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Canon extra~ God knows when it happens, but IT HAPPENS :D

Chapter: ???, Marius "stays the night" with Dragomir and Niles
Claimer: Ours~
Rating: NC-17! Read at your own risk!
Warnings: Graphic m/m/m sex!! Yes, you saw that right, gayness, threesomes, a bit of language, etc and so forth.

Dragomir stopped, hesitating momentarily before lifting his hand to knock twice on rotting door of his family’s home. He took a step back, glancing back onto the street and wondering if he should just bolt now, before someone got to the door. Dragomir’s palms were sweaty, and despite his best efforts, he was already blushing furiously in anticipation of what he was about to do. Marius was visiting, and he needed to ask a favor…something he’d never dreamed he could ever ask a sibling. But…Niles had requested it…months ago…and Dragomir had finally gathered the courage to ask.

Tatiana arrived at the door with little Amelie in her arms, and smiled brightly at his unexpected visit. Somehow, Dragomir managed to explain away his flushed cheeks and nervousness, and she let him inside, calling for their brother, who emerged from the kitchen where he’d been snaking.

“Hey, Dragos!” Marius grinned broadly, licking off his fingers as he walked into the living room. Dragomir smiled uneasily at him, and glanced at Tatiana.

“I left my needlepoint in the other room,” Tatiana explained, shifting Amelie in her arms and eliciting a faint gurgle of complaint. “I hope you don’t mind that I leave you two. Help yourself to anything, Dragos.” Tatiana smiled and turned to leave; she could tell Dragomir had something to discuss with Marius.

Dragomir sunk down into the chair across from where Marius had plopped down on a dilapidated sofa and ran his hands through his hair, waiting until he’d heard Tatiana’s door click shut. “So umm…” Dragomir started uneasily. “I was wondering…” Dragomir had practiced how he would go about asking on the walk over, but now that he was actually about to do it, he’d lost the precise words he’d carefully chosen. “Well Niles… You see Niles wanted… I was wondering…” He tried several different starts and looked away, blushing too deeply to continue. Marius was not helping at all, either; he’d sat up a little straighter, and was leaning forward smirking, almost eagerly. His expression made Dragomir feel even more uneasy; his brother had absolutly no idea what he was about to ask, and after hearing Dragomir’s request, he’d probably never think of his older brother the same way again. Dragomir cleared his throat, this time determined to get it out. “Niles and I wanted to know if you wouldn’t mind…” He got a little further that time. Looking at the floor seemed to help, so he took another breath, starting once more. “If you wanted to umm…spendthenightorsomethinglikethat.” Dragomir said it all in one breath, and looked quickly at the ceiling, blushing all the redder.

“What was that?” Marius asked with a laugh, all though he knew exactly what his brother had just said.

“You can stay…over at our house…if you want…for a night. With us.” Dragomir said deliberately slowly, chewing at his lip viciously.

“Oh!” Marius exclaimed, pretending that he’d only just realized what Dragomir wanted. Niles had asked him months in advance, and Marius had merely been waiting for the day when Dragomir would ask him as well. “Sure. I’d love to do a threesome.” He smiled eagerly and stood. “There, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” he teased.

“You-you would?” Dragomir stood up as well, looking around rather bewilderedly and tearing at his lip even harder, still hot with embarrassment, and more than a little disconcerted by how readily Marius had responded. Still, he supposed that was for the best. Dragomir didn’t know that he would have been able to convince him, after all.

Niles sighed and slumped back into the couch, trying to concentrate on his book. It was a rather trashy book that Viorica had recommended to him, and though it was easy to read and at least somewhat captivating, it had reminded him of something distracting. He shifted positions again, biting his lip.

A few months ago, with much embarrassment, Niles had finally built up the courage to ask Dragomir for something he had been wanting for a while: a threesome. He had been thinking about it for a long while beforehand; a book had given him the idea, and he put a lot of thought into who the third party should be before deciding on Dragomir's brother, Marius. It really should have been his first thought; after all, Marius was almost as sexy as Dragomir was, and fun, too, and Niles couldn't help but be attracted to him, since he was a Hirlea, after all, but for some reason, he had only come to this idea after quite a bit of frustration. Once he had reached this decision, however, it left the hard part: facing Marius and Dragomir about it.

