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All good epics must come to an end

All same as part one :D;

Perceval tied his robe around his waist and smiled knowingly. “We’re going to find you something clean to wear,” Perceval explained, showing Algernon out of the bathroom and down the hall to the room opposite his. “This is my cousin’s room.” Perceval said with a note of irritation, rolling his eyes. “I think you’re about the same size, so as long as you can find something tolerable…” Perceval trailed off, opening the door and not really wanting to go into any depth about how disgustingly flamboyant and overly showy he found his cousin’s wardrobe to be. Hopefully, they could dig up something for Algernon.

Upon opening the door, Perceval realized two things simultaneously: a light was on, and the room was messy. Setting his jaw, Perceval stomped inside and made his way through the sitting room that acted as an awning to the bedroom, the source of the light.

“What are you doing here?!” Perceval demanded loudly, his theories being confirmed at the sight of his cousin, Donavan, seated on his bed with a verity of rather explicit looking photographs spread around him.

“Why good evening, dear cousin,” Donavan said innocently, not bothering in the slightest to disguise what he’d been looking at. “I have to say, it’s a little rude to barge into someone’s room in the middle of the night and demand what they’re doing, don’t you think?” Peering around Perceval, Donavan’s eyes lit up when he spotted Algernon and he got to his feet. “Who’s your friend? I do so hope you’ll introduce us.”

“No!” Perceval said quickly, feeling somewhat overwhelmed. The last thing he wanted right now was to deal with his cousin, and the fact that Algernon had to be exposed to him was outrageous. “You’re not supposed to be here! Grandfather wouldn’t approve!” Perceval tried to sound stern, but his voice came out shrill and Donavan ignored him, moving past him and bowing theatrically to Algernon.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Monsieur,” Donavan said demurely, tilting his head slightly as he stood. “My name is Donavan D’Aubigne, Perceval’s unfortunate cousin.”

Algernon was rather surprised to find Perceval's cousin so different than Perceval, but was rather taken in by him nonetheless. For a moment, he forgot himself and smirked. "The pleasure is mine, I'm sure," he replied, nodding back, before he realized that now would be a bad time for continued interpersonal relations, no matter how useful they might turn out to be in the future. "I am Algernon Mauvais, and your cousin belongs to me. We were hoping you'd be kind enough to lend me a few articles of clothing for the time being...? I'm sure Percy can find his way around, I'd hate to disturb you from your..." he glanced at the various photos of scantily clad men and women, "...business." Even as he followed Perceval into the room, however, he winked at Donavan when Perceval wasn't looking. Who knew what kind of connections he would need in the future, after all.

“’Percy?’” Donavan smirked, quirking a brow and repeating the name as he noted Algernon’s use of the word ‘belong’ with interest. At Perceval’s exasperated expression however, he folded his arms and made his face serious. “Oh yes, go right ahead,” he waved toward his wardrobe distractedly, catching Algernon’s eye as Perceval turned away and returning the wink by blowing Algernon a quick kiss.

“Help yourself to anything you like,” he continued, again pretending to be serious. “After all, as ‘Percy’ so aptly put it, I’m no longer welcome here, so I suppose none of this is really mine...” Donavan sighed dramatically and moved to where Perceval was pushing through his clothes vehemently discarding anything that he deemed showy and immature, which was almost everything. “Slow down a minute!” Donavan whined, catching Perceval by the arm. “That blue one you went by would be perfect for him.”

“No!” Perceval said again abruptly, yanking his arm away from Donavan. “I hate that outfit. It’s too gaudy.”

“Well, I think you should ask Algernon,” Donavan said aloofly, looking to Algernon with a small smirk of satisfaction. He thought himself to be a good judge of clothing, and he was sure Algernon would agree with him.

Algernon gave an apathetic smile. "I think it's as nice an outfit as any," he replied, taking the outfit off the shelf and looking it over. "May I use your sitting room to change, M. D'Aubgine?" With Donavan's consent, he stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him, quickly removing his robe and dressing in the outfit. It was all lace and frills, and Algernon was really rather amused by it as he tied the cravat and adjusted the gold-hemmed cuffs. When he decided he was presentable, he opened the door and walked grandly back into Donavan's bedroom. "What do you think?" he asked with a smirk, posing nonchalantly. His eyes lingered on Donavan for a moment before moving to Perceval. "Is it too horrendous for you, Percy?"

