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Chapter 18 Omake Ending!

18 was just so intense it got an omake ending as well. XD;;
Rating: R to be safe
Warnings: Yaoi, prostitution, Julian's patheticness. XD;;
Beta: yomimashou

Dragomir held Niles’s hand tightly as they followed Julian and the little blond boy who’d testified in his defense to Julian’s automobile. Dragomir couldn’t keep the smile off of his face as he looked from Niles to the sky, unobscured by bars, and as he drank in the fresh air before once again looking back at Niles. The world had never felt so open before, and there was so much he longed to do…so much time had been wasted that could have been spent with Niles. Dragomir smirked in anticipation; they had a lot of catching up to do.

Dragomir opened the door for Niles before Julian could, and instead of going around to the other side of the automobile, got in right next to Niles, pressing up against him and kissing him fervidly. He didn’t see why they couldn’t start making up for lost time right away.

As they pulled out of the lot, Julian checked the rear-view mirror and wished he hadn't. Blushing, he looked over to Nicephore embarrassedly with an apologetic smile. Really, couldn’t they have waited at least until they were alone together? Though…it made Julian jealous just to think about all that they’d do once he dropped them off at Niles’s.

Nicephore shifted awkwardly in his seat, fingering the lace cuffs of his borrowed blouse and trying not to look into the rear-view mirror at what was going on in the back seat. He offered the Captain an awkward smile in return, not knowing what else to do. Though he was used to living in a brothel, he felt almost as if, by being present for the current display of affection going on behind him, he was intruding on something private, and it made him blush with embarrassment. How could he have ever thought of the Warrant Officer as innocent? Glancing in the mirror again quite by accident, he decided that was probably the last adjective he would ever think of now to describe the blonde currently pressed against the side of the automobile, mewling and kissing the other Captain as if the world was going to end in the very near future.

He decided to try to distract himself. Glancing back to Captain Kaiser, he smiled politely. "Thank you for driving me back, sir. It's very--" but he was cut off by a loud moan from the back seat, which resulted in him flushing all over again. Looking at his hands in his lap and taking a deep breath, he tried again, looking to the Captain. "It's very kind of you."

Julian had fixed his eyes on the road, somewhat afraid to look up for fear that he might accidentally catch sight of what was going on behind him. He wished he could block out his ears, too, because even though he couldn’t see what was happening, judging by the sounds alone, he could make a very good guess. Still, if he’d stopped listening entirely, he would’ve missed Nicephore’s polite expression of gratitude—which was exactly the sort of distraction he’d been hoping would rescue him from the embarrassment of his current internal jealous rage. “Oh no,” Julian cleared his throat, an experiment to see if he could get the attention of the two behind them so that they’d stop, or at least settle down, “not at all. It’s the least I could do after--” Julian bit his lip and blushed more furiously as he heard what sounded like a growl from Dragomir. Disgusting animal. He knew he absolutely didn’t want to look any more. “After all you did to help us.” Julian smiled awkwardly with appreciation.

Nicephore blushed even brighter, looking away for a moment and coughing into his hand uncomfortably. Waiting for another high-pitched cry and the following exclamation of "Dragomir!" to pass, he managed a smile back to the Captain. "It was nothing, really. Thank you very much again." But even as he turned to stare pointedly out the window, ignoring to the best of his ability the noises coming from behind him, he couldn't help but sigh quietly. It was going to be a long drive home.

By they time they’d at last arrived in Niles’s drive, Julian was having trouble breathing and keeping his head clear. It was just so distracting! And the sounds Niles was making…It was terrible! Julian hadn’t looked, he refused to, but his imagination was getting away with him, and he was worried he’d inadvertently made things much worse for himself. He could barely take it; but at least it would soon be over. Once Niles and Dragomir were gone, he’d settle down, right? He instructed himself to keep breathing and craned his head around after watching Dragomir carry Niles inside to double check that no articles of clothing were being left behind, or anything like that, before turning around and pulling out of the drive. He would recover; he would have to, because his current state was unbearably embarrassing.

However, when Julian reached the old military house where Nicephore and the other prostitutes lived, Julian’s problem had yet to correct itself. He would be in for a lonely night… Unless! He blushed brightly at the idea, and took a quick breath in preparation. “Well, thanks again for your help,” Julian said stupidly. He’d meant to pose his question, but was finding it equally difficult the second time around, so he lingered, dumbly waiting for Nicephore’s response.

Nicephore opened the door to the passenger's side of the automobile carefully, sliding out onto the brick walk to the old mansion. He could tell the Captain was all hot and bothered after what had gone on in the back seat of his automobile, and really, Nicephore didn't blame him. When the Captain hesitated the way he did, blushing so intensely, Nicephore knew what was up, and, after the split-second mental decision that helping the Captain and the money were more important than being able to walk properly tomorrow, transformed himself to the best of his ability on the spot. After all, now that he knew who he was acting, he could much more easily play the part.

"No, really, thank you, sir," he replied with a smile. "I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. If there's anything I can do for you in return..." He batted his eyelashes for good measure, in his best Warrant-Officer-Christian-esque manner. "...let me know if there's anything you want, anything at all?" The words were taken directly from the Warrant Officer's lips, and Nicephore even surprised himself in remembering them. Still, he was doing it all for Captain Kaiser, poor man, and the money, which would, for the most part, go to the others, who had no other way of making money currently.

“I…I…” Julian hesitated, overwhelmed by how Niles-like Nicephore had suddenly become. He swallowed hard, sweating in his seat as he struggled to ask for what he knew he could no longer go on without. He refused to spend tonight alone, not after the excruciating drive to Niles’s…he just couldn’t take it. And Nicephore…he had the voice down, the words…everything. Julian didn’t think it was very fair to quote Niles, not when his answer had been so…pathetic, but the acting really was exquisite, and the idea of Niles…of even someone like Niles being within his reach… It gave him the gall to ask. “Are you busy tonight?”

Nicephore smiled his sweetest. "Not at all." It was a peculiar question, he thought, since he obviously had nothing to do with his time now that he wasn't technically working, but then again, the Captain didn't always make the most sense. He knew all of his daily tasks could be taken care of; someone else would look after Dorin for him, someone else would see that dinner was prepared out of the rations they were given, someone would see that the electric lights weren't left on when everyone had gone to bed. Nicephore had gotten good at relinquishing responsibility for factions of time, and so, he could devote himself to the Captain until eight tomorrow morning; after all, he deserved it after everything, no matter how pathetic the situation was. Leaning a little way back into the car and cocking his head to one side just so, he asked sweetly, "Would you like to come inside?"

Julian’s mouth fell open and he had to consciously instruct himself to close it. That gesture…that one little tilt of the head and Nicephore had Julian sold. This was Niles, he could pretend, easily. Surely that was what Nicephore was doing? He was helping him to forget the miseries of his own pathetic solitude… Swallowing and forcing his blush to go down, Julian nodded silently and took a breath. He could do this—he’d done it before, and this time it’d be even better. Carefully, he leaned forward and captured Nicephore’s lips in a kiss, which he broke abruptly to get out of his automobile and walk around to offer his arm, not to Nicephore…but to Niles.
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