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EPIC: Chapter 2

Chapter: 2
Claimer: Our pr0nz
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Buttsex. And the regular Algernon and Percy stuff. :D;
Beta: yomimashou

It had been over a month since Perceval attended the royal ball with Major Mauvais, and in that short time, Perceval’s life had changed dramatically. Everything he did now revolved around his superior, and he strove to do all that he could to please the Major at all costs. Major Mauvais, of course, went above and beyond Perceval’s expectations and continued to demonstrate one admirable, flawless quality after another. Perceval never ceased to be amazed by the Major’s skills and talents; he always knew exactly how to get what he wanted, and Perceval was willing to give it to him without hesitation.

Twice already Perceval had visited the Major for dinner, and each time Perceval realized another facet of his devotion to his superior. During his second visit, the Major had instructed Perceval to call him by his first name, Algernon, and Perceval nearly fainted with excitement; being able to call Algernon by his first name somehow made everything seem more real to Perceval, as if he could truly believe that Algernon loved him, and count on his love forever. It was a silly concept, and Perceval knew it, but he’d never called someone he wasn’t related to by name, and it made his heart flutter with excitement each time he was able to say the beautiful name in the privacy of the time they spent alone together.

Almost a week had gone by since Perceval’s last dinner with Algernon, and he was anxiously awaiting his third invitation. Perceval thought about Algernon almost constantly, and dreamed about the sound of his voice, the touch of his hands, and the feeling of Algernon’s lips against his own. Perceval was infatuated, and he wished desperately that they could spend every day together unhindered by the obligations of work, and that each night could be like one of the perfect evenings when they ate dinner together and spent hours alone.

Perceval knew that really, it would never be like that; Algernon had many high goals, and Perceval wanted to help him achieve his dreams. They’d work together always, keeping their love secret, and Perceval would survive by waiting for an invitation for dinner.

However, Perceval was not a very patient person, and so he decided to try and speed things along by giving Algernon every possibly opportunity to give him an invitation. Perceval went to great lengths to ensure that he left last each day, and hoped that sometime soon Algernon would take advantage of the few minutes they had alone to press a kiss to his lips and tell him when he could see him outside of work.

Once such evening when Perceval was trying to find another excuse to stay a little later, Perceval moved about doing the last things he needed to do to finish the day painstakingly slowly; he had a feeling that tonight Algernon would ask him out to dinner, and Perceval wanted to make sure he left Algernon plenty of time to do it.

Algernon rapped his fingers against his desk impatiently, watching the clock. He was hoping to get the opportunity to propose another dinner invitation to Perceval today, as it had been some time since their last evening together, and he was impatient to get to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, with his work schedule, combined with the time he had to spend with General Commandant, things had just been busy for the past week or so, and he hadn't had the chance. But today, he had everything cleared up, and, if things worked out with Perceval (and they always did), they had another date set for Saturday.

In the past month, everything in Algernon's life seemed to have taken a turn for the best. He was on the absolute brink of his next promotion and his social standing was in peak condition, but all of that seemingly paled in comparison to his newest possession; having Perceval seemed to make his days seem brighter for reasons he only somewhat understood. But though the feelings were incomprehensible to Algernon, he still certainly felt them, and he knew that Perceval was perhaps one of the best things to happen to him since he killed his parents.

Now, finally, the day was drawing to a close, and, in his utter impatience, he dismissed everyone five minutes early, watching them leave before catching Perceval's eye. "Lieutenant...would you mind staying a little later for a moment? I have something I'd like to discuss with you." He moved to shut the door, then strolled over towards Perceval's desk, smirking happily. Finally.

Perceval’s heart skipped a beat and he bowed elegantly to Algernon in an effort to conceal the excitement he feared would bubble over out of his control. “Of course, sir, anything you’d like.” Perceval said innocently as he straightened up and looked into Algernon’s eyes with a rather coy smile. He was convinced that Algernon was at last inviting him once again to dinner, but he was determined to seem gleefully surprised as soon as he heard the news.

Algernon's smirk widened at the words "anything you'd like"; he absolutely adored the way Perceval worked so hard to please him. As he reached Perceval's desk, he made his way to the other side, taking hold of Perceval's arm and pulling him into a kiss. It was brief, however, and when they broke apart, Algernon smiled. "Do you have any plans for this Saturday evening?"