“W-well…” Perceval stuttered. He actually liked the way it looked on Algernon, but he didn’t want to admit to Donavan that he’d made a good choice…and at the same time, he wanted to make sure Algernon knew how good he looked. “It looks good on you.” Perceval smiled at last, relenting to admit that Donavan had made a fair choice at least on this occasion.

Donavan’s smirk widened and he crossed his arms with satisfaction. “It’s a good color for you,” Donavan said knowingly, “And a very good fit, too. Really, feel free to borrow anything you like in the future,” Donavan reiterated, speculating to himself rather deviously how often Algernon would be in a position where he would be without clothes and why it had happened in the first place. Enviously, he speculated the sorts of things the two of them could have been doing, and wondered why it seemed his cousin always got exactly what he wanted and he himself never got anything.

Perceval was starting to feel uncomfortable now that he was the only one who wasn't dressed, and he was in a hurry to get away from Donavan. He didn’t like the way Donavan kept eyeing Algernon, and was in hurry to have Algernon to himself again, anyway. “Well, thank you, Donavan,” Perceval said spitefully, moving to stand beside Algernon. “We’ll be going now, and if you don’t want grandfather to throw you out, you had better leave before I tell him that you’re here in the morning.”

Donavan ignored Perceval’s threat and bowed to Algernon again dramatically. “This brief interlude has been quite a pleasure; I do so hope I’ll have the fortune of meeting you again sometime, Algernon,” Donavan said the other’s name particularly because his familiar tone would antagonize his cousin, but also because he wanted to try it out. Algernon was definitely good-looking and Donavan found himself to be rather jealous.

Algernon could tell Perceval was anxious to leave, and despite the addition of the attractive cousin, he knew he owed it to Perceval to give him that. He bowed back to Donavan with a smile, however, and was sure to respond courteously. "As do I, M. D'Aubigne, and I'm sure, it will be just as much a pleasure then." He gave a last semi-flirtatious smile before turning and following Perceval out of the room.

As they made their way back to Perceval's bedroom, Algernon let out a small, bemused laugh. "What an interesting person, your cousin," he remarked. "He was very attractive in his own way...though, of course, not nearly so pretty as you," he added, leaning over and stopping Perceval for a moment to catch his lips in a brief kiss. "Though...now I'm curious as to this grandfather of yours...I believe I met him upon arriving here, but I was never properly introduced." He trailed thoughtfully, wanting to meet the other members of Perceval's strangely attractive family.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Perceval said quickly, recovering from the happy sort of daze a kiss from Algernon always put him into. “It must have been a little strange for you… Was he the one who let you in?” Perceval smiled with a nervous little laugh, imagining what Algernon’s first impression of his grandfather must have been like. “In the morning, I’ll be sure to introduce you properly,” Perceval assured, reaching his room and letting Algernon in first before shutting the door behind them. Moving over to his wardrobe, Perceval sighed and looked over his shoulder at Algernon. “I’m sorry you had to deal with my cousin, he’s really not supposed to be here at all…” Even if Algernon didn’t seem too upset by their brief visit with Donavan, Perceval couldn’t help but feel uneasy around his cousin, and he got the feeling that Donavan might try to get Algernon’s attention behind his back, if he hadn’t done so already. “My uncle and my grandfather had a falling out, and not I’m not allowed to speak with either of them anymore,” Perceval explained, selecting something simple and yet elegant, as per his preference. Blushing, he realized he’d have to dress in front of Algernon again, and made an awkward little movement to position himself in the corner before laying out his clothes and taking off his robe, shyly beginning to dress.

"Ahh, I see. How interesting," Algernon replied disinterestedly, more of his attention focused on Perceval's naked form as he dressed. Over the time they had been together, Algernon had become extremely fond of watching him when he was either taking off or putting on clothing; his body was so perfect and beautiful that it simply begged to be the centre of attention, and besides, Algernon loved the way Perceval would get flustered and embarrassed. Even as he enjoyed his view, however, he contemplated what Perceval had said with a smile. "I'd be delighted to meet your grandfather, however. Thank you."

Perceval finished dressing at last, and turned to Algernon with a smile as he tied his cravat and straightened his jacket. He let down his hair and moved to a mirror where he began brushing his hair. “I’m sorry this is taking so long,” Perceval apologized, though he was quite certain that, as uncomfortable as it made him feel, Algernon enjoyed watching him dress and get ready. He hurried through brushing his hair and flicked it all back over his shoulder before at last striding over to Algernon. “I think dinner is in order,” he said with a nod. “I’ll show you to the sitting room before I go to wake up the servants.”

