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Harry Potter offspring fic ^^;

Title: As of yet, untitled...

Disclaimer: They're not mine, the JK's.

Rating: G for little-kidness XD;;

Warnings: Slash, me deciding things for the kiddies

Author's note: Aha. AS/S is so my new Harry Potter OTP. XD;;;;

Scorpius Malfoy heard, from time to time, of some important event that had happened nineteen years ago. When he had brought it up, his father seemed hesitant to elucidate on the particular subject, however, so he contented himself to imagine the outstanding events to which everyone referred and alluded.

And then, one day, after years of hypothesizing, his father came into his room, sat on his bed, and told him everything. How he had been young at the time, how there had been a war, and how he had been on the wrong side. How he had been fighting against someone named Harry Potter, and, though he was told that Potter was his mortal enemy, he still refused to directly lead to his demise. And then, with the story finished, his father had left, his movements stiff, his expression clouded and ashamed.

Scorpius had been stunned to hear the whole story, that was not what he had been expecting in the slightest. But more than his feelings towards the events which had occurred, he was surprised as to his father's reaction. Draco had seemed ashamed, as if he had done something wrong, but Scorpius didn't see any fault in his actions. After all, that was how he was raised, and really, when it came down to it, he had defied those on the wrong side even though it was against his personal interest. To Scorpius, his father seemed brave, and he made a silent decision to be the same way, to be courageous, like his father.

A year later, a miniature of Scorpius' world was packed away into a trunk, a large cage containing a grey owl, his mother's parting gift, stacked on top of his luggage, a shining new Firebolt 08, his father's parting gift, clutched in his hand. Everything else momentarily forgotten, he bid his parents a final farewell before dragging his things into the train and finding an empty cabin, nervous and already somewhat homesick. His first year at Hogwarts was steadily approaching, and, everything else forgotten, he stared blankly out the window as the train pulled away, his mind buzzing with thoughts about his new school. He had no doubt that he would be in Slytherin house, after all, that was what his father had been in, and he was determined to be like his father. Still, there were other anxieties; would he be able to make new friends? Would he like his teachers?

Scorpius was interrupted from his thoughts when a noisy group of students made their way into the cabin. Scorpius started and the tallest of the other group noticed him, smiling apologetically, he said, "Oh, sorry, we didn't see you there. Hope you don't mind us, everywhere else was full." Scorpius nodded slowly; he didn't mind particularly, and the taller, redheaded, bespectacled boy seemed to be his senior classmate. The redhead boy grinned, then made his way in, followed by the rest of his group, a redheaded girl whom he called Rosie, an awkward-seeming brunette called Longbottom, and a smaller, green-eyed boy, Al. Scorpius payed them little attention, however, they were boisterous and noisy, behaving in a way that Scorpius had never really understood, and soon enough, he was able to fall asleep, his face pressed against the window.

The arrival at Hogwarts, the boats and the corridors and the introduction all seemed to fly by in a sort of blur for Scorpius, and before he knew what had happened, he was waiting in a line for his name to be called to be sorted. Before him, Longbottom was sorted into Gryffindor, and a few other vaguely familiar faces went by, but soon enough, "Malfoy!" was being called, and he made his way to the stool and placed the large, black hat on his head.

You want to be brave, don't you?

Scorpius was surprised to hear a voice from inside the large, tattered hat. Yes, he thought back. I'm going to be brave.

You have a good heart, the hat replied, surprisingly, you'd be a perfect fit...

And before Scorpius could reply, the hat was calling, "Gryffindor!"

Scorpius was stunned as he stood and removed the hat. He walked in a daze towards the red and gold decked table where students were cheering and beckoning him, feeling almost as if he were in a dream. How could he possibly be in Gryffindor? That couldn't be right, he had to be in Slytherin, he had to be like his father...but yet, here he was, falling in among the red and the gold and not noticing that the next boy to arrive and sit next to him was the boy called Al from the train.

The rest of the evening seemed to drag on in a monochromatic blur; Scorpius couldn't bring himself to care enough about whatever else was going on or anything his fellow Gryffindors were saying. It was as if his foundation had been rocked and everything built on it was jarred, he hardly knew what to do with himself now. By the time the night ended and the new students were led to their dormitories, he was feeling so lost and alone that he didn't know what to do or what to think or what to expect, and as soon as he was shown his new bed, he drew up the red curtains around him and began to cry.

The crying didn't make him feel any better, really, as it sometimes did when it was over a broken toy or spilt milk, but he didn't know what else to do. Even as he comforted himself among the thick red blankets, he felt awash in a sea of loneliness with nothing to hold on to, And so, with nothing better to do, he sat and cried, and cried and cried as no one noticed, as the other first year Gryffindors' lives went on.

Scorpius didn't know how much time went by; he was so absorbed in himself that he didn't even notice when someone drew back the bed curtains and peered in at him. He didn't notice until the someone leaned over and placed a hand on his shoulder, and then he started, dropping his hands from his face in surprise. Sniffing, he hurried to wipe his face, trying to hide his tears from the boy staring at him, whom he now realized to be Al.

"Why are you crying? Are you sad?"

Scorpius stared, wondering whether the other boy expected him to actually answer that. He opened his mouth, but the only thing that came out was a hiccup, so he closed it again, blinking at the other boy, bleary-eyed.

Al blinked back. "Is it that you didn't get into the house that you wanted?" He looked empathetic. "I was afraid of that, too. But don't worry, even though you didn't want to be here, just know that Gryffindor house has gained itself a very talented new wizard." He smiled assuringly. "Okay?"

Scorpius hardly knew what to say. Who was this boy, who could walk out of nowhere and suddenly give him the best advice he had heard in quite some time? He still could find no words, and was only able to stare blankly.

Al furrowed his brow. "Well, if that's not it, what is it? I want to be able to help you, but..." He paused a moment, as if thinking it through. "Well, maybe this will make you feel better!" And, with a sheepish smile, this boy that Scorpius did not know besides a name leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

It was only a momentary touch, but as Al pulled away, Scorpius was afraid that the other boy could hear his heart pounding. Al smiled at him as he sat, flushed and stunned, and said, "Catch you later, Malfoy. Hope you're feeling better!" And with that, he was gone.

Scorpius sat, for a moment, reflecting on what had just happened before putting out his bedside lamp and crawling into bed. But even as he lie awake in the comforting plushness of the mattress, he couldn't get past, couldn't wrap his mind around the kiss. It had been so brief, chaste, almost, but yet, reassuring, caring. And, as he finally began to drift off to sleep, he decided that, even if he was a little different than his father, being in this new house might be all right.
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