Perceval whimpered slightly at how short-lived and teasing the kiss was, but at the question, his features brightened and he broke into a smile, beaming up at Algernon with excitement. “Oh no, nothing of any consequence, sir.” Perceval didn’t want to admit that he’d generally stopped planning and attending parties so that he could always be available whenever Algernon was, and he wanted to make sure he didn’t sound as though he’d been waiting for the invitation, as he very well had been.

"Excellent," Algernon replied readily; he hadn't been expecting any other answer. "Then may I request the pleasure of your company for dinner that evening? It's been so long since I have had the opportunity to enjoy your presence." He smiled, waiting for the answer that he knew would be a 'yes'.

“I’d be delighted to join you, sir,” Perceval said happily with a nod. It’d only been a little over a week, but Perceval, too, felt as though it had been far too long since his last evening with Algernon, and he was looking forward to making up for some lost time. “What time would work best for you, sir?”

"Six," Algernon said simply, "If that's convenient for you." He took a step closer, taking Perceval's hands in his and smiled. "I'm so looking forward to being able to spend time with you again," he murmured before pressing another kiss to Perceval's lips, this time deepening it almost immediately, moving to wrap his arms around Perceval's slender waist and pulling him closer still.

Perceval moved forward eagerly, relishing the contact and savoring the kiss. He did his best to reciprocate, as always hoping to please Algernon, and slipped his arms around the other’s neck, murmuring with satisfaction into the kiss. Perceval adored Algernon, and he wanted so badly to do something to prove it, but he didn’t know if he could ever do enough.

A few minutes went by, but soon, Algernon felt as if he ought to stop indulging himself; after all, he had a meeting scheduled in an hour or so with the Commandant, and he wanted to get a few things done beforehand. Reluctantly, he pulled away, smirking. "Six, then, on Saturday." He pressed a last brief kiss to Perceval's lips. "I'll be eagerly awaiting it...don't be late," he teased.

“Yes sir.” Perceval smiled, confirming the date and time. “I’ll be counting the hours,” he added with a flutter of his eyelashes. “I could never be late to see you, sir; I’ll have to be careful that I don’t come too early in my desperation.”

Perceval spent all day Saturday preparing for his dinner with Algernon. He woke up early in the morning to take a long bath and have his hair washed, dried, and brushed completely before spending the afternoon going through his wardrobe to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. He at last selected one composed of several varying shades of white and ivory, and Perceval felt certain that Algernon would appreciate the subtleties of color. It took him a full hour to get dressed, and another to go over everything, but when the time at last came for him to make his way to the Major’s residence, Perceval felt that he looked flawless and was quite eager to spend the rest of his evening with Algernon. Perceval bid his grandfather goodnight, explaining that he’d be back late, and that he shouldn’t wait for him, then picked his favorite automobile and set off for Algernon’s, an address he’d memorized in just two visits.

Perceval arrived five minutes early and spent them going over himself a final time, making sure everything was just the way it was supposed to be, before knocking gently on the door, exactly one minute early, and waiting with building excitement to see Algernon again after a full day of preparation and anticipation.

Algernon smirked when he heard the knock at the door, sending his one servant to answer the door as he sat in the sitting room, straightening his cravat one last time. He had spent the entire day, along with his servant, cleaning the place; even with Perceval, Algernon was self conscious about his rather modest house. Either way, however, he couldn't help but be excited; any time he got to spend with Perceval was heavenly, and he was looking forward to it tremendously. Tapping his fingers on the arm of the sofa, he waited for Perceval to be shown in.

Perceval nodded to the servant to show his respect to someone so honored as to share a residence with someone like Algernon, and followed the hired man into the house and to the sitting room. The servant held the door open for him, and Perceval swept inside, dropping into a deep bow and lowering his head so that his hair fell around his shoulders in what he hoped would be an elegant manner. Straightening up, Perceval beamed at Algernon adoringly. “Thank you so much for the invitation tonight, sir.” He used the title without thinking about it and waited happily to be offered a seat. He was positively ecstatic about sharing the coming evening with Algernon, and he was already having a bit of trouble containing his excitement which showed in his eager smile.