"Excellent," Algernon said with a smile, making his way over to Perceval and catching him in a quick kiss before taking a step behind him. "After you," he added cheerfully, pecking him again on the back of the neck.

Perceval shivered, delighted by the kisses and attention, smiling at Algernon before leading him out of the room, down the hall and stairs, to the small sitting room outside his formal dinning room. He made sure Algernon was comfortably seated before hurrying through to kitchen to the servant’s quarters and ringing a bell he kept for the purpose of rousing them, loudly. “Get up!” he ordered sharply. “I have a guest, and we’re both famished, so get to work on dinner and have it ready within an hour!” Perceval’s servants knew better that to grumble or complain, but Perceval waited until most of them were sitting up before leaving the room, confidant they’d get to work. If not, they knew the punishment they could expect.

Perceval returned to the sitting room and slid into the sofa next to Algernon, sighing happily. “I told them to have it ready in an hour. I hope you don’t mind waiting here for a little while?”

"No, of course not," Algernon replied, wrapping an arm around Perceval and pulling him closer. "Thank you for everything, Percy. You're such a good host." He placed a kiss on his cheek, then another on his lips. "I'm so lucky to have you for my own...I don't know what I'd do without you."

The hour went by quickly, and when dinner was ready at last, Perceval hadn’t even been thinking about the time or how hungry he was because he was so wrapped up in Algernon and the simple pleasure of sitting with him and talking about nothing. The servant looked surprised to see the two of them seated so intimately together, but he lowered his head quickly in deference at the sharp look Percy gave them, and didn’t look at either of them as he showed them to their seats at opposite sides of the large dinning room table. Perceval could tell by the taste and the presentation that the meal had been a rush job done mostly with leftovers, but he was hungry enough not to be too upset, and in the state of supreme happiness he felt in Algernon’s presence, it was easy to let his servant’s mistake slide.

After dinner, Perceval showed Algernon to the formal sitting room, and, feeling content and at last satiated, he sat down next to Algernon on the sofa once again, and rested his head against Algernon’s chest, smiling happily. The evening had certainly started badly, but it was going so well now that Perceval couldn’t be happier.

Algernon smiled, wrapping an arm around Perceval and holding him close, kissing him softly on the lips and stroking his hair absently. It was now around two in the morning, and Algernon's exhaustion was setting in now, now that everything was out of the way and settled. He didn't realize for a moment, but after a bit, he noted that Perceval's breaths were getting more even and deep, and Algernon was amused to find that he had fallen asleep resting against his chest. Algernon smiled to himself, pressing another soft kiss to his forehead before settling back into the sofa and resting his head. He could use a little rest.

Perceval opened his eyes slowly, and blinked at the light that had flooded the room, waiting for his eyes to adjust. He knew he was not in his bedroom because it never got quite so bright in the morning, but he was so comfortable and he felt so rested, it was hard for him to believe he’d spent the night on a sofa. Then again, he’d spent the night with Algernon, and that made all the difference. Smiling adoringly, Perceval lifted his head slowly, expecting to see Algernon already awake and looking down at him. The site he was met with however was much different. Algernon was still quite sound asleep by the looks of it, and Perceval was stricken by how relaxed and peaceful his expression was. Never before had Perceval seen Algernon asleep, and his face was so serene, Perceval couldn’t help but smile. He looked so innocent, and almost childlike, and Perceval loved him all the more for it. Moving slowly, carefully, so as not to disturb Algernon until the last moment, Perceval placed a tender kiss on Algernon’s lips, closing his eyes softly, and savoring the moment, knowing it would be one he’d remember forever.

Algernon came to slowly, remembering that he was in Perceval's house when he opened his eyes. He blinked a couple times to wake himself up, then looked down, smiling fondly at Perceval. He was surprised to find him awake; he always awoke himself before whoever he was sleeping with as a matter of principle because he hated to leave himself vulnerable. However, with Perceval, he didn't need to worry, and he let it go, instead bringing a hand to Perceval's face and angling it up into a gentle kiss. "Good morning," he murmured softly. "I hope you were able to sleep well?"

