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Chapter 19 extra~

Chapter 19 Extra~ We couldn't resist the porn XD;;
Claimer: Ours~
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi secks, a bit of food stuff, kitchen-counter-sex :D

The pots and pans that surrounded them looked eerie by the light of the single flickering candle, and Dragomir felt a rush of adrenaline pump through him—the same feeling he always had when they experimented in a new location. The kitchen seemed an ideal place; the large counter surface roughly in the center of the room on which they were currently seated was just big enough to fulfill their purpose, and Dragomir was thoroughly looking forward to the experiment.

Even through the thick fabric of his knickers, the counter top beneath Dragomir was cold; it would be even colder, he reminded himself, when Niles got his knickers the rest of the way off, and Dragomir shivered in anticipation. When Niles broke their kiss, tilting his head back to cry out, Dragomir move deftly to slide his night shift up over his shoulders, and cast it to the floor with a satisfied grin.

Dragomir then ran his hands down Niles's sides, admiring his lithe body and noting the weight he'd gained back with relief. He slipped his hands underneath Niles to cup his buttock teasingly, flipping Niles over so that he was seated on the counter, and getting down himself to climb out of his knickers. With a smirk, he clambered back on top of Niles, pressing him back and grinding their hips together fervidly.

Niles arched up against Dragomir, partially because of the chill of the marble countertop, and mostly because of the amazingly pleasurable feeling that stemmed from Dragomir's hips grinding against his own. He couldn't help it, he cried out again pressing his hips back against Dragomir's and gripping in vain at the smooth surface beneath him.

Dragomir stifled Niles's cry with a bruising kiss, his feeling of desperation and urgency growing steadily stronger. Then, breaking the kiss abruptly, Dragomir moved to Niles's neck, kissing and biting hurriedly, moving lower down Niles's chest, pausing to lick his nipple as he dragged his hand the rest of the way down Niles's body. Encircling Niles's erection in his hand, Dragomir pressed the head with his thumb, biting Niles lightly at the same time, testing for a reaction.

Niles whimpered piteously, squirming and rocking his hips up. "Dragomir..." he managed to gasp, opening his eyes a fraction and peering up at Dragomir, his face flushed with need. Even though they had been having sex to an excess since Dragomir has returned home, Niles still felt starved of it and desperate, and, besides, they did have a bit of a time constraint. Letting his eyes fall shut again, he took a deep breath, then managed, shakily, "Please... Dragomir..."

Dragomir smirked, in spite of his own sympathetic condition, and lifted his head, looking down at Niles with a sense of rather smug satisfaction. “What would you like?” Dragomir asked, his voice lower and hoarser with want than he’d intended. “Be specific, Niles,” he teased, trailing fleeting kisses up his neck to his mouth, “I want to get it right.” For good measure, he pumped Niles’s erection tauntingly before withdrawing his hand, awaiting a request and poised to deliver.

Niles forced his eyes halfway open again, breathing heavily and whining again at Dragomir's teasing touches. With Dragomir's request, he felt flustered and embarrassed, and didn't know quite what to say. However, he did know one thing: he would have to say something, because he was in a desperate condition, and so, squirming against the counter, he managed, flushing deeply, "I—I want you... inside of me... I want... please, Dragomir, fuck me, please..." Feeling hotly embarrassed, he peered up at Dragomir, hoping that would suffice.

Dragomir’s smirk broadened. He liked hearing Niles struggle to say what he wanted, and liked even more to know that Niles needed it as much as he did. Nodding, and without looking away from Niles, he fumbled blindly for the bowl of leftover quiche filling; the slimy mixture of eggs and milk would serve quite satisfactorily as lubricant. Dragomir dropped his hand into the now-cold viscose goo and held it up briefly for Niles to see; the unused ingredients, at least, wouldn’t go to waste. Dragomir moved his finger over Niles’s opening and pressed their lips together fervently before inserting the first finger, followed shortly by the second. Stretching carefully, Dragomir pressed his fingers in deeper, searching for the spot that would make Niles’s discomfort worth enduring.

Niles squirmed slightly as he felt Dragomir's fingers slide inside of him, squeezing his eyes shut once again and trying not to think about what exactly was being put in him. Any thought of the kind, however, was wiped completely from his mind, as Dragomir pressed his fingers further and Niles was overwhelmed with another wave of pleasure. He couldn't help but moan softly, arching up against Dragomir again in anticipation.

Dragomir kissed Niles softly, withdrawing slowly and pulling back, once again dipping his fingers into the egg mixture. He hissed at the cold as he applied it generously over his length before repositioning himself, and spreading Niles’s legs a little further. Then gripping Niles’s hips for support, Dragomir slowly pushed inside, inhaling sharply and letting his eyes slide shut with the immensely pleasurable sensation. Pausing for a moment, Dragomir gasped, opening his eyes to look down lovingly at Niles, and slid out slowly, before thrusting back in, establishing an even rhythm and penetrating deeper with each thrust.

Crying out loudly as Dragomir thrust deeper inside of him, Niles rocked his hips up to meet each thrust, gripping in vain at the smooth countertop beneath him. It hurt a little bit, being pressed against the hard surface, and he still had bruises from the closet door, but he didn't care; the feeling was so overwhelmingly good that he couldn't possibly think of anything but Dragomir.

Dragomir gasped with pleasure as Niles arched against him, grasping Niles by the thighs and lifting them over his shoulders to penetrate deeper. With a grunt of pleasure, Dragomir adjusted the angle of his thrusts to increase his accuracy, and picked up his pace slightly. He let out an involuntary, throaty moan as he was overwhelmed by the sensations, and managing somehow to remember Niles’s needs as well; encircling his erection with his hand, pumping it in time to his thrusts.

Niles bent easily for Dragomir, is cries growing louder with the increased pace. When Dragomir began to touch him as well, the additional pleasurable feeling was overwhelming, and soon, he was coming, Dragomir's name on his lips.

He was desperately close to his edge, and the deeper and harder Dragomir thrust, the closer he came to ecstasy. When Niles came, Dragomir moaned Niles’s name loudly as he felt the other’s muscles clench and convulse around him, Niles’s orgasm triggering his own. Gasping with elation, Dragomir waited briefly for his vision to return, rolling off Niles and onto the cold countertop, pulling Niles into his arms. Sighing contentedly, Dragomir trailed soft kisses over Niles’s cheek. “I love you,” he murmured.

Luckily, he could smell the cooking quiche, and remembered why they were in the kitchen. With a bleary look over to the clock, he noted that they had just a few minutes until Niles’s late night snack would be ready. Perfect timing.
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