Marius was easier than he thought. He had gone to the Hirleas' home alone while the brothers were visiting, and asked to speak with Marius. He had somehow choked out his request, and Marius, to his surprise, had laughed and said he'd love to. Niles had been shocked, blinked, and then blushed and smiled. He had thanked Marius and hurried home, embarrassed but excited, trying to decide how to ask the same question to Dragomir.

It took him weeks, but finally he got up the courage to ask. He hadn't done it very well; he had blushed and stuttered and choked on his words, but he had finally gotten it out, and when he had, Dragomir had stared at him. "A... threesome...?" he had asked incredulously, staring for a moment before quickly adding, "With who?!" For some reason, he had asked hurriedly if Niles intended Julian for the other party, to which Niles stared for a moment. After all, Julian was his best friend, but Julian was unattractive and someone Niles would never think to have sex with. Dragomir seemed relatively placated by this, and Niles explained his choice, with more embarrassment. Dragomir had run a hand through his hair and chewed his lip said he didn't know, and semi-dejectedly, Niles had not brought up the topic again.

It was late by the time Dragomir got back—Marius had spent the entire walk ranting about his youngest son—pure small talk; as if the idea of sleeping with one’s brother and his boyfriend was completely ordinary. Dragomir took a deep breath and opened the door, holding it for Marius, who grinned excitedly.

“Thanks for inviting me,” he winked at Dragomir as he stepped into the entrance hall. “You know, I’m already starting to get hard just thinking about it.” Marius laughed and hit Dragomir playfully on the arm. Dragomir, however, was not amused.

Dragomir was flushing, and only slightly from embarrassment. He didn’t really like how into Niles Marius seemed to be…But really, he knew he just had to relax and enjoy it. And forget the fact that Marius was his little brother. This was for Niles. Dragomir took a deep breath and forced himself to return Marius’s smile tightly before leading him up the stairs and down the hall to their room. This…venture was a surprise for Niles; he’d seemed a little down lately, and Dragomir wanted to make it up to him. And since it had been so long since Niles asked, Dragomir was quite sure it would be totally unexpected. Hopefully everything went well…

“Wait here, or something.” Dragomir growled hushedly at Marius.

“Why?” Marius whined, making a face that Dragomir ignored, instead slipping inside and closing the door.

“I’m back,” Dragomir called, smiling uneasily.

Niles glanced to the door as Dragomir entered, pulling on his night shift before acknowledging his presence. "Oh, I'm glad," he replied mildly with a smile, sparing Dragomir only a glance before moving to the vanity and pulling out his ribbon for the night. Dragomir had been staying later at work recently, and Niles had begun to feel somewhat neglected, leaving him in a continuously dissatisfied mood. He wasn't mad at Dragomir, really, just unhappy at the situation in general, and, though he wasn't so dependent on Dragomir's attentions alone as he once had been, he felt lonely without him home in the evenings. Sex, too, had been unfortunately scarce of recent, which only left Niles more agitated and discontented.

He turned back to Dragomir as he brushed his hair, pushing all the unpleasantness from his mind and smiling again. After all, Dragomir was home now, and that was good. Maybe this unfortunate period was going to end. This optimistic thought in mind, he looked over Dragomir to realize that he was flushed and fidgeting, and furrowed his brow, making his way over to him. "What's wrong, Dragomir?" he asked concernedly, standing on his toes to place a comforting kiss on his cheek. "Is it work?"

“Nothing,” Dragomir laughed genuinely. He was sorry to have made Niles worry, but hopefully it would all be worth it. He knew he’d been gone a lot lately, and what with stopping to get Marius, tonight had been even later than usual. But now, as Dragomir thought of Niles’s reaction, the whole ordeal of talking to his brother…of sharing Niles with Marius…would be worth it. Of that, he was certain. Smirking, Dragomir kissed Niles back on the cheek and leaned in to whisper into his ear rather flirtatiously. If he was going to go through with it all, he had to do everything he could. “Close your eyes,” he murmured. “I have a surprise for you.” Pulling back, he confirmed Niles’s eyes were indeed shut and made his way back to the door, tiptoeing, and opening it slowly. He hushed at Marius and took him roughly by the hand, dragging him into the room. “Okay, open your eyes.” Dragomir instructed.

“Hi Niles.” Marius smirked. “Dragomir said I was invited to spend the night.”