“Yes,” Perceval cooed, “I always sleep best when I’m with you.” He paused for a minute and laughed softly. “And you’re very comfortable, thank you.” He sat up slowly, hoping Algernon wasn’t sore, and moved a bit to the side to give Algernon some space to stretch as he listened to the sounds of the household waking up around them. He could hear the distinct sound of dishes being laid for breakfast, and he knew that his grandfather was probably already awake and drinking coffee in the dinning room. Now was probably the best chance they’d have for introductions, so Perceval got to his feet and began smoothing out his clothes, which were rumpled from sleep. His hair, too, was very messy, and he did his best to fix it with his hands before smiling down at Algernon. “If you don’t mind, I think now would be a good time for you to meet my grandfather.”

Algernon stood also, stretching out his muscles slightly after spending the past few hours as a pillow for Perceval. Smoothing his clothing and adjusting his hair as well, he smiled and nodded. "Excellent. I look forward to it," he replied, watching Perceval run his hands through his hair a few last times. Unable to resist, he took a step forward, taking a few strands of the long, golden-blonde hair into his own fingers and twirling it around them. "Really, Percy, you needn't worry...you look positively stunning, I can attest to it." Perceval was always fixated on his appearance, and Algernon felt the need to assure him that, though he found his constant primping cute, he always looked perfect.

“Thank you.” Perceval smiled gratefully. If Algernon thought he looked all right, than Perceval knew it must be true. Even so, he couldn’t help but think that the reason he looked good at all was because of how meticulous he made a point of being about his hair and clothes, and Algernon’s assurance and praise only added to his drive to continue to look perfect for him.

Perceval pushed his hair back over his shoulders a final time before leading the way out from the sitting room to the dining room where he was quite certain his grandfather would be drinking his morning coffee before breakfast. Sure enough, he was seated at the far end of the table with a newspaper spread out on the table, magnifying glass in hand, and with a cup of coffee at his side.

He looked up at them when they entered the room, squinting momentarily, before wordlessly looking back to his paper and tracing a gnarled finger over a line of text, ignoring them.

Perceval smiled somewhat apologetically at Algernon and led him along the table next to where his grandfather was seated. His grandfather rarely said anything to anyone, except to make a cruel or rather off-color comment, so Perceval found his current behavior unremarkable. Still, his grandfather was an important part of his life; he’d lived with him since he was a baby, and had been raised solely by him since his early childhood. It was important to Perceval that Algernon and his grandfather be properly introduced, even just once.

“Grandfather,” Perceval said carefully, waiting just a moment for the old man’s hand to stop at the end of a sentence, indicating the fact that he was listening, “This is Algernon Mauvais. Algernon, this is Monsieur D’Aubigne.”

“We’ve met,” M. D’Aubigne said plainly, at last looking up from his news paper and glancing over the two of them. He seemed to realize what Algernon was wearing and furrowed his brow, but said nothing on the subject, instead smirking and leaning in a little closer to Algernon, lowering his voice. “Good to see you took my advice, boy.”

Algernon laughed uneasily at Perceval's grandfather's words. "Yes, well...I'd do anything make your grandson happy, sir. He's the most important thing to me." It never hurt to suck up, and he really couldn't think of anything else to say that would handle the situation delicately. He really wasn't too keen on Perceval finding out what, exactly, the advice it was that he was following, and it seemed the most diplomatic way to handle it. He smiled, taking Perceval's hand in his and hoping that it would go over well.

Perceval wondered briefly just what sort of advice his grandfather could have possibly given Algernon, but the other’s words distracted him, and he smiled proudly, certain his grandfather would approve. He returned Algernon’s squeeze with one of his own and looked happily to his grandfather, hoping that he’d be glad for him to have found someone so special.

M. D’Aubigne looked back to his paper and read a few more lines before looking up again, as if perturbed that they were both still standing there. He sighed resignedly, perhaps realizing the fastest way to be rid of them both was to say something at least somewhat nice and considerate. He settled on the cliché, “I’m happy for you both,” before looking back to his paper, hoping they’d be satisfied.

Perceval was a little disappointed by his grandfather’s complete lack of enthusiasm, but now that he thought of it, there were many other, less-kind things he could have said, and so, somewhat relieved, he turned to Algernon with a small smile. “Thank you, Grandfather,” Perceval said sweetly with a bow before leading Algernon back along the table to the door. Now that introductions were complete, Perceval thought it best to leave before his grandfather made any negative remarks. Once they were safely into the hall, Perceval again turned to Algernon and said apologetically, “I’m sorry about that… But coming from him, it actually went quite well.” He offered a small, reassuring smile; it was the truth, and he was happy with whatever he could get.