Algernon nodded and smiled, noting how absolutely beautiful Perceval looked. Tapping the sofa beside him, he beckoned. "Come over and sit down, Perceval." When the other man did as told, Algernon wrapped an arm around him, drawing him close and pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "You look absolutely stunning today...positively gorgeous. I'm so glad you're mine, because I want you all to myself." He kissed Perceval again, more deeply this time, but still drew back fairly soon, thoughtfully.

"You know, Perceval, your name matches your beauty perfectly; so elegant and proper...but I feel so formal saying it to you. I was hoping you would allow me to call you something more...affectionate and personal?" He pouted slightly. "I don't like feeling so distant to you."

Perceval made a little face to show his disappointment when Algernon broke the kiss for a second time, but contented himself to rest his head against Algernon’s shoulder, reveling in the complements and delighted to hear that Algernon wanted him all to himself. Perceval looked up inquisitively at Algernon at the question; no one had ever called him anything but ‘Perceval,’ and he’d never considered how formal it sounded. “I don’t want to seem distant,” Perceval said, sounding slightly concerned. After a moment, Perceval added with a sweet smile, “Please, you can call me anything you like.” He delighted in any sort of extra affection Algernon could spare him, and so Perceval was looking forward to a personal nickname; a private name, one that Algernon alone could use.

Algernon smiled. "Wonderful. 'Percy' it is, then." He looked over Perceval, as if the new name changed him somehow, before smirking approvingly and once again pulling him closer, trailing soft kisses down his neck and back up again. Holding him close and running a hand through his hair, Algernon nodded. "I think it fits you well, don't you, Percy?"

Perceval blinked, rather surprised by the name. Somehow, he hadn’t been expecting the obvious contraction of his name, but he was nevertheless pleased with the sound of it—especially with the way Algernon said it. Perceval tilted his head back slightly as Algernon indulged his neck and made a little noise of agreement at the question. He liked the idea that special names between just to two of them made Perceval seem more like he belonged to Algernon, and he wanted nothing more than to belong to Algernon forever.

Algernon was pleased that Perceval seemed to agree, and it gave him a little rush of power to know that he had renamed him, that he had that kind of control over him. Perceval was truly his, and he still couldn't get over the feeling.

Within a few minutes, the servant returned to announce that dinner was served. Algernon nodded to him then rose, offering Perceval a hand. "Shall we?"

Perceval accepted Algernon’s hand and followed him into the dinning room where the table was already laid with a large casserole, a dish of fruits and sweet meets, breads, and a soup, all surrounding the main dish: a beautiful roast suckling sirloin pig, surrounded by and marinated in the juices of seasonal fruits seasoned with spices and herbs. Perceval was impressed by the display and thoroughly pleased by the effort Algernon and his modest staff put into the meal.

He took his seat across from Algernon at the opposite end of the long table and smiled happily over the fine food at his host, taking in every detail of the room and presentation before fixing his attentions on Algernon and looking him over with devotion shining in his eyes. “This is so lovely, thank you.” Perceval said graciously as excitement welled up inside of him. The delicious feast was, after all, just the precursor to the rest of the truly amazing evening he would spend with Algernon.

Algernon smiled, gesturing to Perceval. "Please, eat. Let me know if it's acceptable for you...I'd hate to be a disappointment." He watched as Perceval was served his food, as he cut a miniscule piece, as he took a bite. Algernon never tired of watching Perceval, no matter what he was doing; everything about him was so perfect. It made Algernon want to ruin him, and he was hoping he'd have the chance later that night. Still, first things first. "Do you find the food satisfactory?"

Perceval could tell that Algernon was watching him and he took special effort to imbue his every motion with all the grace he could summon. At the question, Perceval dabbed daintily at his lips with his napkin and looked up at Algernon with a delicate smile. “Yes, it’s quite exquisite.” He marveled, savoring the flavor of the pork and how perfectly the other dishes complemented it. “The dinners I enjoy with you are always the most delicious,” Perceval added dreamily, thinking back to the three pervious times he’d been blessed to sit and eat with Algernon and wondering that he was ever able to dine with anyone else, for there was no comparison to the company of Algernon Mauvais.

"I'm so glad to hear it," Algernon replied with a smile, serving himself now that he had heard what he wanted to hear. "And I feel quite the same way; any time I get to spend with you is more pleasurable than any other activity."

