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EPIC Chapter 3 part 2

Chapter 3 part 2 :D

Perceval parked his automobile sloppily in front of his house, and threw the keys at the servant who came rushing to help him, then pushed the man to the ground angrily when the klutz failed to catch them. He stormed up to the front door and threw it open violently, finding that venting his anger was the only way to keep from crying.

At the sound of the door, Perceval’s grandfather emerged from his study looking wearily once at Perceval, assessing his condition, and deciding that speaking to him would be unwise, before returning to his work, leaving Perceval alone in his rage. Perceval stomped up the stairs to his bedroom, slammed the door, and threw himself onto his bed, having only just managed to keep himself from crying until he reached the sanctity of his own complete solitude.

Algernon pulled up to Perceval's house in a rush, parking on the street and hurriedly locking his automobile before racing up the drive to the front door. He didn't really have a plan to get in, but he assumed that, by now, Perceval would be away from the door, and that he could just push past whatever servant he needed to if necessary. He knocked hurriedly, waiting impatiently for someone to answer.

After what felt like an eternity, an old man answered the door warily. Algernon opened his mouth to say something, but the old man nodded and held the door open for him. "Oh, it's you. Come on in, he's in his room, it's that way and upstairs." He pointed down a hall. "You really pissed him off, though, so you better be ready to kiss ass."

Algernon stepped inside awkwardly. "...All right," he replied with a respectful nod, not knowing what else to say to the bizarre old man, before racing off down the aforementioned hallway. He made it to the upstairs corridor, dimly lit in the hour of night, and glanced around, trying to figure out which room belonged to Perceval. He was about to give up and go find someone to ask when he heard a muffled sob and set off down the hallway towards the sound.

At the very end of the corridor, behind a grand mahogany door, Algernon could distinctly hear crying, and he felt his heart wrench. Swallowing, he knocked on the door before calling inside. "Percy...? Please, may I come in?" There was no response besides more sobbing, and so Algernon sighed, leaning against the door. "Percy, please hear me out. You have every right to hate me right now, but, please, let me explain to you at least my reasons for my actions before you pass judgment. If, afterwards, you still hate me, I'll respect that, but please, please...just hear me out." He sounded desperate, and he barely cared, which was surprising but not a pressing matter right now. Right now, he'd give next to anything to get Perceval back, even his pride.

When Perceval heard Algernon’s voice outside his door, his tears redoubled and he pulled a pillow over his head, not wanting to hear Algernon speak. He didn’t know how he could have possibly gotten into his house, but Perceval decided that whichever idiot servant let him in would be severely punished in the morning. In the mean time, Perceval wouldn’t let Algernon into his room; he wouldn’t let Algernon trick him into trusting him again.

He thought of how much he hated Algernon and felt a new wave of spite run through him, allowing his tears to subside just long enough to make out what Algernon was saying. He pulled the pillow from his head and sat up slowly, rubbing the tears from his eyes and unconsciously fixing his hair. For the second time that day, Perceval was hearing a different note in Algernon’s voice, a different sort of quality he’d never heard before, and this one fascinated him. Algernon sounded truly sincere, and Perceval knew the desperation in his voice could not be acted.

Perceval cursed himself for being so weak-willed as he stood and walked carefully over to the door. He didn’t know why he was doing it, and he could scarcely believe that he was doing it, but he unlocked the door and pulled it open slowly, stepping aside and scowling silently at Algernon.

Algernon nodded gratefully, following Perceval inside. He remained standing while Perceval took a seat, inhaling deeply and thinking for a moment before beginning to speak. This was his one chance for redemption, and he couldn't blow it. Giving Perceval a pleading look, he began at the beginning.

