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Algernon and Percy's Anniversary!

This is out of timeline, but we did it anyway. ^^;;

[EDIT] This has now been put in timeline. Yay. :D;; It happens between chapters 19 and 20.

Chapter: 19.5: Algernon and Perceval's anniversary
Claimer: Ours. X3
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi and buttsex and whatnot. Probably some language. ^^;;

Algernon glanced at the small clock that sat on his desk, anxiously strumming his fingers on the jeweler's box that rested on his desk. He was anxious to see Perceval, because today was a very important day; important enough to warrant leaving work early, to warrant gifts and flowers and the whole nine yards. Today was one of the most important days of the year, and out of all the other days a year ago, two years ago, next year, this year was the most important. Today was his and Perceval's anniversary—their ten year anniversary, to be exact, and he wanted to make everything perfect. But he couldn't do anything until Perceval arrived, and so he waited, a half-smile lingering on his lips as he remembered the 'todays' of years past.

Perceval spared little time for primping that day—he was simply too excited to see Algernon to stand outside his door for very long. The main thing he adjusted and readjusted multiple times was the emerald broach that Algernon had given him ten years ago. The crack was still clearly visible, but Perceval treasured it all the more dearly for it, and held it for a moment longer, reflecting on the past ten years before reaching for the door and stepping inside, bowing deeply. “Happy anniversary, sir.” Perceval chimed, straightening with a smile of serene pleasure and making his way to Algernon’s desk, his hand unconsciously checking his pocket for the small ornate box he’d slipped inside that morning.

Algernon rose when Perceval entered the room, smiling warmly. "Happy anniversary, Percy," he replied, pulling Perceval into his arms and placing a soft kiss on his lips. He pulled back slightly, looking into Perceval's eyes. "Ten years ago today...to think it was that long ago that I came to possess the most wonderful, lovely thing in the world..." He kissed Perceval again lightly on the cheek; for today, he'd leave Perceval in all of his perfection, just like all those years ago. Running a hand lightly along the side of his face, caressing his cheek, Algernon pulled back to retrieve from his desk the large bouquet of roses he had waiting. "For you," he addressed charmingly, then, with an apologetic note, "It's just so difficult for me to find something to match your loveliness...I do hope these will do."

Perceval accepted the bouquet, closing his eyes to enjoy the sweet sent before gazing back at Algernon. “No, they’re beautiful,” he cooed, “Thank you.” So far, Algernon had given him a bouquet of flowers every day for the past week, following the same pattern he had years before—ever to Perceval’s nostalgic delight—and each preceding set of flowers had been even more lovely than the first. The roses and all that they signified were no exception, and Perceval held them with gentle fondness. In addition to the series of flowers, Perceval had had decidedly less cuts and bruises than usual. As much as Perceval enjoyed it when Algernon hurt him, the tenderness he had expressed recently touched Perceval, and made him giddy with love and adoration. Everything leading up to today had been absolutely perfect, and Perceval couldn’t wait for what was to come. An evening at Algernon’s, just like before, and Perceval couldn’t repress the soft smile of anticipation as he leaned against Algernon with a sigh of supreme happiness.

Algernon pressed another kiss to Perceval's cheek, wrapping his arms around his waist. "I'm so glad you like them," he murmured, enjoying how adorable Perceval was. Even in the ten years that had gone by, Algernon couldn't get over how, beyond his beauty, his grace, his loveliness, Perceval was just adorable. He let himself bask in the knowledge that Perceval was his for another moment before pulling away, quickly pocketing the jewelry box and putting away some things before returning to Perceval's side, offering his arm. "Shall we, then, Percy?" he asked with a smile.

“Oh yes, please,” Perceval smiled brightly, excepting Algernon’s arm and allowing himself to be lead from the room, holding the flowers and not caring if passersby noticed his bubbly mood and they way he clung to Algernon so entirely. This was their special day, after all, and Perceval would allow nothing, not even the possibility of rumors, to dampen his spirits or keep him from expressing his delight.

