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31 December 2007 @ 01:05 am
Harry Potter Fic  
An emo, post DH twincest fic I wrote a while back and never posted.

Title: Suspension of Disbelief

Disclaimer: Harry Potter isn't mine :D

Rating: R for sexual situations

Pairings: implied George/Fred, George/Percy

Warnings: DH spoilers! Mentions of twincest, incest, m/m sex, whatnot XD;

When it's dark, George can pretend. He can pretend that the redheaded brother beneath him is identical, he can pretend that he's a little younger and a little shorter. In the dark, he can pretend that the birthmarks and the scars, all the marks he had memorized over the years are there, not foreign ones still alien to him. He can pretend that the body he's pressing inside is limber and flexible from years of tricks and practical jokes, not uptight and stiff and stressed. He can pretend that their bodies fit together like they were made to be that way, not a little awkwardly, in shapes that are similar but not the same. He can pretend that the one to whom he's making love isn't the one who witnessed his twin's death, but the actual thing. After all, he's been suspending his disbelief for years now, and he'll have no problem doing it again.
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