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The mid-18 chapter

So, this happens mid-18. We couldn't put it in because of the rating and whatnot, so here it is, in all its porny glory. XD;;

Chapter: Mid-18 section; Julian's second visit to the prostitutes
Claimer: Our hookers X3
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi sex, prostitution

Julian stepped out of his automobile and walked with an extra convection in his stride to the guard who stood in the doorway of the old house where the former Berceuse Malheureuse-employed prostitutes were now housed. “I’m here for a meeting with a witness to my case.” Julian said determinedly. Six times already he’d almost backed down, but each time his apparent need to see Nicephore drove him forward. He would not turn back now, and he spoke brusquely with determination. “I made an appointment yesterday.” Julian said firmly, crossing his arms.

The guard looked over him for a moment, and then asked, “Are you Captain Kaiser?” Julian nodded simply, and the guard seemed satisfied because he stepped aside and allowed Julian to enter the building without any further questions. Once inside, Julian began yet again to have doubts. He knew it was important to help Nicephore prepare for the trial and be ready for all the questions a judge or jury were sure to ask, but he was worried about seeing him alone…about spending time with him with no one else around… After all, Nicephore was what he was, and there was no telling what he might do! Prostitution is a dirty, lowlife industry, Julian kept telling himself, and surely boys like the lovely blond were always looking to seduce a customer. Aside from twisted villains like D’Aubigne, they must not have too much business, right? And Julian didn’t want to fall pray to his seductions. Or did he? Julian wasn’t sure, and that was exactly why he was so nervous and indecisive. But he’d made it so far already; he knew he had to continue.

Nicephore waited silently in the front hall of the mansion in which he and his colleagues were currently living. It was nearly time for his arranged meeting with Captain Kaiser, and though he was eager to help, he was a little worried. For one thing, he had temporarily entrusted Dorin to the care of two of the older girls, and he was slightly worried that he might need something. Mostly however, he was nervous about the Captain. He had seemed to be rather uncomfortable in general with dealing with people of their profession, and though Nicephore supposed that might be the case with some overly-moral people, it made him uncomfortable to see the other so awkward. Still, it wasn't like they would be meeting for very long, and he wasn't terribly concerned.

When he saw the Captain enter the hall, he rose quickly, nodding to the older man. "Good afternoon," he greeted formally, completely used to being formal and polite, "If you don't mind, I have a room where we can meet so that we won't disrupt the others. Would that be all right?"

“Oh, of course!” Julian stammered, blushing. Already, the boy was making his move by securing a private room. Julian gulped, but smiled brightly in spite of his nerves. “It’s..uhh…nice to see you again.” It really was. Lately, Nicephore had been occupying the idle time of thought Julian usually devoted only to Niles, and seeing the young blond again in person was really much better—unless it made his daydreams more frequent—which would be bad. Perhaps he could just get it all out of his system now? He would have to. “Led the way.” Julian said awkwardly, wringing his hands.

Nicephore nodded, glancing back at the officer once more before walking up the stairs and down the hall to a spare bedroom that none of the girls were using (they were used to sharing living quarters; the girls were all sharing rooms in sets of two, and he, of course, was rooming with Dorin) and opened the door, holding it for the Captain. He had made sure beforehand that it wasn't too dusty or moldy or anything, and had tidied a bit, so that the Captain wouldn't think that, just because they had been forced to work in an unfortunate setting, it didn't mean they were slobs. Once the Captain had entered, he followed, closing the door behind them, and took a seat on the opposite side of the table as the Captain. Crossing his legs and his hands in his lap, he nodded. "Thank you for agreeing to meet me, sir. What is there that I need to know?"

Julian smiled, noting the boy’s posture and delicate phrasing. His adorable formalities reminded him of Niles when they’d first met; Nicephore really was charmingly similar to Niles. “Yes,” Julian began quickly so as to avoid wordless observation, and opened a folder of papers. “I’ve decided the order in which the trial shall proceed. I myself will testify to what I saw, and repeat to the best of my abilities what it is that Helene said on that night. Afterward, the prosecution and Officers serving as the jury will ask questions.” Julian paused, passing a sheet with some basic information on everyone involved in the trial from Dragomir to the judges, just incase Nicephore should be interested. “I had planed for you to watch my example; but the key thing is to be honest and retell what happened with as many details as you can. Dates, times, names, everything you can remember.” Julian smiled slightly, knowing it was surely a lot of information and quite a bit of stress for someone so young, but he’d seen in Nicephore strength of character and moral dignity, and he had great confidence in him. “Do you have any questions so far?”