Algernon smiled back with a half-laugh. "I'm glad. He didn't seem terribly fond of me last night...but he didn't seem to terribly dislike me, either. I take it he's that way to everyone?" He took a step closer to Perceval, placing a small kiss on his lips. "But, you know, Percy, everything I said is true. I'd do anything to make you happy." He kissed him again, more softly this time, but still not substantially, hoping to draw some sort of request and preferring to tease Perceval to it rather than offering.

Perceval knit his brows and looked almost pleadingly up at Algernon, enjoying the teasing as always, but still hoping that more would be coming. Even so, he could be patient, and he moved a little closer to Algernon to serve as a small consolation, nodding in answer to Algernon’s prior question. “Sometimes he can even be cruel.” Perceval explained, “So we were lucky.” He then smiled at Algernon’s affirmation and looked at him lovingly. “Thank you,” he said softly, “but you don’t have to do anything special to make me happy…just be with me whenever you can, and I’ll be delighted.” He smiled again; his lips pursed in a slight pout and tilted his head alluringly, hoping that Algernon would continue where he left off.

Algernon smirked; he could never resist that pout. It just looked so perfect on Perceval's face; it made him want to ruin him, to leave some sort of mark, to destroy the perfection. Drawing Perceval into his arms, he murmured into his ear, "When I rule this country, I'll spend every single minute of my free time with you. But until then, I'll do everything extra that I can to see that beautiful smile." He pressed a kiss to Perceval's ear, then his neck. "But as much as I'd like to take you right here in the hallway, I don't know how much your relatives would approve. Might we move to a more discrete location?" He smirked again against Perceval's skin.

Perceval shivered at the sensation of Algernon’s breath against his ear, and he gladly leaned into the other for support, closing his eyes as Algernon kissed him. The very thought of Algernon ruling the country sent chills of excitement and apprehension down Perceval’s spine. To think that someday Algernon would be the one to make all the rules and throw the extravagant parties, Perceval could hardly believe it, and he absolutely couldn’t wait. At Algernon’s next statement, Perceval blushed a dark shade of red, and whimpered softly in his anticipation. Part of him didn’t care what his grandfather might think; thoughts of ruling a country and Algernon’s bluntness was easily enough to turn him on, but his modestly forced him to open his eyes again slowly and support all of his own weight once again. “Yes… I think it’d be best if we did…” regretfully, he pulled softly away from Algernon, retaining only his hand and leading him further down the hall away from the dinning room and sitting rooms. “There’s a private study just down this hall…no one ever uses it.”

"Excellent," Algernon replied with another smirk. He allowed Perceval to lead him down the hallway to a room, waiting only for him to open the door before pulling Perceval inside. It was a large room with two shelves of musty-seeming books and a small sofa off to the side, but the piece of furniture that most caught Algernon's attention was a large, sturdy mahogany desk in the centre of the room. His smirk widened, and, satisfied with this observation, pushed Perceval against the now-closed door, locking it as he pressed another, deeper kiss to Perceval's lips. When they drew apart a few moments later, Algernon let his face rest against Perceval's, looking into his eyes. "Am I making you happy, Percy?"

“Yes,” Perceval sighed, “Don’t stop…” He panted lightly, leaning against the door, and looked at Algernon through eyes half-lid with rapture, waiting for him to continue. This, Perceval felt, was the final step to complete reconciliation, and he’d already been waiting for the moment for so long, he could hardly bear the thought of waiting even longer. However, knowing Algernon, he was quite certain he’d have to put up with quite a bit of teasing, but Perceval never had any complaints about Algernon’s methods; he was a master, and Perceval never ceased to be amazed by his methods.

"I'm glad," Algernon breathed back, kissing Perceval softly on the lips briefly before moving to his jaw and neck. He wasted no time in beginning at Perceval's clothing, pulling his jacket away, his fingers made their way to his vest, deftly pulling the buttons undone. His other hand made its way to Perceval's waist, teasingly touching before pulling his blouse untucked as he pushed the vest away and began at the new set of buttons. There were so many, and he was getting impatient, but he knew it was well worth it, and besides, he liked to see Perceval squirm. As most of the pale skin of his chest was revealed from beneath the shirt, Algernon indulged himself, trailing kisses and bites and leaving behind the marks of ownership that always gave him a rush.