Algernon led Perceval to his automobile, touched by how excited and happy he seemed. Opening the passenger door for Perceval and closing it behind him, he climbed into the driver's side and pulled away from the building. It was so odd to be leaving when it was light out, and it made Algernon almost excited for the evening, filled him with anticipation. The drive felt like ages, but finally, they reached his home, as small and unnoticeable as it had been ten years ago. The same servant held the door for them as they entered, brought water and a vase for Perceval's flowers, and they were led to the same sitting room to wait until dinner was prepared. Algernon offered Perceval the same seat before sitting beside him, and it almost felt as if they had gone back ten years in time. But then Algernon noticed the broach at Perceval's collar, and the large crack that spanned the length of it. He smiled softly, fingering it, remembering. "You're still wearing this thing?" he asked rhetorically with a half-laugh. "It does match your eyes so well... such a shame it got broken."

“Of course,” Perceval smiled softly, the faintest sign of regret shining in his eyes as he wished for the billionth time he could change what he’d done to one of his most treasured possessions, “if I could, I’d never take it off.” He nodded earnestly, and reached up to touch the jewelry as well, brushing against Algernon’s hand with a shiver of pleasure. “It’s my favorite,” Perceval added, fancying that Algernon was sure to appreciate the aspect of ruined perfection it brought to his otherwise perfectly ordinary uniformed outfit.

Algernon smiled warmly, touched that even after all these years, Perceval still treasured the gift. The expression melted into a smirk, however, when he felt Perceval shiver against him, and took Perceval's hand in his, nipping, then kissing at his ear. "I'm so glad to hear it...it does still look quite lovely on you..." he murmured, kissing Perceval again on the cheek.

Perceval sighed, letting his eyes flutter shut as he relaxed into Algernon’s arms, reminiscing about the first time they’d sat together on this very sofa and waited for dinner. Little had changed in Algernon’s house, and his humble staff of servants remained entirely the same. It gave Perceval a sense of supreme comfort to relive a scene so familiar, and yet he was excited by the new twist he was certain Algernon would put on the whole occasion. After all, it had been ten years, and even though the house had changed little, they themselves were quite different.

Algernon’s servant informed them that dinner had been served, and Perceval gladly followed Algernon into the dining room, taking his seat at the opposite side of the table and admiring the spread. A large casserole had been prepared, and the dish sat next to a display of fruits that had been carefully arranged to accentuate the color and over all presentation of the meal as a whole. The rest of the feast consisted of sweet meets, breads, and a soup, and the main dish was of course a beautiful roast suckling sirloin pig, which had been prepared, marinated, and seasoned exactly as Perceval remembered all those years ago. It was truly a delightful gesture on Algernon’s part, to arrange for each detail of their first night together to be replicated now, and even as he enjoyed the exquisite feast, Perceval couldn’t help but look forward to what he knew would come later that night.

Algernon watched Perceval serve himself first across the long table, and, after serving himself, watched to see his reaction. He had made sure everything was prepared exactly as it was ten years ago, and he hoped that Perceval still found it as enjoyable as he had then. After Perceval had daintily taken his first bites, Algernon smiled and asked, "I do so hope everything suits your tastes, Percy? I had it all prepared, of course, with you in mind."

Perceval smiled and dabbed at his lips with a napkin. “Thank you, it’s exquisite,” Perceval said happily, “perhaps even better than I remembered.” And that was saying a lot; Perceval had looked back on the dinner of ten years ago with the most esteemed fondness, and had always treasured it as his favorite meal to-date. “Everything tastes special when I get to dine with you,” he added, dreamily.

Algernon smiled, happy to have made Perceval happy. He really was quite adorable when nostalgic, and it made Algernon smile just to watch him. Dinner passed by quickly in a dreamy-transcending-time sort of manner, and soon, the dinner things were cleared away and Algernon had dessert brought out, which was, of course, Perceval's favourite pastries, laid out on a large tray in an extravagant display. Algernon had the plate set before Perceval, urging him to try one with a smile.