"When I was twelve, my parents died, and I became a ward of the state. It was a huge case and it was all over the news, my mother murdered my father and was hanged for it. I was understandably traumatized, but luckily, the public attention I gained caught the attention of the General Commandant, and he took me into his home. It was lucky for me, to be taken care of, but the Commandant also has...loose morals." He took a deep breath, playing it up as best as he could to gain back Perceval's trust. He had altered the details a little, sure, but really, it was the general gist of it. "He first took me to bed when I was thirteen. I didn't know any better, I thought it was normal...until I was fifteen, when I realized that something wasn't right. I joined the military at that age, and I soon began to see the corruption all around me...and I wanted to do something to change it.

"That was when I decided that I wanted to be the one in power. I want to get rid of all the horrible people who are corrupt in positions of power...but of course, at that point I was a lowly Corporal. How was I to get any power?" He paused again, knowing he ought to seem ashamed of his methods and feeling a little bad for lying about his motives. "Of course, I used dishonest methods, it was the only control I had at the time. By sleeping with my superiors, and foremost, with the Commandant, I was able to quickly win favour and rise in the ranks. Though my means were wrong, my motives were always well-intentioned...though I understand if you don't understand.

"But then you came along." Algernon gave Perceval a half-pleading, half-loving look. "And you were different. There was no need for you in my plan, you were of no use to me. But for the first time, I was attracted to someone, I was attracted to you because you were perfect, and beautiful, and you have standards and I realized I wanted you for myself. I fell in love with you, I wanted you for my own, to protect you from the people out there who would hurt you...but in the end, I was the one who hurt you...and I can't forgive myself for that. I know now that I should have taken you into my confidence, I should have been open and honest with you...but I was afraid you'd reject me. And I was afraid of losing you." He swallowed, pausing as if trying to find the right words. "My life's goal is to rule the country, rule better than the monarchy, make this country a better place...but I want to do it with you by my side. I need you, Percy, I love you." And for once, he realized with vague surprise, the words didn't have that hollow ring as they left his mouth.

"But still..." He turned away, looking at his feet. "I understand that you hate me. I was dishonest to you, and there's no excuse for it. Thank you for hearing me out, I'll let myself out now." He took a few steps towards the door, looking back longing one last time to Perceval before opening the door. If that didn't win him back, nothing would, and he felt his stomach clench in the suspense.

Perceval listened intently, without meaning to, and by the end of Algernon’s story, he was already on his feet. “Wait!” Perceval said weakly. His voice was low and unsteady from crying, and he swallowed to try and clear it as he took a step after Algernon, reaching out tentatively. All the horrible things that Algernon had gone through… Perceval could hardly believe how difficult his life must have been, and yet Algernon was the most amazing person he knew. His hardships made him strong, Perceval realized, strong enough to endure the wrongs done to him in the pursuit of doing something right and changing the world. His actions disgusted Perceval, but his intentions were so noble… He wanted the replace the monarchy, the cruel and unjust system that had shut Perceval and his family out from the luxuries they deserved, and he wanted Perceval to be there with him.

Though he was still angry that Algernon had waited for him to find out what he was doing instead of telling him in the first place, Perceval knew now that he wanted to stay with Algernon, no matter what he did to further his goals; Perceval wanted to see it through to the end, he wanted to see Algernon rule. Perceval’s eyes shown with tears again, and he cautiously took Algernon by the arm. “…I understand,” he said softly. “Please d-don’t go yet.” Algernon’s actions were disturbing, but not unforgivable. “I-I hate what you have to do…but I…I still love you.”

Algernon couldn't help but break into a smile; he had been fairly confident that he would succeed, but worried nonetheless. But now that Percy had come back to him, now he had won, and he was relieved and overjoyed at the same time. Still, he didn't show any of it; he had to keep acting remorseful.

Carefully, gingerly pulling Perceval into his arms, he shook his head. "I'm so sorry, Percy, I love you so much and I hurt you...can you ever forgive me?" He looked mournfully into Perceval's eyes.