Dinner progressed with light conversation, and soon, desert was brought out; pastries Algernon had especially made for Perceval. Again he offered them to Perceval, urging him to try them first while Algernon watched. "I had them made with you in mind," he explained.

Perceval only just managed to stifle his squeal of delight with a little giggle as the servant served him a cream filled pastry and Algernon bid him eat. “You did sir?” Perceval asked in awe, looking down at the treat admiringly. “Oh thank you!” he beamed, looking quickly up at Algernon. “They’re my absolute favorite!” Perceval was honored that Algernon had thought of something especially for him, and was very excited to try the sweet himself and give his positive report to his amazing host. Perceval lifted the pastry to his lips and neatly took the tiniest bite he could stand before shutting his eyes slowly to indulge in the flavor and texture undistracted by anything else. Slowly, he opened his eyes and set the pastry down to smile at Algernon. “It’s amazing,” Perceval breathed blissfully.

"I'm so glad," Algernon replied. "I was so hoping you'd like them... You know I'd do anything for you." He gave Perceval a lingering smile before taking a pastry for himself and beginning to eat. The pastry was a bit sweet for him, but so long as Perceval liked it, it didn't really matter; he had been eating sweets for others for years and years, and eating them for Perceval was the least of a problem.

When dinner was finished, Algernon led Perceval upstairs to the sitting room connected to his bedroom. Playfully, he covered Perceval's eyes before they entered, leading him over to the sofa and sitting him down before sitting beside him and letting him look again. On the table before him, Algernon had set up a bouquet of red roses. "Surprise, Percy," he said with a smile. "I know it's not much, but it's so hard to find something for you that doesn't pale in comparison to your beauty."

Perceval blushed at the compliment and the sight of the flowers which had once so tortured him. Now, however, he was delighted by their beauty and their meaning, and inhaled their fragrance deeply before smiling at Algernon and snuggling a little closer to him. “They’re so lovely, thank you,” Perceval cooed, resting his head on Algernon’s shoulder and sighing contentedly. “I had the other ones dried so I could keep them with the fruit you gave me.” Perceval said thoughtfully after a moment and gave a slight embarrassed laugh. Perceval knew that he’d always treasure everything Algernon presented to him because to Perceval, they were the most beautiful and precious objects in the world simply because he could associate them with Algernon and look at them longingly during the times they were apart.

Algernon smiled. "I'm so happy that you like them, I took such care choosing things I thought you'd like." He pressed a kiss to Perceval's cheek, then another to his lips. "I want to make you happy." He kissed Perceval again, deeper, longer, before pulling away again. "If I can do that, I can be happy. Have I made you happy, Percy?"

“Yes,” Perceval said breathily, not daring to open his eyes for fear that the feeling of Algernon’s lips against his own that he was so desperately trying to saver would disappear. After a moment, without thinking, Perceval ran his tongue lightly over his lips and opened his eyes slowly to gaze at Algernon lovingly. “You always make me so happy,” Perceval murmured. “I’d do anything to make you as happy as I feel.” His eyes shone with honesty as he looked back into Algernon’s, and a slightly sultry pout came across his features. Surely there was something he could do for Algernon in return for everything wonderful Algernon had done for him, surely.

Algernon smirked. "Well, there is this..." he trailed, pressing his lips back to Perceval’s and wrapping his arms around Perceval's waist, pulling him closer. Deepening the kiss, he moved so that he was pressing Perceval down against the sofa, and he relished in the feeling of control over the other man. Moving away from his lips to trail kisses down his neck, Algernon pressed his lips to Perceval's ear to murmur. "May I continue?"

Algernon’s voice was smooth and low in his ear, and Perceval was so enthralled that he could hardly form the words to answer. “Y-yes, of course…” he stuttered with some difficulty as his breath was starting to come a little faster and a little harder. Perceval was a slightly surprised by the current situation, but he wasn’t at all displeased by it. He knew what was happening and he knew it was what he wanted; Perceval wanted to please Algernon. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he could feel his mounting excitement as Algernon pressed down against him and Perceval relinquished all control, leaving himself completely to Algernon’s whim.