Perceval squirmed eagerly out of his jacket and let it fall to the floor at his ankles, tilting his head back with a sharp gasp as Algernon pressed teasingly against his hardening erection. He closed his eyes again, succumbing to Algernon’s expert touches as the other worked his way expertly across his chest. Perceval wrapped his arms around Algernon’s neck, gasping again and moving slightly before biting his lip to stifle another small noise of pleasure.

Algernon teased Perceval's nipples with his teeth as he finished unbuttoning the blouse, pulling it off and casting it aside. He trailed his tongue down to Perceval's waist, pausing every so often to nip and suck at a spot he found particularly attractive. When he reached the waist of his knickers, however, he drew back, returning to Perceval's lips with another hard kiss. He pulled away after only a moment, bidding Perceval to be patient as he unbuttoned his own clothing and began to remove it. With all the frills and ruffles of the foreign outfit, it took a bit longer than he would have liked, but finally, he managed, and, with a final kiss, he scooped Perceval into his arms, crossing the room quickly and depositing him on the desk. Moving over him, Algernon kissed him again, pressing against him and relishing in the feeling.

Perceval was grateful for the move, but quite surprised by Algernon’s choice of location. He’d assumed they’d move to the sofa, and the wooden desk felt hard and unyielding beneath him. However, in his elation, Perceval came to the conclusion that there was a certain allure to the dark mahogany piece of furniture; it was almost as if they were situated on a platform, and he was both amused and thoroughly aroused by the prospect. Perceval eagerly arched up against Algernon to kiss back, running his hands over Algernon’s shoulders, and relishing the contact as thoughts of the desk beneath him vanished completely.

Pulling back slowly, Algernon smirked, pleased to see his face so beautifully flushed. He didn't allow himself much time to enjoy it, however, instead running his hands down Perceval's body to his waist, sliding his knickers lower on his hips but not touching the buttons, instead dragging his hands teasingly along Perceval's thighs, fingering him through his clothing lightly, unsubstantially, just enough to drive Perceval crazy. Waiting for the reaction with much anticipation, he murmured, "Do you like that, Percy? You have to let me know what you want."

Perceval bucked his hips up slightly, seeking more contact. He let out a low whine, opening his eyes to look pleadingly up at Algernon, and steadied his breath before answering in a pitiful voice, “Oh please…” He squirmed again, wriggling against Algernon’s hands, and pressing for a substantial touch, or any kind of mercy. He ached from all the teasing, and his sweat was making him stick slightly to the polished surface of the desk as he began to feel more and more desperate.

Algernon smirked, savoring the feeling of Perceval writhing beneath his fingers for a moment longer before pulling back for a second. "As you wish," he replied, fingering the buttons of Perceval's knickers briefly before pulling them all undone in one movement, removing the article of clothing and tossing it aside before leaning in and taking Perceval's erection fully into his mouth, running his tongue along it as he swallowed. He would have smirked if he could, but since he couldn't, he pulled back slightly before moving back in, hoping for a reaction.

Perceval cried out, his hands moving instantly to grip Algernon tightly. He tangled his fingers in Algernon’s hair, releasing it from its ribbon as he struggled to keep his reflexes in check. Perceval bit his lip hard enough to draw blood, and was struck by the way the feelings of pain and pure pleasure mingled together so seamlessly to overwhelm his senses.

Drawing back, Algernon gave a final teasing lick before standing to remove his own knickers, which were beginning to feel rather tight and uncomfortable. Having taken care of that, he leaned back over Perceval briefly to grind their hips together and press a kiss to his lips, noting how sweet Perceval's blood tasted in combination with it all. It piqued his interest, but he had other things to be getting to, and so he drew back once more, this time to rummage in the pocket of his previously-discarded jacket. Earlier, he had noticed something foreign in the pocket, and had discovered a small vial of oil. He got the feeling that Donavan had deposited it there for a reason, but that was purely speculation, and he was far from thinking of it at the moment.

As soon as he had found the vial, Algernon made his way back over to the desk, straddling Perceval once more as he removed the top from the vial and coated his fingers in the substance. Spreading Perceval's legs a little more to his convenience, he inserted one, then two fingers inside, stretching Perceval a bit before pressing farther, hoping to give him a bit of pleasure for the few moments of discomfort.