Niles opened his eyes, and he couldn't help but gasp when he saw Marius waiting. He put his hands over his mouth and blinked in disbelief, looking to Dragomir and then back to Marius. "Is it really--?" he managed incoherently, looking to Dragomir again. He couldn't believe that Dragomir had actually followed through with his request, that he'd actually get Marius, let him... It was just too amazing for Niles to even imagine. He was blushing now, he knew, and he couldn't help it, he bubbled and ran to Dragomir, throwing his arms around him and kissing him on the lips. "Thank you, Dragomir!"

“Aww, come on, don’t I get a kiss too?” Marius whined though a smirk. Ignoring the irritated look Dragomir shot him, Marius approached, pressing against Niles’s back so that he was sandwiched between the two of them, and leaned around, biting Niles playfully on the ear and slipping his arms around his waist. He could feel Dragomir almost flinch away, not wanting to touch him, but Marius didn’t mind. For this to work out, Dragomir would just have to loosen up. Judging by Dragomir’s attitude, this was a present, or something for Niles, and where Niles was concerned, Dragomir always went the extra mile.

Niles started slightly when he felt Marius press against his back, but quickly relaxed, breaking the kiss to smile slightly. This was what he wanted, and even if it was a little strange, he was going to enjoy it. He knew Dragomir was still a little uncomfortable with the whole idea, and that he owed it to him for setting things up, but he hoped Dragomir could ease up and enjoy it, too. Leaving his arms wrapped around Dragomir and pecking him again quickly, he looked back over his shoulder, grinning at Marius. "Sorry," he apologized demurely, "What a bad host I am. Please, help yourself."

“Don’t mind if I do,” Marius replied, his voice a murmur, as he moved lower to Niles’s neck, sucking lightly and biting abruptly. Not to be outdone, not by his little brother, Dragomir pressed closer to Niles, and moved to the other side of his neck, trailing kisses up to his lips as he pressed their hips together eagerly. Marius responded readily by pressing his hips against Niles as well, and moving a hand up Niles’s chest to tease his nipple, noticing the silk of Dragomir’s vest on the back of his hand—a reminder of their need to get undressed. Niles was, after all, only in his night shift; how easy it would be to take it off now—but Marius would wait. He knew Dragomir would want to run the show.

Niles mewled and squirmed, suddenly overwhelmed by the pleasurable feelings being dealt him. He wasn't used to everything from everywhere all at once, and he gasped as Marius touched him, melted when Dragomir kissed him. He didn't know how he should move to accommodate both bodies against him, but it hardly mattered anyway, he was pressed from both sides, and any movement was really impossible. All he could do was enjoy it, and he certainly didn't mind.

Dragomir had to admit that the kind of response the two of them had elicited from Niles made the configuration worthwhile. He could feel Marius’s hand against his chest, but he had stopped minding; Niles was enjoying it, and Dragomir couldn’t help but feel a great sense of satisfaction at the fact that he’d been the one to make everything happen in the first place. He stole a glance around Niles at Marius, who met his gaze, quirking a brow. Dragomir responded simply by biting Niles on the shoulder possessively before pulling back slightly to undress, expecting Marius to do the same.

As Dragomir let go of Niles to shrug off his coat, however, Marius seized the opportunity to turn Niles around and catch his lips in a brief but bruising kiss. Dragomir couldn’t stifle the indignant growl that escaped his lips; he didn’t particularly like to share, but he knew he would have to. As long as Niles didn’t mind. Marius pulled away abruptly, though, smiling apologetically first to Niles, then to his brother before starting to remove his own clothing.

When he was suddenly abandoned on both sides, Niles opened his previously-squeezed-shut eyes, looking from one brother to the other pathetically in hopes of regaining their attentions. The combined efforts had left him incoherent much more quickly than regularly, and all he could manage was a piteous whimper, shifting his wait uncomfortably. He didn't want to be so needy, but he really wanted a touch, anything, right now.

Marius looked up from removing his own shirt at the sound of buttons clattering to the floor, and he couldn’t suppress a laugh of amusement. In Dragomir’s hurry to get back to Niles—who he’d already pressed on to the bed in a fervid kiss—he’d lost a few buttons taking off his shirt. Marius finished removing his own upper garments carefully but hurriedly, not wanting to be left out, then moved onto the bed next to Niles, not hesitating to push Dragomir out of the way slightly so that he too could return to indulging Niles’s soft skin with bites and kisses.