Looking down at the paper in front of him, covered in meaningless characters, Nicephore hesitated. He didn't want to seem like an unfit witness or anything of the sort, but on the other hand, he didn't want to miss any of the crucial information. After a moments pause he said softly, "Sir...I apologize... I can't read. If you'll give me a brief summary... I'm sorry for the inconvenience..." He hesitated again, then added quickly, "But everything else is very clear, and I understand." At least then he wouldn't seem entirely unintelligent.

“Y-you can’t read?” Julian asked, starting forward in a state of slight shock. His lip quivered and he gripped the edge of the table tightly, blinking at Nicephore. He was certainly not like Niles in the slightest. Far too uneducated—illiterate, like the oaf Dragomir. But, at least he was honest about it…and really, the poor boy had a perfectly reasonable excuse for not knowing. On the streets, Julian imagined, there was simply no need for literature, and as much as it pained Julian to think, not everyone could be quite as devoted to language as himself and Niles, who was of course, of infinite qualities. Julian released the edge of the table, exhaling slowly, and felt a wave of pity replace his initial astonishment. Poor Nicephore! To be deprived of the beauty of the written word, it was just so tragic! ”That’s…that’s quite alright.” Julian managed at last, smiling. “Presiding over the court will be Brigadier General Rousseau. I don’t really understand his motives at all…he’s convicted everyone he’s every tried, and seems to delight in giving them harsh sentences, but during the trial he’s always very pleasant, kind, and understanding. You needn’t worry about him…the person we’re most concerned about is Colonel Lawley.” Julian shuddered at the name, recalling the threat on his life, before continuing. “He may give you a hard time, but be strong and don’t stray from your story, whatever any of them say to you.”

Nicephore nodded, taking in the information, glad that the Captain was understanding. "I'll do my best, sir," he replied steadily; though he was worried about the possible repercussions, the Captain had promised to protect everyone, and as long as Dorin was safe, nothing else really mattered. "What else should I know?" He looked across the table at the officer, wondering what he was thinking. He was behaving rather strangely...but then again, he had behaved rather in the same fashion before, so Nicephore tried to ignore it.

Julian thought for a moment, but he wasn’t thinking about a trial. He was distracted, suddenly, by the fact that Nicephore wasn’t wearing anything under his vest. After a moment’s time, he realized what he was doing, and Julian looked away so quickly that he hurt his neck, and had to sit back in his chair. Clearing his throat, he sat up again slowly and looked pointedly at the table. “Well…about procedures…Do you have some other clothes you can borrow?” Quickly, he amended his question. “Not that there’s anything especially required, or that anything’s wrong with what you have on now, but-!” Julian wrung his hands embarrassedly, having only succeeded in making things quite worse than they had been before. “Yes, that aside,” he cleared his throat abruptly, ignoring what he’d just said as he continued by going over the basic layout of the courtroom, instructing Nicephore in where to sit and when to speak, hoping the boy would forget his previous question that had been so entirely out of line.

Though he paid close attention to what the Captain was telling him, Nicephore couldn't help the blush that had spread over his face at the previous question. He was completely used to the aspects of his profession, but the Captain just seemed so uncomfortable and awkward that it made Nicephore feel embarrassed, too. Still, he didn't seem like he wanted to discuss it, so Nicephore kept quiet, instead paying close attention to the instructions, making sure to commit them to memory. "I understand," he confirmed when the Captain had finished, nodding. "Is there anything else?"
Julian shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Technically, that was everything, but…things really hadn’t gone the way he’d imagined, perhaps the way he’d hoped, at all. All this time, they’d been alone, in a bedroom, even, and Nicephore had been nothing but sweet, civil, and completely…unbusiness-like. Julian bit his lip. It really wasn’t how it was supposed to go! He slipped a hand into his jacket pocket and tightened his fingers around the small wad of cash he’d “just happened” to have brought and looked down at the table, locked in a heated internal debate. “Well…there is…” Julian said prematurely, for the other side then triumphed, and he stiffened, blushing and thoroughly embarrassed. “No! Not at all! Nothing else! What else could there possibly be? Nothing.” He laughed nervously, feeling like an idiot, and knowing he looked like one, and thought about standing and excusing himself for other business, but didn’t.