“Yes…” Perceval said weakly, his voice still shaky as he buried his head in Algernon’s chest and let his tears fall again. He could forgive Algernon, but Perceval felt that now he would have difficulty trusting Algernon… It seemed so easy for him to do such deplorable and underhanded things… But fate had been so cruel to him in the past, Perceval could barely stand to think about what things must have been like, and he wanted to be there for Algernon now and be someone he could count on to love him always, no matter what. “Thank you for telling me the truth…” Perceval said at last, slowly. He pulled back from Algernon and looked into his eyes. “I want to help you, if you think there’s anything I can do, so please don’t keep things from me.”

"Thank you," Algernon replied, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. "I'll never keep anything from you again, Percy, I promise. Please understand that anything I do, it's only business, and nothing more. I only love you." He drew Perceval tighter into his arms. "I only want you, I want you to be mine forever. I want you to be by my side when I take over this country, and no one else." He took a deep breath, kissing Perceval again on the forehead. "Will stay with me, Percy? I don't know what I'd do without you."

“Yes,” Perceval said firmly. “No matter what, I’ll stay with you. I want to see you rule, and I know you have to do what it takes.” He was surprised by the sudden clarity of his voice, but it was the truth, and he meant it. “I love you… I want to be yours forever.”

"Thank you," Algernon replied softly. "I'll take care of you from now on, I won't let anyone, especially myself, hurt you again. I love you, Percy, I need you." He slid a hand up to Perceval's cheek, looking into his eyes, before reaching into his pocket and withdrawing the broach. He hadn't noticed before, but it had cracked when Perceval threw it against the floor, and now the imperfection was visible, stretching from the bottom of the gem to just past the middle. Nonetheless, Algernon pinned it carefully beneath Perceval's chin, and it immediately nestled in the lace of his cravat, as if it belonged there and nothing else could take its place. Algernon smiled and carefully pulled Perceval into a gentle kiss. "I'm so glad that you're mine."

Perceval felt tears prickle at the corners of his eyes when he saw the damage that had been done to the broach, and he immediately regretted what he’d done. The tears fell softly from his eyes when Algernon replaced the broach at his neck. “I’m so sorry…” Perceval said quietly before leaning into Algernon, seeking comfort. “I didn’t mean…” At the time, of course he’d meant for it to break, but now, now that he knew what Algernon had been through and the truth about Algernon’s actions, Perceval couldn’t stand to think that he’d broken a such precious treasure that to him symbolized so much of their relationship.

Algernon pulled Perceval into his arms again, carefully wiping away his tears with his thumb. "There, there," he hushed, "It's all right. I understand." He smiled, pressing a comforting kiss to Perceval’s cheek. "More than anything, I hate to see tears in those perfect eyes." Noticing a stray tear rolling down Perceval’s cheek, he carefully leaned in to lick it away gently. "So don't cry, for me?"

Perceval blushed brightly when he felt Algernon’s tongue flick across his cheek, and he closed his eyes without thinking, unconsciously shuddering at the touch. “All right,” Perceval said, opening his eyes after a few seconds and sniffing slightly as he extracted a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his eyes. He could tell his eyes were red and puffy from crying, and he knew he must have looked terrible; no wonder Algernon didn’t want him to cry. He smiled slightly at the thought, knowing Algernon hadn’t meant it that way, but feeling rather unkempt all the same. Looking over Algernon, Perceval realized that he looked even worse; rumpled, tussled, and Perceval remembered with a shiver of disgust, faintly smelling of the other man. Perceval decided that something had to be done about both of their current states; now that his head was relatively clear, their disarray was beginning to offend him.

“Algernon,” Perceval said rather shyly with another blush, “I think we will both need to bathe… I know I look awful and…” He couldn’t bring himself to voice what he knew he should think of Algernon, but somehow, after their reconciliation, Perceval found Algernon attractive even in his current state; he had a sort of mystique about him that seemed to Perceval to make him rather untouchable and thus intriguing. Still, a bath was most definitely necessary.