Gasping, Perceval willed himself to adjust to the stretch quickly, desperate to have Algernon inside him. Then, as Algernon hit a particularly simulative spot, Perceval’s hips jerked up again slightly and he squeezed his eyes shut, grasping in vain at the smooth surface of the desk below him. He wondered vaguely where Algernon had gotten the small vial Perceval was so grateful to have, but his mind seemed completely unable to process any sort of information whatsoever; all he could register was the amazingly pleasurable sensations of Algernon’s well practiced touches.

Pleased with Perceval's reaction, Algernon prodded the spot again before pulling out and reaching for the oil once more. Once he was sufficiently slicked, he lined himself up, hesitating only a moment to drink in the sight of Perceval all flushed and stretched out beneath him before pushing inside. The feeling was intoxicating, as always, and Algernon inhaled sharply, forcing himself to move slowly. He waited a moment for Perceval to adjust before pulling out and thrusting back in, only a little faster than before, hoping to drive Perceval crazy.

Perceval cried out at the initial penetration, curling his toes and arching up into Algernon’s thrust, trying in vain to get Algernon deeper still. He was moving so slowly it was almost intolerable, and feeling the need to vocalize some small complaint, Perceval opened an eye with some difficulty, letting out a shaky breath as he tried to voice what he wanted. “Algernon…!” he whined desperately, closing his eyes again and shutting them tightly once again. The pleasure was threatening to overwhelm him completely, and all he could manage was a somewhat feeble, “Please…” gasping and tightening his grip on Algernon’s wrist, hoping that he would understand what he wanted.

Algernon smirked, unable to resist after that pitiful plea. Grasping Perceval's legs and lifting them over his shoulders, he began to speed up, thrusting harder, faster, deeper, bending Perceval over. "Is that better, Percy? Do you like that?" he murmured, but even so, he knew he was losing control over himself. The feeling was just so amazing, Perceval was so hot and tight and perfect, it was overwhelming. He could feel himself slipping, he was speeding up his pace further and his breath was getting ragged, and he couldn't bring himself to care. Perceval was just a league of his own, and Algernon would never stop being grateful that he was his.

Perceval exclaimed his affirmation with a cry of elation, allowing himself to be bent forward and slamming his hips up to meet each Algernon’s strokes. The pleasure was euphoric, but his own erection ached painfully, and he prayed Algernon would see fit to indulge him; he’d lost all ability of coherent speech to ecstasy, and, mewling and gasping, he sucked at his bleeding lip, once again opening his eyes and looking pleadingly into Algernon’s, begging for attention.

The look on Perceval's face gave Algernon a rush, and he smirked. "Since you asked so nicely..." He let a hand wander to wrap around Perceval's erection, fingering teasingly for a moment before moving in time with his thrusts. Leaning forward, he bent Perceval farther, allowing him to penetrate even deeper, and pressed a brief kiss to his lips. Licking at the open cut, he pulled back slightly, unable to keep from speeding up again, increasing the pace of his hand to match.

Perceval cried out unrestrainedly as he felt Algernon’s hand on him at last, and he gasped for breath, bucking up into Algernon’s hand and pressing against him urgently, his cries growing louder. Swallowing hard, he relished the speed of the new pace as Algernon penetrated deeper and Perceval lost all semblance of control, a wave of pleasure engulfing his senses. With a strangled cry and Algernon’s name on his lips, Perceval arched up against him and came, gasping at the feeling of pure ecstasy.

Algernon watched, pleased, as Perceval came beneath him, gasping when he felt Perceval's muscles clench around him. With a final thrust, he allowed himself to come as well, spilling his seed deep inside Perceval, giving him a moment to adjust before pulling out and arranging himself to lay flat on top of him. Recovering quickly, he brushed the stray hairs out of Perceval's face and caressed his face softly, pressing a light kiss to his lips. "You're mine," he murmured contentedly, "I love you, and you're mine." He licked at the now-scabbing lip, then kissed Perceval again, suddenly filled with relief and happiness that Perceval was indeed his.

“I want to always be yours,” Perceval murmured breathily, kissing Algernon back fervidly and wrapping his arms around him tenderly. “Algernon…” he sighed, looking into Algernon’s eyes devotedly when they pulled apart again. “I love you…no matter what. Please don’t ever leave me…”

Algernon smiled back warmly, tracing a hand down Perceval's cheek lovingly. "Never," he assured, pressing another brief kiss to his lips. "You're mine forever, Percy, and I'll never, ever let you go."
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