At Algernon’s bidding, Perceval wasted no time in selecting a lovely jam tart and cutting away a miniscule piece to sample the heavenly dessert. Daintily, he lifted his fork to his mouth and allowed his eyes to slid shut as he carefully sampled the sweet, enjoying each aspect of flavor and texture with the care of a connoisseur. He then carefully licked his fork and opened his eyes half lid to gaze amorously at Algernon. “Devine,” he breathed simply, letting his sultry expression speak for itself.

"Wonderful," Algernon replied with a smile, but he shifted uncomfortably in his chair, crossing his legs. The feeling that Perceval's expression was giving him was rather unfortunate at the time, but Algernon could handle it, until after gifts, anyway, and he was glad to see Perceval enjoying himself.

Once desert was finished, Algernon led Perceval to the sitting room off of his bedroom, offering him a seat on the sofa before sitting beside him. Pressing a kiss to his cheek, Algernon moved to whisper in his ear. "I do so hope everything so far has been satisfactory?"

“Oh yes,” Perceval cooed, leaning against Algernon’s shoulder with a little sigh of delight and looking up into his eyes lovingly. “It’s all been so perfect…” he added, carefully slipping a hand in to his jacket pocket. After a minute’s pause, he began again, slightly hesitant, not sure if now was an appropriate time. “Algernon,” he said softly, extracting the little ornate box and holding it out to him, “I’d like to give you something.” He blushed slightly and sat up, smiling in anticipation.

Algernon accepted the box, placing a kiss on Perceval's cheek with a smile. "Thank you," he said softly, turning the box over in his hands before opening it. Inside, he found a pair of rings, unadorned platinum bands, reminiscent of wedding rings. Algernon found himself speechless, and a warm feeling bubbled inside of him. A smile broke onto his lips, and he looked up at Perceval. "Thank you," he finally managed, his voice soft. Coming back to himself, he took the larger of the two rings and slid it onto his own finger, admiring the way it shone in the light, before lifting the other carefully from the box. Taking Perceval's slender hand in his own, he pressed a kiss to it. "May I have the pleasure?" he asked, poised with the ring.

Perceval nodded, effervescent with glee and excitement, too delighted to speak. At last, they both had something to wear to signify all that they’d been through, and especially, Perceval hoped, all that awaited them in the future. The simple bands, he thought, would be the most convenient because they could always wear them and not worry about other people making the connection. And Perceval, for one, would never take his off. As Algernon slipped the ring over his finger, Perceval felt himself melt with delight and appreciation. Algernon was rarely quite so sweet, and so it was the times like these that always stood out in his mind and that Perceval treasured especially.

Kissing Perceval's hand again, Algernon admired the ring on his finger before letting it go. "What a lovely thought," he complemented, glancing back to his own left ring finger. "I'll never part with it." He smiled back up at Perceval, pulling him close and pressing tender kiss to his lips before drawing back slightly to remove the box from his own pocket and place it in Perceval's hand. "And for you, my dear," he said with a smile, anticipating Perceval's reaction and hoping he would like his gift.

Perceval grinned, excitement shining in his eyes as he accepted the box, curiosity welling up inside of him. He opened it slowly, gently pushing aside the tissue paper. Spellbound, Perceval didn’t speak for a few seconds before looking up at Algernon, somehow tearing his eyes away from the ornate golden broach with a multifaceted emerald gem set in the center. “Algernon,” he breathed, blinking back down at the thing of beauty in his hands. It was just like the broach he now wore, only even more spectacular and still in perfect condition. Slowly, Perceval lifted it from its box and held it so the circular stone caught and refracted the light as he gazed at it with wonder. “It’s so beautiful.” Perceval cooed, a smile once again curling over his lips. Though the one he had now would always remain a precious memory, Perceval knew that the undamaged piece would quickly become a permanent part of his everyday dress. “Thank you so much!” he exclaimed, slipping his arms around Algernon happily.