Algernon chuckled. "Oh, of course. I do believe some form of bathing is in order....I'm sorry for how offensive I appear." He ran his fingers through a strand Perceval's hair thoughtfully. "Of course, it would preserve a great deal of water were you to extend the hospitality of bath..." He smirked. "And I don't want to leave you right now...But only if you'd like, of course."

Perceval blushed anew, brighter than before, and laughed nervously. “Why of course!” he sputtered, having not even considered the possibility of taking a bath together earlier. It seemed like it had been such a short time ago that Perceval’s whole world—his life with Algernon—had come to an end, but now that everything had come back together again, and as Algernon mentioned his reservations about leaving (even for the short time a bath might take), Perceval had realized how unwilling he suddenly felt to be separated from Algernon.

“Thank you,” Perceval said in response at last to Algernon’s courteous suggestion as he tried to hide some of his embarrassment in formalities. “I don’t want to be away from you right now myself…” He paused and looked down. He never wanted to be separated from Algernon again, but that was hardly an option. Looking up again quickly, he smiled, acting the host, and gestured to the door with a flourish. “Right this way if you please; I’ll show you to the bathroom.” He simply had to make the most of whatever time he had.

Algernon smiled, following Perceval out of the room and to the bathroom. It was large and entirely tiled in marble in a very grandiose fashion, and contained both a separate tiled shower and a large bath basin, which appeared to be made of the highest quality ceramics with golden hardware and clawed feet. There were scented candles in candelabras around the room, as well as electrical lighting in the ceiling, and Algernon was quite impressed. "What a lovely bathroom," he commented, smiling at Perceval. "Very romantic, if I may say."

“Really? Thank you, I’m quite fond of it myself.” Perceval blushed again, having never really thought about its appearance before. He’d grown up in his grandfather’s house, and he’d changed little of the architecture and general design from the way it had been when he was a boy, except to modernize with the new electric lighting and upgrade some of the plumbing. Now that Algernon mentioned it however, Perceval himself realized that the lighting and general ambiance was ideal for romance, and he smiled somewhat uneasily. After Algernon’s previous activities, however, Perceval was somewhat surprised Algernon could really be thinking about romance now…

Perceval strode across the room and started drawing the water for their bath before moving to the closet and producing two towels, his own robe, and a spare for Algernon to use, and laying them out. He was rather spoiled and used to his servants preparing everything for him, and though Perceval was somewhat tempted to summon them to get things going, he came to the conclusion that he would be more than happy to serve Algernon himself. Besides, if they were alone, and Algernon was up for it… Perceval blushed further and didn’t allow himself to finish his thought, instead moving to busy himself with preparing the bubble bath, far to shy to begin undressing first.

Algernon watched as Perceval began to prepare things, and smiled. "It really is considerate of you to prepare everything...thank you." He chose his words carefully; even after the reconciliation, Perceval seemed uneasy about opening up to Algernon again, and Algernon wanted to be sure that that didn't last. As Perceval set about drawing the bath, Algernon began to undress, removing his cravat and jacket and folding them neatly. Then, seeing that Perceval seemed to be hesitating to take off any of his clothing, Algernon smirked. "Do you need any help, with anything Percy? I'd be happy to oblige."

“No, everything seems to be in order now,” Perceval said with a small, still-embarrassed smile as he straightened, turning to see that Algernon had begun undressing already. Smiling again awkwardly, he turned away and took off his own jacket, cravat, and vest, finding it odd to undress himself in Algernon’s presence. With a blush, he suddenly realized what Algernon had probably meant by his question, and paused in the middle of unbuttoning his own blouse, wishing stupidly that he had indeed requested “help.” Slowly, Perceval turned back to Algernon and took a few steps closer. It felt odd to feel so distant, and after all that had happened that night, what he realized he most wanted was for things between them to go back to how they had been. Obviously, nothing could be the same, but things could definitely still get better. “W-would…would you kiss me?” Perceval asked embarrassedly, his voice barely above a whisper. He knew that a kiss from Algernon would always make his heart soar, and that it was exactly the thing he needed now to make things feel like they had before.