Niles broke the kiss with a gasp as he felt Marius' mouth on him again, and he squirmed slightly to give him better access. In the action, however, he accidentally pressed his hips against Dragomir's, and cried out loudly at the sensation. He really wanted to remove his own clothing, but was finding himself too far gone now to even try. His senses were overloaded; his body was limp and overwhelmed with need, and so all he could do was whine and squirm, pressing against Dragomir again.

Dragomir moaned throatily at the unexpected contact and gripped Niles’s thigh, carefully sliding his nightshift up above his knees before stopping to press Niles teasingly through the thin cloth. Dragomir withdrew his hand and pressed down against Niles’s hips with his own once more, stifling a gasp as he angled his head to Niles’s neck; he couldn’t allow Marius to leave more marks than he did, after all. Marius laughed, no doubt realizing Dragomir’s motive, and pulled away, sitting up on his knees as he began unbuttoning his knickers. Dragomir, too, longed to be rid of his own, but he didn’t want to leave Niles again. Instead, he ground their hips together once more, groaning at the sensation, and watching his brother undress, surprised that the fact that they were related was beginning to bother him less and less.

Niles cried out again, wrapping his arms around Dragomir's neck, with Marius' absence, and arching back up against him. "P-please!" he whimpered, glancing to Marius before looking back to Dragomir, squeezing his eyes shut, whining softly. "P...please... I need..."

Marius kicked his knickers off at last and moved back to Niles. He was feeling rather impatient—Dragomir may have been used to dragging things out a little longer, but Marius didn’t think he could stand to tease Niles much more—he’d even said ‘please.’ Marius’s impatience was due more to the fact that he himself positively ached with want, but he was more than willing to let them both have what they needed. Still, currently, Dragomir didn’t seem inclined to share, but Marius knew how uncomfortably tight his knickers were sure to be becoming, and would wait.

He took Niles’s hand into his own a kissed his fingers suggestively, running his tongue over them before finally taking them into his mouth as Dragomir at last moved off of Niles to finish undressing as well. Marius smirked, glad to have been left the honor of removing Niles’s garment. Marius used the captured hand to pull Niles up into a heated kiss as his hands worked around Niles’s back to the hem of his shift. Slowly, he pulled it up, allowing his fingers to trail slowly over the scared skin, exploring the ridges that so reminded him of his brother’s matching injury cautiously, before, satisfied, lifting the shift over Niles’s head and casting it to the floor.

Niles was glad to finally be rid of his shift, and though he wondered what had become of Dragomir, Marius was a good substitution, and Niles wrapped his arms around him, instead, desperate for a body close to his own. Arching up against him, Niles whimpered and gasped, squirming and squeezing his eyes more tightly shut and hoping that soon, he'd get something substantial.

Marius ground their hips together forcibly, moving one hand back down Niles’s back to cup his buttocks, pulling him all the closer, while working his other hand through Niles’s hair, gasping against Niles’s shoulder. Dragomir, undressed now, had retrieved a bottle of lube, but Marius wasn’t yet willing to let go of Niles, and enjoyed watching the way his brother, flushed with lust, looked over the two with mounting jealousy.

Niles whimpered, allowing Marius to pull him closer and squirming as he grabbed his ass. Still, he knew he had to get things moving, and so, carefully, he pulled away, moving down Marius' body on his hands and knees, looking him in the eye before leaning down to take his erection into his mouth slowly. After all, he did owe Marius for being okay with all of this, and what better way to show his gratitude? And this way, Dragomir could be with him, too, which seemed like a good idea. Slowly, he ran his tongue down Marius' length before taking the head into his mouth, licking lightly.

When Niles looked up at him, Marius smirked back at him to show his appreciation, before gasping loudly at the unexpected gesture of gratitude, bucking his hips forward unconsciously, desperate already for more. He wound his hand more tightly into Niles’s hair, glancing up from Niles’s arched body to Dragomir. “What—are you just going to watch, Dragos?” Marius teased huskily. Dragomir gave him a look that seemed a cross between a smirk and a glare, and Marius would have laughed had Niles not indulged a particularly sensitive area, inducing a low cry of pleasure.

Dragomir watched the proceedings wearily out of the corner of his eye, allowing the visuals and his brother’s noises of pleasure to further stimulate his own desire as he spread a quantity of lubricant over his fingers. Dragomir slipped a hand around Niles’s waist, encircling his length and squeezing lightly as he inserted the first finger, followed quickly by the second. Spreading them, he stretched Niles carefully before curling his fingers and pressing a little deeper, easily locating the spot he was looking for.