Nicephore blinked, thoroughly confused. The Captain was definitely keeping something from him, and it worried him slightly, in addition to being disturbed by the officer's behaviour. "There's...nothing else, sir? Really, whatever it is, you can tell me. I want to be as helpful as possible." He offered a small smile, hoping to make the other feel more at ease.

Julian wrung his hands until his knuckles turned white, unable to bring himself to say anything, for fear that he should say something he didn’t mean, or else that he might even say what he did mean, what he really did want. Because…he was already feeling guilty for what he thought he might soon do, if he didn’t leave, but he knew he couldn’t do that either. Julian didn’t know what to do, and Nicephore’s enticing smile certainly wasn’t helping. He didn’t know what to say, how to say it, or even if he really wanted to say anything, because he certainly didn’t want to do anything! No. Julian knew he’d been charmed by the Nicephore’s wiles, that was all. And now, the only way to undo the spell was to give into it. Yes, that was all he could do, so he’d do it, and get it over with. Right away. But how? He didn’t know. “Um…can you?...Uhh…” Julian felt himself flush and shifted his weight uncomfortably, looking down. With a deep breath, he resolved himself at last and extracted the bills from his pocket. “Here.” He grunted finally, sliding them across the table. He gulped, and clenched his fists, refusing to say more. That would surely convey his message, and his dignity wouldn’t allow him to elaborate.

"...excuse me?" Nicephore asked, completely lost as the Captain began a request and then cut himself off. He was beyond confused now, the Captain's words and actions were making absolutely no sense to him. And then, in an instant, the Captain placed the money on the table, and everything made sense. Now Nicephore was more than slightly embarrassed at the whole situation (was he even allowed to work while in the military's protection? But then again, this was a military officer...), but work was work, and he couldn't turn down the money. Besides, the Captain seemed like a kind, good man; after all, he was going to such lengths to help a friend, and of all people, Nicephore wouldn't mind him.

"...Oh," he finally managed, realizing he had been silent for a moment. "Yes, of course, sir." He nodded before rising, carefully pushing in his chair before moving to the door and locking it shut. When he turned back to the Captain, he still had yet to move, so he supposed he ought to play it safe. "What would you like, sir...?"

That was just the problem; Julian had no idea. “I…don’t want anything too fancy…” he began stupidly, blushing, looking down, and feeling quite embarrassed. He knew Nicephore probably thought him to be such a fool, but really he was at a loss for what to say or what to do. Never before had Julian been in such a situation before; he’d read plenty, of course, but suddenly he could recall nothing, and he didn’t think it would do him much good even if he could. This was the real world—he was not with his true love; he was paying a prostitute because it was all he could do, and now he worried he wouldn’t be able to manage even that. He felt horrible, but all the same, his heart was hammering in his chest with anticipation. Julian gulped and got to his feet abruptly, fidgeting and still blushing. He would have to follow Nicephore’s lead, at least at first. He didn’t know the procedure, but he hoped he could catch on.

Nicephore was somewhat flabbergasted at the situation; despite asking for it, paying for it, even, the Captain seemed genuinely lost and embarrassed at the prospect of using a prostitute. Nicephore had heard stories from the girls about situations like it, but he himself had never experienced it first-hand, and he found it all-together awkward. Still, it was his job to please, and he had to find a way to do it. Getting into his submissive mindset, he took a step towards the Captain.

"Technically, sir... I'm yours for the night." He offered a small smile, blushing slightly still from the embarrassment at such a strange situation. "Would you like me to undress for you...?" He fingered at his cravat, then, remembering that he had been unprepared for this, reached carefully to the nape of his neck and pulled out his ribbon, letting his hair fall down around his shoulders. "Or...perhaps..." he trailed, taking another step closer, "you'd like to do everything yourself?" Looking up into the Captain's eyes, he did his sweetest smile. "Let me know what you'd like... what would make you happy... I only want to please you."