Algernon smiled softly at Perceval's delight. He was always surprised at the unbelievable amount of happiness he could derive from Perceval's, and he pressed a loving kiss to Perceval's cheek. "Anything for you, Percy. I'd do anything to make you smile." He kissed Perceval again on the lips, once softly, then again, deepening the kiss, pulling Perceval closer in his arms. Shifting slightly, he pressed Perceval up against the arm of the sofa, leaning in over him before breaking the kiss slowly. Angling Perceval's head slightly, he pressed a kiss to his jaw before whispering into his ear. "I'd do anything for you, Percy. I love you."

Perceval melted beneath Algernon’s touches, shivering at what he knew to be the start of the contact he’d longed for all evening, and tightening his fingers around the broach. He whined lightly under his breath when Algernon broke the kiss, but Algernon’s next words caused Perceval’s mind to come back into focus immediately. Perceval was both surprised and overjoyed to hear those three words, and he lifted his head slowly, smiling again with rapture as he looked into Algernon’s eyes. “I love you too,” he spoke softly, but his tone was ardent, and his eyes shone with devotion, “Algernon, I always want to be with you, and do everything I can for you. You mean everything to me…” he swallowed and slipped his fingers into Algernon’s hair gently, reiterating with an adoring smile, “I love you so much.”

Gazing back into Perceval's eyes, gleaming with devotion, Algernon couldn't help but smile. "I'm so lucky you're mine," he replied softly, leaning in to kiss lightly along Perceval's neck and jaw before returning to his lips. He kissed him fervently, letting his hands run along Perceval's body, looking forward to removing the layers of clothing... But now, as he broke the kiss for air, he looked over Perceval, spread out in a most lovely manner beneath him, and smirked. "My most beloved, prized possession...I'm so lucky that you're mine." Leaning in once more, he kissed Perceval again, this time more feverishly, more passionately. His hands moved to Perceval's collar, unbuttoning with practiced dexterity as he was absorbed in proving just how Perceval belonged to him.

Perceval’s hands deftly untied the bow that held back Algernon’s hair, and cast it aside, savoring the silky texture and smell of the golden locks as he wound his fingers through them. Arching up against Algernon slightly, he mewled his excitement into the kiss, begging Algernon to continue. He felt Algernon’s fingers skim lightly over his chest as Algernon worked his way down unbuttoning his shirt, and longed for more tangible contact. And despite Algernon’s recent, tenderer approach, Perceval prayed he wouldn’t hold himself back; he craved the prickling sensation of the pain, and coveted the marks that proved his belonging.

Having finished with his vest, Algernon moved on to Perceval's blouse, his fingers quickly pulling apart each button as he worked his way down. He could feel Perceval squirming beneath him, and when, at long last, he finished unbuttoning the shirt, he broke away momentarily to smirk, pulling Perceval up slightly so as to pull away the cumulative layers of clothing before leaning back in, kissing and nipping at Perceval's neck. As he moved lower to the newly-revealed skin, pleased with the red marks already forming, he moved to begin with his own vest, shrugging away his jacket. He himself was beginning to feel impatient; though the day was a sentimental one, it certainly didn't make Algernon want Perceval any less.

Perceval shrugged off his jacket and vest eagerly, tilting his head back with little noises of delight as Algernon moved over his neck and down his chest, exactly as Perceval had hoped he would. When Algernon pulled back, Perceval lifted his head and opened his eyes, biting his lip to keep from whimpering his disappointment at being momentarily left. Still, Perceval was pleased to see that Algernon seemed to be moving as if in a hurry, and smiled smugly with the satisfaction of knowing it wouldn’t be much longer.

Algernon managed to remove his vest and shirt in record time and tossed the articles of clothing aside, leaning back in to press another kiss to Perceval's lips, reveling in the feeling of the skin contact. Still, Perceval had been rather quiet, as a whole, and Algernon felt that was practically an invitation to torture him. Moving lower, Algernon trailed his tongue down Perceval's neck and chest, licking with light, insubstantial flicks, just enough to drive Perceval insane. His hands wandered lower, grazing against Perceval through his knickers before moving to the waistband, sliding it slightly lower but making no move to remove it. Algernon knew it would only be a matter of time before Perceval would break down, and he anticipated the moment with excitement.