Algernon didn't reply, but smirked, kissing Perceval again as his fingers immediately moved to slide the jacket from his shoulders and pull off his cravat, then begin unbuttoning his vest. Multitasking, he began trailing kisses down Perceval's pale neck, sucking, nipping, leaving little red marks that gave him yet another power rush. Soon, he finished with the vest and pulled away slightly to shrug off his own jacket before moving back to Perceval's blouse, indulging in the skin as it was revealed.

Perceval gasped, squirming with pleasure as he felt Algernon’s mouth against his chest, and reveling in the new sensations. He opened his eyes a quarter of the way to see that Algernon had shed his own jacket, and Perceval was vaguely aware of his desire to see and to feel Algernon’s skin. Cautiously, he lifted a hand to Algernon’s chest and pulled distractedly at his vest, whimpering a little in distress before moaning as Algernon’s mouth worked lower onto his chest and dropping his hand back onto the sofa, thoroughly distracted.

Algernon smirked, finishing pulling away Perceval's shirt and tossing it aside. "Patience, Percy," he murmured against his skin, trailing kisses and bites down his chest, only pausing to tease his nipples with his teeth. He made his way down to Perceval's waist, sliding his knickers down a little lower teasingly before pulling away, sitting back to remove his own vest and shirt. He leaned back in briefly to kiss Perceval fervidly, reveling in the feeling of their bare skin pressed together, before pulling back and effortlessly lifting Perceval in his arms. He moved quickly to the bed, depositing Perceval and crawling over him again. "I hope you don't mind the location change," he murmured, pressing another kiss to his lips.

Perceval didn’t mind, and he did his best to kiss back fervidly to show that he appreciated the move to the bed. He slipped his arms around Algernon’s neck to work his hair out of its ponytail and tangle his fingers into Algernon’s soft golden mane, mewling into this kiss with enthusiasm. When they broke apart for air, Perceval realized, with some discomfort, that his knickers were growing increasingly unbearable; Algernon had moved them down around his hips, but the thick cloth was still tight and restrictive, and Perceval squirmed a bit beneath Algernon, hoping the other would finish what he’d started before the move.

Algernon smirked against Perceval's lips before pulling away, sliding his hands down Perceval’s body until he came to the waist of his knickers once more. This time, his fingers found their way to the buttons, slowly undoing them, teasingly brushing against the skin that was revealed. Finally, he finished, but didn't make any haste in sliding off the article of clothing and discarding it on the floor. With a smirk, he leaned back in, taking Perceval's erection into his mouth and licking teasingly before leaning in farther and sucking, hoping to draw a reaction.

Perceval cried out in surprise at the sensation, and his hips bucked upward involuntarily as he struggled to regain control of himself. Gasping and painting, he clenched at the sheets blindly, keeping his eyes shut tightly and biting his lip to keep from crying out again with pleasure. Unable to contain himself, Perceval gasped and bucked his hips again, feeling thoroughly embarrassed by what he worried Algernon would view as a ridiculous overreaction. Still, he couldn’t help himself; Algernon seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and Perceval had never experienced anything like it before.

Algernon would have smirked if he could, but instead he swallowed, taking Perceval deeper still before drawing away with a final teasing lick. He stood to remove his own knickers, tossing them aside before looking around the room and locating a bottle of lotion he kept on his dressing table. Collecting it hurriedly, he tossed it on the bed before crawling over Perceval again and kissing him once more on the lips, grinding their hips together.

Perceval held the kiss for as long as he could before breaking away to moan at the overwhelming sensations. He felt as though he was no longer in control of his own body, and it was all he could do to grasp blindly at Algernon’s back, trying desperately to keep himself in check. It was as if it was all too much for him, and yet he didn’t want to stop—he couldn’t stop. With some effort, Perceval managed to open his eyes again and look up at Algernon, biting his lip apologetically and hoping the other could for give his lack of experience.

Smirking back at him, Algernon pulled away, situating himself between Perceval's legs. Reaching for the lotion, he opened the bottle and slicked his fingers before pressing one, then two inside Perceval. He hesitated a moment, allowing Perceval to adjust, before scissoring his fingers and pressing them deeper, looking for the spot that would reward him with a reaction.

