the table, concealing the last and smallest of the gifts. It wasn’t in a box, so Dragomir was able to tell what it was from the moment he first tore a small piece of the paper away. He looked up quickly at Niles, smirking broadly, and pulled away the rest of the paper, extracting the small bottle of lotion. Taking the hint, Dragomir laughed roguishly and scooted over a little closer to Niles, slipping an arm around his waist. “Good idea,” he murmured against Niles’s cheek, marveling at Niles’s directness as he pressed a kiss firmly to Niles’s lips.

Niles blushed, but even so, he melted into Dragomir's embrace, kissing back eagerly. Now that all the presents had been opened and well-received, he could relax, and he did just that, forgetting everything else but Dragomir and the kiss. When they pulled apart breathlessly, Niles, still blushing, smiled embarrassedly. "I'm glad you like it."

“I’m glad you thought of it,” Dragomir smirked. “We were running a little low.” He laughed again rather huskily and slipped a hand into Niles’s hair, closing the distance between them in another kiss. This time around, Dragomir wasted no time in extracting his arm from around Niles’s waist and blindly moving to the buttons of Niles’s vest, hurrying to undo them all before he became too impatient to enjoy the wait. Once the vest was undone, Dragomir smirked again, breaking the kiss, and pushed both the vest and Niles’s jacket off of his shoulders before pressing down on top of him and kissing his neck fervently. This, Dragomir had to admit, was shaping up to be the best part of the birthday party.

Niles mewled beneath Dragomir, winding his hands in Dragomir's hair and letting it fall free of its ribbon. Squirming slightly at Dragomir pressing his back against the sofa, he got the feeling he was going to lose all coherent thought in the near future, and knew he had to get things done before hand. Clumsily, he groped for the buttons on Dragomir's vest and found them, beginning to unbutton to the best of his ability.

Dragomir savored the feeling of Niles’s hands against his chest and felt himself becoming more absorbed in pressing against Niles’s still-clothed form. He ran his hands over the other’s chest and down to his waist, untucking his shirt with practiced, teasing touches below his waistline, before slowly starting to unbutton the blouse with forced patience. With the blouse’s collar out of the way, Dragomir moved his attentions a little lower, indulging Niles’s collarbone with a kiss, and then a little bite before moving lower still, following his hands as he worked his way down Niles’s chest, stopping only briefly to tease his nipples with his teeth.

Niles gasped at Dragomir's ministrations and teasing touches, writhing against Dragomir. In the time Dragomir had done twice as much, Niles had gotten four or five buttons undone, mostly because between every one, he became distracted by Dragomir's mouth against his skin. Finally, he gave up and just began tugging at the vest; if the buttons broke, he could have his tailor fix them or just buy Dragomir a new one, and right now, he just wanted to feel Dragomir's skin against his own.

Even in his preoccupation with exploring Niles’s chest with his lips and teeth, Dragomir was still amused when he felt Niles tugging his vest apart in his impatience. Once the buttons had given way, Dragomir sat up slightly to help Niles with the blouse, grunting his thanks for freeing him of the first layer, before wriggling out of his jacket and vest. Between the two of them, Dragomir was able to shed his blouse quickly, and with renewed fervor, he pressed back against Niles, kissing him hungrily on the lips and relishing the skin-to-skin contact.

Niles couldn't help but arch up against Dragomir, moaning into the kiss at the feeling of his bare skin. Wrapping his arms around Dragomir's neck once more, he kissed back fervidly. However, as they drew apart to breathe, Niles vaguely realized that the arm of the sofa against the back of his head wasn't the most comfortable. "Do-do you think...we ought to move now...?" he asked vaguely, his voice breathy and wavering.

“Yeah,” Dragomir grunted, coming to the realization that they were still on of the sofa. “Hold on,” he said huskily, sliding off of Niles and scooping him into his arms as he got to his feet. Dragomir managed to make his way clumsily over to the bed and set Niles down before clambering over him and grinding their hips together, desperate to resume contact. Locking their lips once again, Dragomir let his hands travel down Niles’s sides to rest at the waistband of his knickers. He paused only briefly before moving to the buttons and undoing them hurriedly, his patience, which had lasted until this point, having completely dissipated during the interruption of moving to the bed.

Niles gasped at the resumed contact before leaning back up to kiss Dragomir desperately. When he felt Dragomir's hands at his waist, then working their way down the buttons, he squirmed, rocking his hips and trying to aid the removal of the article of clothing. By now, it was feeling tight and restrictive, and he would be very glad to be rid of it.

Dragomir grunted with pleasure as Niles rocked his hips, smirking with anticipation as he sat back to pull the knickers down off of Niles’s hips. Dragomir then leaned forward and ran his tongue over Niles’s erection once, tasting the precum, before taking Niles’s length partially into his mouth and dragging his teeth across it as he pulled back, returning to Niles’s lips. From there, Dragomir worked the knickers the rest of the way off and tore impatiently at the buttons of his own, equally eager to be rid of the unyielding garment himself.