Julian watched Nicephore carefully, trying to pick up on any hints as to what he was expected to do. However, Julian found himself quite enticed and allured by each of the boy’s subtle movements, and found that his fidgeting had nearly stopped altogether. The delicate blush that alighted across Nicephore’s cheeks was surely the result of Julian’s unorthodox manner of hiring him, but the color added to the boyishness of his features, and his words caused Julian’s breath to catch in his throat.

Nicephore let his hair down, and Julian knew he was quite won over. The delicate blond fell beautifully across his shoulders, and shone in the remaining lamplight, reminding Julian of Niles’s hair before it had been so cruelly chopped at his shoulders. Yes, Julian thought, everything about the boy reminded him of Niles… In spite of all the outside circumstances, Nicephore seemed perfectly innocent; he was to Julian the very picture of sweetness and graciousness alike. Anything he wanted, Julian knew, Nicephore would grant, and Julian felt as if he’d been lulled into a stupor at the very thought of the possibilities. Carefully, he moved around the table to where Nicephore stood, waiting for a request, but Julian didn’t want to voice any just yet. In that moment, it felt to him as though it could be real…he knew he could never have Niles, but Julian wanted to preserve the feeling that Nicephore wasn’t obligated to please him, to be with him. They were together now, for no other reason, and Julian felt that, as a gentleman, it was his duty to do all that he could to please Nicephore as well.

Gently, wordlessly, Julian slipped his fingers through Nicephore’s hair, indulging for a moment in his luxurious locks, before angling the boy’s face upwards and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Just for a little while, Julian wanted to pretend that there was some sort of happiness and satisfaction for just him. He wanted to feel like he could live for himself just once before he returned to living off his idol’s happiness from afar.

Nicephore wondered what was going through the Captain's head as he slowly made his way around the table; he seemed to be lost in his thoughts, it was almost intriguing. He was slightly surprised when the Captain touched his hair, but it was nothing compared to the surprise he experienced as he felt the Captain kiss him. Only about half of Nicephore's customers ever kissed him, and when they did, it was nothing like this—this was a different sensation altogether. It was gentle, and tender, and caring, almost, Nicephore had never experienced something that felt so good. He couldn't let himself get carried away, though, and so he responded what he hoped was appropriately, leaning up into the kiss, pressing closer to the Captain. Still...even though this was work, he was surprised at how nice it was turning out.

“I’m sorry,” Julian said softly, pulling away slowly. “I know I haven’t quite…gone about this the right way… I should have been upfront about it…” He glanced away and let his hands slide down Nicephore’s slender body to his waist. “You…you remind me of someone…” He felt bad to confess why he was so interested, but he felt the need to be honest; somehow, it lessened his own personal guilt. He turned back and looked into Nicephore’s eyes, admiring their depth of color and delicate shape. Julian didn’t quite know what he was doing, but he didn’t think he should stop now, or else he might only get embarrassed again. In that vein, he leaned in a little closer and tugged gently at Nicephore’s already loosened cravat, untying it easily, and pressed another kiss to his lips as his hands trailed down to the buttons of Nicephore’s vest.

So that was it, Nicephore understood as the Captain explained himself. He wasn't quite sure why the apology was necessary, but he silently accepted it, touched slightly that the Captain felt such a need to be honest with him. It wasn't as if he had expected he wanted him for anything besides his body, but the sentiment was nice nonetheless, and he was finding himself almost glad that the Captain had taken interest in him. It was extremely lucky to have a customer so gentle and considerate, and he secretly hoped that, if they should be allowed to work while they resided here, Captain Kaiser would return. He would just have to do an extra-good job pleasing him, he resolved.

As the Captain kissed him again, Nicephore leaned in closer, letting out a small mewling noise, hoping to please. He felt his cravat being removed, and then the Captain's hands move to the buttons of his vest, and he shifted slightly, trying to make it easier for him, however, he kept his own hands at rest. He knew better than to make any move without being instructed, and so he concentrated on kissing the Captain back. This kiss, too, was as nice as the previous, so it wasn't difficult, and he even allowed himself to enjoy it a little bit.