Algernon smiled slightly, taking a step closer to Perceval as he set his vest aside. "Of course," he replied softly, placing a hand lightly on Perceval's shoulder. Gently, he pressed a kiss to Perceval's lips, hesitating to go any further at the moment. When Perceval didn't shy away, however, he decided it would be all right, and deepened the kiss, pulling Perceval into his arms. One hand found its way to Perceval's chest, tracing over the exposed skin before taking up the task of undoing buttons as Algernon became more enveloped in the kiss. It felt good, after everything, to still be able to call Perceval his own.

Perceval was relieved to feel Algernon’s lips against his own and his hands against his skin, and he mewled softly into the kiss, allowing himself to melt against Algernon. At last, it felt as though things were returning to the way they should be, and in Algernon’s arms, Perceval was able to dismiss, at least temporarily, the nagging feeling of betrayal that had plagued him since the early evening. He could feel in Algernon’s touches that it was himself that Algernon truly loved, and for that Perceval was immensely grateful. Perceval could endure anything for what he felt with Algernon, and he knew now that though the brief time they’d been apart had been extremely difficult, it had ultimately strengthened their relationship.

Algernon relished the feeling of Perceval melting into his touch; he was infinitely glad that everything was finally seeming all right again. So long as Perceval would still love him, very little could make him unhappy, and that was the way he wanted it to be. Moving to Perceval's jaw, he nipped at the pale skin lightly before kissing again, finding satisfaction in the red mark, the mark of ownership he left behind. Meanwhile, he had managed to get Perceval's blouse unbuttoned, and carefully slid it off his shoulders. With a final soft kiss to his lips, Algernon drew back with a smile. "We probably ought to use this excellent bath you've drawn before the water gets cold, don't you think?"

Perceval opened his eyes slowly and nodded, somewhat regretfully. He didn’t really want to stop now that everything was finally starting to feel the way it should, but he knew that a bath was unlikely to put a stop to much. Smiling rather deviously at the thought, Perceval extracted a ribbon from his pocket and began putting his hair up to avoid the hassle getting it wet and having to dry it. “Yes, I think so,” he responded, his hair at last up out of the way. Then, he realized with a blush that he’d have to finish undressing first. With a final smile to Algernon, Perceval turned away and began removing his knickers somewhat in a corner to preserve his modesty.

Algernon smiled as Perceval tried to be modest, watching him affectionately. It was so ludicrous to him, the way that Perceval always did his best to be modest, even after all this time. Algernon was fairly familiar with every inch of Perceval's body, and felt no real need to be modest, but Perceval never stopped being embarrassed about dressing or undressing in front of him. That was unfortunate for him, because Algernon was extremely fond of watching Perceval dress, but then again, it wouldn't be half so much fun if Perceval wasn't so embarrassed about it.

However, now Algernon could only allow himself to watch for a moment, as he needed to finish undressing too. By the time he was finished, Perceval was just finishing, as well, as it took him a bit longer hiding in the corner, and Algernon smiled to himself, making his way over behind him. "Ready to go?" he asked softly, pressing a kiss to his cheek, draping his arms over Perceval's shoulders.

Perceval shivered, closing his eyes and leaning back into Algernon slightly, relishing the feel of Algernon’s skin against his own as he slipped his hands into Algernon’s. “Yes,” Perceval murmured, unwinding himself from Algernon gracefully before following behind him to the tub. The water was hot, almost too hot, but Perceval got in first and sat down quickly, glad for the cover of the bubbles. He smiled rather coyly up at Algernon and scooted to the side some to allow him room to get in as well. “It’s a little hot,” he warned.