Perceval whimpered when Algernon pulled away, longing for the contact and hardly knowing what was about to happen. However, Perceval trusted Algernon implicitly, so he bore the discomfort of the stretching, knowing full well that Algernon knew exactly what he was doing and that soon it would be well worth it. Perceval let out a throaty moan and all thoughts of what was to come were pushed from his head as Algernon hit a particular spot, and Perceval felt his head spin with pleasure as he curled his toes, squirming unintentionally against Algernon’s skilled touches.

Algernon let Perceval adjust for another moment, enjoying his sounds of pleasure, then added a third finger, stretching him a little more before withdrawing completely. Reaching once more for the lotion, Algernon applied it liberally to his length, grasping Perceval's legs and lifting them over his shoulder to get a better angle as he lined himself up before pressing inside. He inhaled sharply at the feeling, it was simply exquisite; Perceval was so hot and tight and Algernon had never felt anything so amazing. It took all the restraint he possessed not to simply slam into him, but instead, Algernon carefully withdrew before thrusting back inside, a little faster, a little deeper.

“Ah-Algernon!” Perceval squeaked, despite his best efforts to restrain himself, as Algernon pressed inside of him and moved out again. The feeling was intoxicating, and Perceval’s hips jerked up to meet Algernon’s thrusts instinctually, as he tried to press him deeper inside. The pace was slower than Perceval felt he could take, but he’d wanted so badly to have Algernon inside him and to feel the connection, all he could do now was experience the ecstasy as he gripped Algernon’s arm almost frantically, seeking support and gasping to catch his breath.

Gradually beginning to speed up his pace, Algernon smirked at Perceval's sounds and movements. He had suspected before, but now he was quite certain that Perceval had never done this before. However, the thought only encouraged him to make it the best experience possible for him, and he wrapped his hand around Perceval's erection, stroking in time to his quickening thrusts. The feeling of being inside Perceval was still overwhelming him, and he couldn't help but let out a small groan of pleasure, no matter how well he controlled himself.

Perceval gasped, finding it nearly impossible to contain himself now, and moaned loudly and without restraint, crying out and squeezing Algernon’s arm harder in response to the increased speed. With Algernon’s hand around his own aching erection, Perceval felt as if his whole body were on overload; he knew he was nearing his edge, and with each thrust, he felt himself losing more and more control. Perceval did his best to arch up into each of Algernon’s thrusts, pressing up against the other and lunging into his hand, but he didn’t know how much more he could take. Perceval worried that it would only disappoint Algernon if he let it all come to a climax now; he felt he owed still more to Algernon, and he himself was desperate to hold on to the exquisite feeling at least a little longer.

Algernon could tell Perceval was nearing his edge, and he was eager to achieve the prize he had been striving for—to see that beautiful, perfect face all flushed and overwhelmed with pleasure. Leaning forward and bending Perceval a little farther over, he thrust deeper still, hoping to give that last push to send Perceval over the edge. He himself was already almost nearing his end; for all of his experience, this was his first time in this position, and the experience was overwhelming and was only heightened by his beautiful partner. Seeing Perceval beneath him was exhilarating, and he felt his control over himself slipping as he thrust harder into the feeling of ecstasy.

Perceval bent forward easily and cried out as Algernon drove deeper still, the new angle serving to heighten his pleasure and weaken his resolve. He allowed the all consuming pleasure to take hold of him at last, and Perceval cried out, gasping Algernon’s name as he came with a final desperate thrust forward against Algernon, his muscles spasming erratically as he forfeit all control to rapture.

The achievement of his prize, doubled with Perceval's muscles tightening around him, pushed Algernon over the edge, and with a final hard thrust, he came deep inside Perceval. He waited a moment for the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy to subside and his vision to return before rolling off to the side and gathering Perceval up in his arms. "You're amazing, Percy," he murmured against Perceval's ear, stroking his mussed hair and planting a kiss on his cheek. "Simply amazing."