Julian pushed Nicephore’s coat off of his shoulders and ran his hands over the boy’s bare arms, shivering himself at the feel of the soft skin beneath his fingers. Julian then broke the kiss softly, pressing a string of kisses from Nicephore’s jaw down to his neck, gently removing the boy’s vest as well, blushing with out meaning to, as he unconsciously admired his slender form. Julian noted, as he pulled back again, that Nicephore, though still possessing the lankiness of youth, had the most refined proportions, like Niles, and was certain that he’d grow to be a very attractive young man. At the thought of Nicephore’s future, he gave a sad smile and looked down. It was useless to feel sorry for the boy and the sort of life he led, but Julian couldn’t help it. Already, Nicephore had shown a tremendous strength of character, and he deserved much better. “Ummm…” Julian stuttered, his embarrassment returning, “Shall we…uhhh…relocate to the bed?”

Nicephore had allowed his eyes to slide shut, semi-blown away by the feeling of the Captain's mouth against his skin. There was something about the way he went about it all that was just so tender, Nicephore was completely unfamiliar with it, and he liked the way it felt. It made work so much easier, pleasurable, even, and he found himself wishing that every one of his customers treated him with the same care (though he knew it was quite ludicrous and impossible).

When the Captain spoke, Nicephore let his eyes flutter open, looking up at him. "Oh, yes, of course sir," he replied hurriedly with a small smile, willing his legs, which felt rather gelatinous, to function. Glancing once more to the Captain, he moved over to the bed in the room, made up and untouched since they had come to stay in the building. Nicephore perched himself hesitantly on the edge of the bed, looking up to the Captain, blushing slightly, waiting for a command, a request.

Julian smiled back with embarrassment, and followed Nicephore to the bed. His mind felt numb with anticipation and his senses already awash in pleasure, and he started quite awkwardly when, coming to himself, he realized that he ought to begin undressing as well. He shook his coat off quickly, aware that Nicephore was looking at him, waiting for him, and unbuttoned his vest hurriedly, discarding it to the floor. Untucking his blouse, Julian understood just how cumbersome so many layers could be, and realized the reason—aside from the obvious aesthetic purposes—Nicephore didn’t wear anything beneath his vest. Then, surprised by his own uncharacteristic impatience, Julian abandoned the buttons, and crawled over Nicephore, pressing him back to the bed rather more eagerly then he intended. Julian kissed him on the lips once more briefly, but found himself once again drawn to the slender chest and delicate proportions of the boy’s body, this time moving a little lower than he’d dared to before. As Julian moved from Nicephore’s collar to nipple, where his stopped briefly, distracted by soft pink of the extra sensitive skin, and down to the boy’s stomach, he counted innumerable scars, and knit his brows with concern. How could anyone bear to harm such a beautiful creature? Julian’s heart went out to Nicephore, and though he had little to no idea what he was doing, he was determined to do all that he could to make at least one night special for the both of them.

Nicephore couldn't help but arch up against the Captain as he felt his lips against his chest, inhaling sharply with pleasure. He was borderline surprised by how amazing it felt, to be touched that way, with such gentle care, and he wanted to the give the Captain, who seemed to still be unsure of himself, some form of positive reaction. Deciding to make an assumption, he carefully reached up to finger the buttons of the Captain's shirt, beginning to undo them one at a time. Besides wanting to please, he also, though he was really trying to ignore it, badly wanted to feel his skin against his own. It was just so novel, and it felt so good.

Julian stopped abruptly, blushing another shade darker as he felt Nicephore’s fingers moving over his chest and skillfully undoing the buttons, but with an uneasy breath, he managed to relax again. He wanted to feel the warmth and the closeness of Nicephore’s body against his own, and as the other finished the last of the buttons, Julian squirmed out of his blouse at last, eagerly returning to Nicephore’s lips and pressing against him, shivering with pleasure at the new sensations of contact and closeness.

Mewling again with the overwhelmingly good feeling, Nicephore pressed back against the Captain, curling his fingers tightly around the sheets beneath him. His knickers were beginning to feel rather tight, and he was surprised at how out of control he was getting, but then again, he had never experienced any sort of customer who had treated him so well, and he could only hope the rest of the night would be the same. Squirming slightly beneath the Captain, he couldn't help but let out a soft whimper at the sensations.