Algernon smiled back, stepping into the bath as well and sitting beside Perceval. The water was a bit hot, but he didn't mind it, and he relaxed into the warmth, glad for something to soothe his muscles after the taxing evening. He sighed contently, then turned to Perceval. "Thank you for this...I really appreciate it.” He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Perceval's cheek, murmuring in his ear. "Such nice things... But everything else aside, such pleasurable company is so hard to come by these days..." He nipped lightly at Perceval's ear, kissing him again. "Thank you, really. I love you."

Perceval’s eyes, which he’d closed to enjoy Algernon’s close proximity and sweet words, opened quickly at Algernon’s last statement, slightly startled by it. He was no less pleased to hear him say it, though, and he sighed with contentment. “I love you too,” Perceval purred adoringly, letting his eyes flutter half closed with satisfaction.

At last, things were definitely the way Perceval knew they had to be, and he vowed never to allow himself to become angry with Algernon again. What had happened earlier that day was not Algernon’s fault; it was the fault of the Commandant, the sick bastard who’d abused Algernon so much already. That was who Perceval hated, and he could never again be angry with Algernon. Now, here bathing together, Perceval felt as though all their earlier troubles and all of Algernon’s previous activities were being washed away, leaving them fresh, and Perceval felt content and relieved; after everything that had happened, he was glad for it all to finally to be coming to a resolution. His feelings and emotions, too, seemed at last to be calming, and the hot water and Algernon’s comforting touch were enough to allow him to relax into bliss.

Algernon smiled contentedly, trailing light kisses down Perceval's neck. Finally, everything seemed the way it should be, and Algernon found himself more relieved than he thought he could be. But then again, Perceval was always causing him to reconsider what he wanted; Perceval who he had unwittingly fallen in love with, plans or no plans. It was strange, but Perceval made him happier than anything had before—after all, he was tangible, he was here, he was truly Algernon's, unlike the future promise of the country. Perceval was here and now, and Algernon was happy to enjoy it. Now, as he was finally adjusted to the heat of the water, he moved closer to Perceval, pressing against him and leaning over him to kiss him on the lips. Running a hand over his chest teasingly, he deepened it after a moment, enjoying the feeling of having Perceval for his own once more.

Perceval wrapped his arms around Algernon’s neck, arching up into the kiss slightly, longing for more contact, more attention to prove to himself how right the world had at last become. Together with Algernon, Perceval felt truly happy, and he never wanted anything between them to change. He hoped Algernon would want him forever, because Perceval knew now after what they’d been through, that he would never stop loving Algernon no matter what the future brought. Perceval undid the bow that held back Algernon’s hair carefully, and let it fall around them as he cast the ribbon aside and kissed back to the best of his abilities, hoping, in spite of himself, that Algernon wouldn’t stop there.

Algernon smirked against Perceval's lips, breaking the kiss and pulling away only slightly, moving to suck at his neck, nipping before kissing the spot and moving on to another. Leaving a trail of small red marks, he made his way to Perceval's collarbone, indulging in the pale skin for shorter than he would have liked. He knew it would be unwise to start anything right here or right now; the bath wasn't the most ideal location, and he was too hungry and still a little worn out to perform his best. Later, he decided, but for right now, he could still enjoy himself a little, and with that thought, he returned to Perceval's lips for another kiss.

Perceval shifted slightly underneath Algernon, trying to move to give him better access should Algernon so desire, and at the same time move a little bit closer to the other. Blushing at his own boldness, Perceval moved his leg so that it rested on top of Algernon’s and mewled slightly into the kiss, weaving his fingers through Algernon’s hair softly. After everything, Perceval could think of no better way to reconcile than this, and he wanted Algernon to know that he was forgiven.

Feeling Perceval's leg against his own, Algernon smirked into the kiss and moved a hand to rest atop Perceval's thigh, his fingers lightly caressing the soft skin. Still, as he kissed Perceval even more passionately, he realized that he was still more emotional than he really ought to have been. The sounds, the feelings of Perceval beneath him like this were extremely comforting, and Algernon knew that he would have been devastated to have lost it all. He was grateful that Perceval was able to forgive his mistake, and he wanted to show his thankfulness for that. Still, he controlled himself, he didn't want to get either himself of Perceval too worked up before the time was right, and so, slowly, he drew back, smiling softly. "I'm so glad you're mine, he murmured, pressing another light kiss to Perceval's lips.