Perceval gasped, his skin burning, the teasing making him desperate for more, and he bucked his hips up unconsciously at the slight contact, squeezing his eyes shut and fisting his hands as he became even more painfully aware of his aching dick. Then, as Algernon began sliding down his knickers in a torturously slow manner, Perceval gave in, letting out a small pathetic whine, and begging Algernon to remove the restrictive garment. Squirming feverishly, Perceval opened his eyes and looked at Algernon pleadingly, whimpering lightly to convey his pressing needs, and praying that Algernon would be satisfied by the state of urgency and need he’d been worked into.

Algernon smirked, satisfied, and carefully gathered Perceval into his arms, moving towards the bed and depositing him there. He quickly removed his own knickers and tossed them aside before climbing over him, fingering at the buttons of the remaining garment. He only teased a moment longer, however, before pulling the buttons undone and ridding Perceval of the clothing in one movement. He pressed back up against Perceval, grinding their hips together briefly before placing a kiss on Perceval's lips and drawing back to look into his eyes with a smirk. "Is there something that you want? You must let me know, Percy.”

Perceval was surprised when Algernon picked him up and moved him onto the bed, but not at all displeased. Even in his state of distress and desperation, he couldn’t help but appreciate the simple gesture of sweetness the bed provided, and found the domestic contrast of the bed with Algernon’s desk to be, ironically, arousing. He whined a little, beyond self-restraint, when Algernon didn’t return to him right away, and even louder when Algernon teased him. When at last Algernon relieved him of his knickers, he moaned and pressed up against Algernon eagerly, voicing his appreciation in more soft gasps of pleasure. Still, he should have known Algernon wouldn’t yet be satisfied, and breathing in short breaths, Perceval opened his eyes slowly, swallowing hard and trying to appeal to Algernon’s sympathy. “Algernon…please,” he started, “please fuck me,” he breathed, shutting his eyes again and gripping Algernon’s arm pitifully.

"As you wish," Algernon murmured in reply, smirk growing on his face. Pressing a final kiss to Perceval's cheek, he moved to the night stand, retrieving a small bottle of lotion, before returning to position himself between Perceval's legs. Emptying a little of the contents of the bottle onto his fingers, Algernon pressed one, then two inside, stretching Perceval for a few moments before pressing farther, looking for the spot that would reward Perceval for his wait, and reward him with a reaction.

Perceval inhaled sharply with the initial stretch, but he knew the pain heralded what promised to be the most fantastic sensation imaginable, and Algernon didn’t make him wait long. Perceval gasped and cried out, squirming in his elation, and grabbed at the sheets to keep himself steady, knowing that still more was to come.

Algernon smirked at Perceval's reaction, pressing his fingers a little bit farther before withdrawing them. Reaching for the lotion again, he applied it liberally to his length before grasping Perceval's legs, spreading them a little farther and lining himself up before thrusting in without hesitation. After the initial sudden movement, however, he hesitated a moment, letting Perceval adjust, before slowly withdrawing and thrusting in again. Algernon squeezed his eyes shut and exhaled slowly; Perceval was still as hot and tight as ten years ago, and Algernon had to consciously remember to keep himself in control. Still, he managed, and, as he moved again, still sickeningly slowly, he noted the strange difference in the material beneath them. The bed felt novel—after all, it must have been, what, three or four years since he had fucked Perceval in a bed, since they had actually slept together? It wasn't a bad feeling, though; Algernon didn't mind it, and he knew Perceval was pleased by it. Pleasing Perceval was always a priority, and he smirked, leaning over to press a kiss to his cheek. "How do you like that, Percy?" he whispered, not speeding up and tracing a hand teasingly along Perceval's erection.