Niles gasped and squeezed his eyes shut when he felt Dragomir's hot mouth around him, and the fleeting feeling was about enough to drive him crazy. He arched up into the kiss when Dragomir once more pressed their lips together, but as they broke apart, he was still feeling impatient and needy. Opening his eyes half way, he was glad to see Dragomir removing his last bit of clothing, but still felt urged to let him know just the sort of condition he had left Niles in. "Dragomir... please," he whimpered, his voice coming out whinier than he had intended.

Dragomir removed the new bottle of lotion from his pocket and tossed it onto the bed next to Niles before kicking his knickers off and grunting with the relief of liberation. The sound of Niles’s voice, strained and whimpering, drew another smirk to Dragomir’s lips as he moved back over the other and pressed their hips together to satisfy his own craving for friction. Dragomir’s smirk fell from his features as he let out a throaty moan and returned to Niles’s lips for another aggressive kiss, groping blindly for the bottle of lotion.

Moaning loudly, Niles rocked his hips up as he kissed Dragomir back fervently, trying to let Dragomir know just how much he needed him. When their hips pressed together again, however, Niles was overwhelmed by the feeling and broke the kiss to moan again, letting his head fall back against the pillows.

Dragomir located the lotion and griped it tightly, pressing his hips against Niles roughly a final time before pulling back and fumbling with the bottle’s lid. Impatience made the task of screwing off the cap doubly difficult, but he managed somehow in his current state to open the bottle and spread a generous amount of lotion onto his forefingers. Dragomir repositioned himself between Niles’s legs, spreading them a little further apart and pressing firmly against his inner thigh before inserting the first finger. Dragomir slid the second inside, stretching the tight muscle carefully by scissoring the digits before pressing in deeper and curling his fingers, searching for the spot that would make enduring the pain worthwhile for Niles.

Niles fidgeted as he felt Dragomir press his finger inside of him, but as Dragomir pressed deeper, he was suddenly overwhelmed by the familiar feeling and cried out loudly, bucking his hips up to meet Dragomir's touches. Giving Dragomir one last longing glance, he squeezed his eyes shut again and took a deep breath, trying not to get too worked up before the real thing.

After the look Niles had given him, Dragomir couldn’t resist pecking Niles on the lips assuringly before slipping the final finger inside to finish his preparations. He stretched a little more, then withdrew his fingers and reached again for the bottle of lotion, lying capless on the bed next to them. After applying the cream library to his length, Dragomir lined himself up and grasped Niles by the thighs to steady himself before slowly pushing inside, gasping at the immensely pleasurable sensation. Niles was hot and tight, and Dragomir let out another little groan of pleasure as he slid back out slowly, holding onto Niles a little tighter to keep control as he thrust back inside, deeper than before.

Niles gasped, clutching at the sheets beneath him, as Dragomir moved in and out of him. The feeling was intoxicating, but Dragomir's movements were sickeningly slow, and Niles arched up against him, trying to press him deeper inside. "Please... Dragomir..." he managed, his voice a barely audible whine. "Faster, please..."

Dragomir smirked through clenched teeth, finding it extremely difficult to resist slamming back unrestrainedly into Niles after such a plea. Somehow, he kept control, and began to steadily increase his pace, letting out moan once his rhythm had been established. Remembering Niles’s needs as well, Dragomir wrapped his hand firmly around his erection and began stroking in time to his thrusts, penetrating further as he lifted one of Niles’s legs over his shoulder.

Niles cried out loudly, rocking his hips up to meet Dragomir's thrusts, allowing him to penetrate even deeper. Overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations, he couldn't contain himself, moaning and gasping and crying out Dragomir's name over and over. Reaching out, he grasped Dragomir's shoulder, wanting to hold onto something of the other.

Dragomir increased his pace slightly with the urgency and desire roused by Niles’s vocalizations, and grunted in response, matching the new pace once again with his hand. Shifting positions, he caressed Niles’s other thigh before lifting it over his shoulder as well so that he could alter the angle of his thrusts to increase his accuracy. Dragomir leaned forward and caught Niles’s lips in a kiss, bending him carefully so that he could penetrate deeper, harder, and bring them both closer to ecstasy.

As Dragomir bent Niles over, Niles cried out, overwhelmed by the feeling as Dragomir thrust deeper inside of him. The increased penetration combined with the faster pace were enough to push him over the edge, and soon he was coming, crying Dragomir's name and arching up against him.

Dragomir moaned, allowing the sensations to overwhelm him as Niles’s muscles spasmed around him and brought him to his edge. Crying out, he gasped Niles’s hips and thrust his own forward a final time before coming deep inside of Niles, overcome by rapture and bliss. Blinking slowly as his vision returned, Dragomir disentangled himself and rolled off of Niles, pulling the other into his arms with a contented sigh. Then, realizing he was on top of something rather cold and hard, he shifted and found the bottle of lotion with a smirk. “What a good idea for a present,” he murmured lazily into Niles’s neck. “Just what we needed.”

Niles smiled tiredly, snuggling into Dragomir's chest. "I'm glad you like it," he murmured, sighing contentedly. "Happy birthday...I hope you enjoyed it..." He giggled softly. "I know I did."
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