Julian delighted in Nicephore’s soft noises, and smiled into the kiss, breaking it, but not pulling away as his dragged his hand lightly down the boy’s chest. Julian noted that he was beginning to feel quite restless, and that under any other circumstances, he would have long sense hurried to the shower at the slightest feeling of discomfort or stirring. Now however, he wanted it to last; it was incredible to share such feelings with another, and blushing slightly, Julian moved his hand further down, shyly pressing against Nicephore through his knickers.

Nicephore whined a little more loudly as the Captain touched him through his clothing, it was teasing, almost, and caused him to squirm more beneath him. He rocked his hips up against the Captain's hand almost without meaning to, continuing to let out small noises of desire. He knew he should be keeping better control of himself, but he just couldn't help it, and it didn't seem as if the Captain minded, anyway.

Julian sat back, blushing again, and slipped his hands beneath Nicephor’s waistband, dragging the knickers a little lower. He paused to press his mouth to Nicephore’s sharp hipbone, nipping lightly, and to catch his breath before beginning, composing himself, before starting on the buttons. His own knickers were becoming unbearably tight and restrictive, but always the gentlemen, Julian strived to put others before himself. Thinking fast, Julian searched his recollection of all the socially inappropriate books he’d ever read for something that would feel good. Blushing brightly, he bent over Nicephore slowly, hesitantly, and ran his tongue over his length, hoping it would be effective, and feeling so aroused himself that he could barely take it.

Nicephore cried out in surprise and pleasure, rocking his hips up without wanting to. Over the five years he had been in this profession, he had given his fair share of blowjobs, but never once had he been on the receiving end of one, and he was overwhelmed with the feeling. "S-sir—I” he started, but he lost his train of thought, his words melting into more unintelligible sounds of pleasure.

Julian, though very embarrassed by his own boldness, was extremely pleased with the reaction he’d elicited from Nicephore, and continued, growing slightly bolder, by taking Nicephore’s member into his mouth. Julian shut his eyes tightly, experimenting briefly with his tongue, until his own needs could no longer be ignored. He pulled back, dragging his teeth over Nicephore’s length, and pressed a fleeting kiss to his lips before getting shakily to his feet and freeing himself of his knickers, finally. Hurriedly, Julian clambered back over Nicephore and kissed him fervently, instinctually grinding their hips together and at last allowing himself some much needed contact.

Nicephore kissed back eagerly, but broke the kiss a moment later to moan loudly at the sensation, thrusting his hips up against the Captain's. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to get control of himself; after all, he was working, but he simply couldn't, and since the Captain didn't seem to mind, he didn't worry about it, instead allowing himself to enjoy the amazing feeling he was being given.

As Nicephore broke away, Julian moved to his neck, indulging in the pail skin enthusiastically, forgetting himself and biting and sucking lightly, unconscious of the consequences that would soon become visible. His hand found Nicephore’s, and he took it in his without thinking, joining in Nicephore’s vocalizations with his own soft moan of pleasure.

The part of Nicephore that was coherent was touched when the Captain took his hand, and he squeezed it, feeling distinctly strangely happy for it for a moment before pleasure overwhelmed him again. Writhing beneath the Captain's ministrations, Nicephore became vaguely aware that maybe he ought to help along the way again. Forcing his eyes open halfway, he did his best to focus on the Captain. "S-sir—" he managed, his words feeling wet and thick in his mouth, "You—do you have any form of—of lubricant...with you...?" He realized it was sort of a stupid-sounding question, but he couldn't think far enough to make it sound any better, and so he looked hazily at the Captain, waiting for a response.

“Oh…” Julian gasped, “yes I…I—for some reason I…” He blushed trying to justify why he should just happened to have brought everything with him, but couldn’t find the words for the bliss that had overwhelmed all mental faculty. He hated to pull away from Nicephore, and he did so reluctantly, stumbling to his coat and extracting the small container of lotion from his pocket. Returning to Neciphore, Julian paused, unsure of what was to be done. He knew lubricant was an important part of the process, but he wasn’t quite sure what was to be done with it. Julian waited, embarrassedly, hoping Nicephore would help him.