Perceval nodded weakly, and looked at Algernon through his lashes, his face a mixture of pain and pleasure as he struggled to stifle his soft whimpering. “Faster…” he gasped, “Algernon…” Perceval knew he couldn’t take the much more teasing; Algernon had already worked him into such a state of urgency that he couldn’t bare to wait with patience as Algernon toyed with him. Gulping hard, he moved a hand quickly to Algernon’s, forcing him to acknowledge his ache. Closing his eyes again tightly, Perceval let out a little noise of relief, and could only pray Algernon would see fit to pick up his pace.

Algernon withdrew his hand from Perceval's, shaking his head and touching Perceval lightly on the nose. "Now, now, Percy, mustn't be impatient. Ask nicely and you'll get what you want." Still, he knew he had been excessively demanding, and decided Perceval deserved to be indulged. Grasping Perceval's legs and placing them over his own shoulders, he bent Perceval back, adjusting his angle and increasing his speed, quickly moving faster, harder, penetrating deeper. The sensation was immensely pleasurable, but Algernon kept control of himself, smirking down at Perceval as he once more wrapped a hand around Perceval's erection, this time stroking in time to his thrusts. "Is that better, Percy?" he cooed softly into his ear, "You must let me know."

“Yes,” Perceval practically wept with gratitude and cried out his pleasure. His vocalizations grew substantially louder as Algernon began to move faster, and he tightened his grip on Algernon, gasping with the increased speed and penetration, eagerly allowing Algernon to bend him as far as he could go. Feeling Algernon’s hand on him at last, Perceval moaned his delight, bucking up in to Algernon’s hand and arching to meet his thrusts eagerly.

Algernon bent Perceval almost completely in half, his nails digging into Perceval's thighs and bringing blood to the surface. He continued to increase his pace, almost overwhelmed himself by the amazing feeling that always came from being inside Perceval. Seeing Perceval all flushed and writhing beneath him in pleasure, hearing him cry out so unrestrainedly gave him such a rush of power that he couldn't help himself; he slammed into Perceval without restraint, leaning forward to kiss, then nip at his lips, the taste of the sweet blood only adding to his pleasure.

Perceval cried out loudly, the rush of pain and pleasure swirling together, and Algernon’s sudden abrupt speed all combined in to the single feeling of absolute euphoria. Perceval felt himself loose all semblance of control, and with a strangled cry and Algernon’s name on his lips, he came, overwhelmed with pure ecstasy. Algernon’s lips against his own silenced him quickly, and Perceval kissed back, mewling and tasting his own blood as he slipped his arms around Algernon, relaxing against him in a state of bliss.

Algernon smirked, watching in delight as Perceval came beneath him, inhaling sharply at the feeling of Perceval's muscles clenching around him. Having achieved what he was waiting for, with a final hard thrust, he came deep inside Perceval, gasping lightly in pleasure. Waiting briefly for his vision to return, he rearranged himself to lay on top of Perceval, kissing him softly and tasting the drying blood. "Happy anniversary," he whispered, nibbling at Perceval's ear. "I do so hope it's been satisfactory thus far."

Perceval blinked slowly up at Algernon, a soft simile sliding over his features as he nodded slightly. “Yes, of course!” Perceval sighed dreamily, hugging Algernon a little closer. “Amazing,” he breathed. Perceval didn’t think they were finished yet, and he couldn’t wait for round two, but just being with Algernon like this was equally special, if not more so because of how rarely they could enjoy each other’s embrace undisturbed by the requirements of work. Right now, everything was perfect, and Perceval felt quite thoroughly in heaven.

Algernon's expression softened, and he kissed Perceval again, more tenderly. "I'm so glad," he murmured, pressing kisses along Perceval's neck affectionately, "Because I love you." He had said it twice, now, in one day, which was quite against his standards, but it was a special occasion, after all, and he was feeling rather amorous. He knew Perceval deserved a break before starting up again, and for once, the opportunity to be a little sweet didn't seem like such a bad idea. After all, no matter what, he was always grateful, always glad to know that he would always have Perceval. "I'm so lucky you're mine."
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