Perceval whined softly as Algernon pulled away, but he realized the bath was hardly the right place for what he wanted, and so he smiled softly; glad to feel as though he really was Algernon’s once again. Knowing that, he could wait until Algernon was ready, until the perfect time. Besides, the water was already getting cooler, and now that Perceval’s heart felt content again at last, he realized that he’d been neglecting his stomach. Neither of them had eaten anything since lunch—over twelve hours ago—and some sort of dinner was definitely necessary. It seemed an awkward question to ask at a time like this, but Perceval felt that as the host, he ought to suggest a meal. Blushing at how bizarre he was sure the question would sound, he asked somewhat concernedly, “Umm…are you hungry at all?”

Algernon laughed slightly at the absurdity of the question (though he did enjoy Perceval's embarrassment quite a bit), but nodded. "Thank you, Percy...an excellent suggestion, I am fairly hungry, thank you. However, I'd hate to be an inconvenience...if you’re not, it can wait." He knew, regardless of whether or not Perceval was really hungry, if Algernon was hungry, they would eat. Still, he got the feeling that Perceval was—after all, why would he have asked, otherwise? He smiled, waiting for an answer.

“Oh no, I’m quite hungry as well.” Perceval said quickly, blushing a little more when Algernon laughed at his question. “It won’t be any trouble at all, though,” he assured. “When we finish here, I can wake the servants and have them start preparing something for us to eat.” He lifted one of his hands from the water and examined his fingertips, which were beginning to get slightly wrinkled already. Dropping his hand back, he smiled at Algernon and said cheerfully, “Whenever you’re finished, I’m ready.” Perceval did not want to get out first for two reasons: he was shy to make the first move, and he was still extremely comfortable slightly under Algernon. Moving now would disturb Algernon, and Perceval subconsciously wanted to prolong their closeness for as long as he could.

Algernon smiled, kissing Perceval lightly on the cheek. "I'm finished as soon as you think I'm presentable," he replied, brushing his hair over his shoulder. "And besides, I don't want to keep you from getting to eat. That would be very uncourteous of me, after you're being such a lovely host." He kissed Perceval again, light, feathery kisses. "So, am I all right? I know my appearance before was quite offensive."

Perceval’s smile tightened at the thought of Algernon’s former appearance, but he shook his head, refusing to allow himself to blame Algernon for it. “No, not at all, really.” Perceval said, trying to convince himself as much as Algernon. “And you’re much better now,” he added. Of that, Perceval was certain; Algernon was clean and perfect, and that Perceval could attest for himself. “Well, shall we get out, then?” Perceval suggested, still unwilling to move first.

Algernon nodded with a smile, standing and offering Perceval a hand, pulling him to his feet. Instead of letting him go, however, Algernon pulled him up against himself, wrapping an arm around his back and giving his ass a quick squeeze while pressing another, harder kiss to his lips. "After you," he said with a grin, taking a step back and gesturing towards the edge of the tub.

Perceval was quite shaken and blushing a bright shade of scarlet, but somehow, he managed to nod to Algernon and get out of the tub somewhat clumsily. It had all happened so fast, and he had not been expecting it in the slightest, so he found himself rather speechless. That however, was not to say he hadn’t enjoyed it; in fact, he was quite pleased to receive that sort of attention, and would gladly have Algernon touch him anywhere, anytime. He threw his robe around him quickly and held it closed as he brought Algernon’s to him graciously smiling through his blush.

Algernon smiled, accepting the robe and pulling it on as he stepped out of the tub as well. "Thank you, Percy," he replied almost cheerfully, collecting his ribbon and tying his hair back. "Now where to? I'm following you."
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