Carefully, Nicephore propped himself up slightly on the pillows and the headboard of the bed so that he could watch the Captain as he returned to the bed with the small bottle. He seemed unsure still, so Nicephore decided that he ought to help, even if he wasn't at his most eloquent right now. "I-if you don't mind, sir... if you could prepare me, first..." The Captain seemed to acquiesce with this so he continued, spreading his legs wide so that it would be easier. "Put some-some of the lotion onto your fingers then..." He swallowed, trying to gather himself; he was sorely missing the physical contact with the Captain, and even thoughts of the preparation were making him restless. "Th-then, if you would, sir...put them inside me...stretch me a little..." Carefully, he reached around to finger his opening as a demonstration, biting his lip and watched for the Captain's reaction.

Julian felt light headed as the blood rushed to his face in a thick blush. Nicephore’s broken sentences…Julian didn’t know how the lack of eloquence could be so arousing, but it was, and the boy’s movements…the strained, husky sound of his voice, it was almost too much. Then, as Nicephore began to finger his own opening, Julian felt faint, and he sucked in a breath quickly, trying to keep hold of himself. “Alright,” Julian gasped, his dick aching so badly with want that he wasn’t sure he could remain cognate much longer. He emptied a little lotion on to his fingers and carefully inserted them inside Nicephore, as he’d demonstrated, blushing furiously even as his head spun once again with the idea of being inside the beautiful boy. “Like-like this?” Julian questioned, spreading his fingers slightly and pressing them a little further inside.

Nicephore was in the process of nodding his affirmation when the Captain pushed his fingers a little deeper, and suddenly, a surge of pleasure rushed through his body. He cried out loudly, all thoughts vanishing from his head, as he rocked his hips back against the Captain's hand, desperately trying to press his fingers deeper. He had never lost control so thoroughly before, but he was beyond being able to try, he was so overwhelmed by the feeling.

Julian smiled vaguely, aware only that he’d managed to please, and withdrew his fingers. He knew what was next, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Unsure of the correct amount, he spread the lotion library over his length and lined himself up, gripping Nicephore’s hips and shutting his eyes tightly before pushing inside. A throaty moan escaped his lips; never before had he felt something so good, so tight; Nicephore was hot, and the feeling was absolutely intoxicating. Hungrily, Julian slid out slightly, before slamming back in, more forcefully than he knew was appropriate, but he simply couldn’t help it. He couldn’t get enough, and he gasped again, trying to keep himself in line. “I’m sorry,” he grunted, finding Nicephore’s lips before trying again, this time moving much slower than previously.

Nicephore inhaled sharply as the Captain thrust inside of him. He was still adjusting to the stretch when he withdrew before slamming back in and cried out sharply in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As the Captain began to move a little more slowly and spoke, Nicephore swallowed, trying to gather himself enough to speak. "P-please, sir, do with me...as you like..." he managed in response to the apology, though he couldn't help but arch up into the thrusts, bringing the Captain deeper inside of him.

Julian shook his head slightly, biting his lip to keep from making too much noise. He wanted to do it properly, and he couldn’t stand the thought of hurting Nicephore just to satisfy himself. With tremendous effort, he pulled out before carefully pushing back inside, moving slow enough to drive himself crazy. Julian let out a grunt, and tried again, desperate to get it right.

Nicephore squirmed; though the pain was gone, the Captain's new pace was excruciatingly slow, and it was beginning to drive him mad. He was touched by the Captain's gentleness, but the movement was just so slow... "...please, then, sir..." he managed to choke out, "A little faster...please...?" He couldn't help but whimper softly, rocking his hips up again.

Julian was happy to oblige, and thrust back in fervently with increased speed, pressing a kiss apologetically to Nicephore’s lips. Gripping Nicephore’s thighs tightly, he managed to thrust in deeper than before, and despite his efforts to remain silent, couldn’t help but let out a gasp of pleasure as he picked up his speed, penetrating deeper and establishing an even rhythm. Then, a thought somehow breached his state of delirious ecstasy, and he moved a hand hesitantly to Nicephore’s erection, stroking experimentally in time to his thrusts.