Perceval’s head was still spinning slightly, but he pressed into Algernon’s arms and relished the compliment with a little satisfied smile, closing his eyes peacefully. The experience had been simply incredible, and to receive praise from Algernon afterward heightened his pleasure immensely while curtailing his self doubts. Perceval’s first conscious observation was of his hair, sticky and plastered to his back with sweat, but decided at least for the moment to leave it alone, choosing instead to savor the moment that otherwise seemed to Perceval absolute perfection. He felt fantastic, curled in Algernon’s arms, and he didn’t want to spoil the feeling for an activity as petty as tending to his hair. Instead of moving, Perceval tilted his head and looked into Algernon’s eyes, smiling blissfully. “I love you,” he sighed, allowing his eyes to flutter shut again as he savored his feeling of rapture and completion.

Algernon murmured back into Perceval's hair, kissing his forehead contentedly. "I'm so lucky you're mine," he replied, pulling Perceval closer. He found himself unable to return the sentiment, not because he didn't feel it—quite to the contrary, for the first time in his life, he felt he truly loved someone—but because somehow "I love you" felt fake. All of his life, he had been saying it to people he didn't love, and by now, the words had lost all meaning to him. It felt sacrilegious to use such a hollow phrase for someone as important to him as Perceval, and so he simply didn't. Instead, he pressed another kiss to Perceval's cheek, then to his ear before murmuring, "Stay with me tonight." He didn't want Perceval to leave him. For the first time since he was fifteen, sleeping with someone was comforting, warm, and he didn't want to lose that feeling just yet.

Perceval’s smile widened; he was glad to be Algernon’s, and he didn’t notice or care that Algernon had avoided the cliché response to his sentiment. Algernon’s tenderness was more than proof of his feelings, and Perceval was delighted and distracted by the invitation. He opened his eyes again to look in back into Algernon’s, his expression overflowing with love. “May I?” Perceval asked facetiously—he could tell Algernon’s request was as sincere as his own longing not to leave—and grinned, snuggling back into Algernon. “Thank you.” He murmured, relaxing for only a second before pulling away softly with a regretful expression. “I have to fix my hair,” Perceval explained, blushing as he sat up and tried to be modest by making use of a blanket.

Algernon watched, strangely fascinated as Perceval fingered through his hair, his eyes wandering up and down his pale form. He smirked to himself, admiring his prized possession in his mussed but somehow still perfect state. As Perceval divided his hair into three bits and began to braid, Algernon realized that he would need a ribbon when he was done. Sliding out of bed, he made his way over to his dressing table and opened the box in which he kept his ribbons. Turning back towards the bed, he smirked and asked, "Do you have a colour preference?"

Perceval looked up from his hair when Algernon got up, but turned away quickly, blushing in his embarrassment. Biting his lip, he found himself quite unable to keep his eyes off of the other, and looked up again, watching as Algernon stopped at his dressing table. Perceval allowed himself, blushing furiously, to look over Algernon’s form, taking in his magnificence reverently. As Algernon turned back to him with the question however, Perceval practically jumped, and looked away so hastily he was sure Algernon could tell he’d been looking. Blushing all the more, Perceval forced himself to look up again, focusing intently on Algernon’s eyes so as not to seem rude. “G-green.” Perceval answered for no reason. His ears were hot, and he was further embarrassed by how truly embarrassed he knew he must have appeared.

Algernon smirked at Perceval's embarrassment, amused that he was being so modest after everything. "Excellent choice." He selected an emerald green ribbon from his collection and returned to the bed, sitting down beside Perceval and carefully taking the braid into his hands, tying the ribbon on the end in a neat bow. "It matches your eyes," he observed, running a hand down the side of Perceval's face. "There, is that satisfactory?" He didn't wait for an answer, however, before pulling Perceval back into his arms and falling back against the bed. "I hope it is, because I'm not letting go of you again."

Perceval smiled, relaxing a little as he settled back next to Algernon, his blush subsiding slightly. He nodded contentedly, not wanting to be let go of, and gripped Algernon’s arm tightly. “Thank you. Don’t ever let go,” Perceval mumbled sleepily. His exhaustion had caught up with him all at once, and he felt so at ease relaxing into Algernon’s warmth and comfort, that Perceval was quite certain he would have no trouble at all falling asleep in Algernon’s embrace.

"Don't you worry your pretty head," Algernon replied softly, pressing a kiss lightly to Perceval's cheek. "I won't." Tightening his arms slightly around Perceval's slender form, he waited to hear his breathing grow even before letting himself drift off into a deeper sleep than he had been in in a long while.
Tags: epic, rp

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