Crying out loudly at the change in pace, Nicephore moaned his appreciation, bending easily when the Captain moved his thighs. Still, he managed to remember his place, and did his best to move along with the rhythm so that it would be the most pleasurable for the Captain. When the Captain touched him, however, his mind went blank with the feeling; never before had he experienced such a sensation coupled with the already-overwhelming feeling of the Captain inside of him, and he cried out again, thrusting into the Captain's hand before he could stop himself.

Nicephore’s movements beneath him and his vocalizations drove Julian crazy with intoxicating pleasure. For the first time in his life, he couldn’t think; he his mind was blank, and Julian was conscious only of the incredible feeling of being inside Nicephore. The hot, tightness around him, the friction, and the beautiful blond below him who looked so much like Niles pushed him over his edge. Julian came, moaning Niles’s name incoherently, without realizing it, through his ragged breathing, and collapsed against Nicephore as he struggled to regain his breath.

As he felt the Captain come inside him, Nicephore came as well, overwhelmed by the pleasure that was all so new to him. He heard vaguely, as he fell limp against the bed, the Captain saying a name, and though he couldn't tell exactly what it was, Nicephore had the feeling that it was name of whoever it was of whom he reminded the Captain. He didn't let it bother him, though; this was the best experience he had ever had while working, and he seemed to have pleased the Captain as well. All in all, it had been a good evening, and, though he felt a little bad to think about it now, the money he earned would be all his- no part of it would have to go to anyone else. That was definitely a victory.

Coming out of his thoughts as he caught his breath, he offered a small smile to the Captain. "I-I hope that was satisfactory, sir?"

Julian nodded. With his mind still numb with all the sensations, he couldn’t find the words to express how absolutely amazing it had been. Slowly, he withdrew from Nicephore and rolled off of him, blinking to regain his vision, and pulled the other into his arms. “T-thank you…” Julian managed at last, the full extent of what they’d down suddenly hitting him hard, and making him feel quite guilty. Surely Nicephore and the other prostitutes weren’t supposed to be working—the military was supposed to be protecting them and providing for them so that they wouldn’t have to. He’d gone against the military, and surely been an inconvenience for Nicephore…what with his inexperience, and all. “I’m sorry,” Julian repeated, blushing. “But…thank you. It really means a lot to me that you’d be willing—that you’d…that I…thank you.” Julian babbled, cursing his inability to express himself coherently.

Nicephore shook his head. "Please don't apologize, sir." He blushed slightly himself at the situation, suddenly feeling the need to make the Captain feel better about it all, after he had been so kind. "Really, sir, I don't mind working, and...well... I've never had such a kind customer as you, sir. So thank you, really." Feeling somewhat strange in the embrace but not minding, per say, he added slightly sheepishly, "You...you've paid for the entire night, sir..." he trailed, not knowing what else to say, but he would feel bad taking the Captain's money unjustly.

“Oh,” Julian blinked sheepishly, unsure of what Nicephore was implying. “Than do you…do you mind staying with me?” Julian asked embarrassedly, biting his lip. He’d never had the pleasure of sharing a bed with someone, and already, with Nicephore tucked in his arms, he knew just how much he’d been missing. “I really appreciate your…putting up with my inexperience… But I understand if I you want to go. It doesn’t matter what I paid, really…you deserve more.” He smiled weakly and pecked Nicephore lightly on the cheek. “I don’t want you to get in trouble, so if I need to, I’ll get going…”

Nicephore smiled softly. "It was my pleasure, really, sir." He hesitated to think on the question—after all, he hadn't gone into the meeting expecting to be working, but by now, surely one of the girls could have figured out what was going on? He hadn't said good night to Dorin either...but, he knew, he often didn't get the chance because of work, and really, he owed it to the Captain. "It's no problem," he finally replied lightly. Of course you can stay for the night, sir...I'd be happy to stay with you." He let himself relax into the Captain's arms, glad for the feeling of comfort, which he had never experienced in this way before. Suddenly, feeling overwhelmingly grateful, he looked back up to the Captain. "I'm really...glad that I got to work for you, sir. ...Thank you." And, with a small smile, he laid his head back down, letting his eyes slide shut and sleep come. After all, the Captain could wake him if need be... but Nicephore got the feeling that he wouldn't.
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