Niles easily ignored the discomfort of Dragomir stretching him, concentrating instead on his brother and giving him the most pleasure possible. However, when Dragomir pressed his fingers farther and hit that spot, Niles was immediately overwhelmed again, and squeezed his eyes shut, arching his back and moaning around Marius' erection. "D-Dragomir..." he gasped, pulling back for a moment, his tongue sticky with precum. He tried to turn to look, but felt Marius' restricting hands in his hair, and gave up quickly, returning to what he was doing and sliding Marius' erection slowly back into his mouth.

Dragomir ignored Marius’s whimper of abandonment, pleased with the reaction he’d elicited from Niles, and satisfied with his preparation. He retrieved the bottle of lube and once again squeezed a liberal quantity onto his hand, spreading it evenly over his length. Then, gripping Niles’s hips, Dragomir lined himself up carefully and thrust forward slowly, easing himself inside and letting out a gasp of please as he squeezed his eyes shut. He savored the initial thrill only for a moment before pulling out and thrusting back in once more, this time faster and harder.

When Niles felt Dragomir inside of him, he couldn't help it, he cried out again, arching even more and pressing his hips back against Dragomir. He wished that he could see Dragomir, but it really didn't matter, because his eyes were closed again a second later, when he became aware of Marius making a noise of impatience again and he focused again, taking even more of his length into his mouth and sucking lightly before sliding out and in again. It really was hard, however, when Dragomir was moving inside of him and it felt so good and he really couldn't think. He couldn't help it when he broke his rhythm to moan around Marius' erection, when he continued to make small noises of pleasure, even as he did his best to pleasure Marius. And the combination, the combination was good, was amazing, and he liked it, and he wanted more. Sucking more, rocking his hips back more, Niles did everything he could to give back for the overwhelming pleasure he was being given. He knotted his fists in the sheets; he could feel that he was going to come soon, and his erection hadn't even been touched.

Marius gasped, quivering as the vibrations from Niles’s vocalizations pushed him closer to his limit and thrusting into Niles’s mouth, overwhelmed by the warmth all around him. He cried out, embarrassed that his noises of pleasure were becoming steadily louder, and moved a hand to caress Niles’s cheek, knowing that both of them wouldn’t hold out much longer.

Dragomir continued to thrust harder, penetrating deeper. The way Niles moved beneath him, and the noises of pleasure both Niles and Marius made, caused Dragomir to go crazy; he was having trouble establishing a rhythm, and his strokes were fast and uncontrolled. Still, remembering Niles’s needs as well, Dragomir took hold of his erection, tightening his hand around the sensitive member, and beginning to stroke in time to his unpredictable thrusts. Dragomir moaned loudly, struggling to get himself under control and to establish a pace, slowing slightly to something he could maintain.

Forgetting himself, Niles tried to cry out Dragomir's name as he felt Dragomir touching him, but it came out as muffled as the moans that followed. Niles was having a more difficult time now; he could feel Marius pressing against the back of his throat and Dragomir thrusting so deep inside of him, and all he could do was cry out his pleasure to the best of his ability. He wanted more, but he couldn't request, and he wasn't sure he would have been able to, anyway. His mind was blank with ecstasy. He had never felt so full, so filled, and it was amazing.

Dragomir adjust the angle of his strokes for better accuracy, letting out a strangled moan, panting as his breath came in short gasps. He was close to the edge now; the deeper and harder he pressed, the more his mind was overcome with ecstasy. In his euphoric incoherency, Dragomir slid out slowly before slamming back in without warning, just managing to keep the same pattern with his hand, and stifled a small cry, desperately close to his climax.

Marius moaned unreservedly, all modesty abandoned, as he squeezed his eyes shut and rocked his hips forward, the vibrations of Niles’s stifled moans sending jolts of pure pleasure through him, enough to make his mind go blank with rapture. “Niles—!” Marius gasped, his face flushed, “I’m—I’m going to come!” Marius cried out again, a strangled yelp, throwing his head back as he came, his legs shaking, and his vision white, only cognizant of pure bliss.

With Marius' warning, Niles swallowed as much as he could, though it was difficult when he was still so overwhelmed and incoherent with pleasure himself. He managed most of it somehow, and though he knew there was cum all over his face, he didn't care. As Dragomir slammed back inside of him, it was all too much, and Niles came as well with a loud cry, gasping and collapsing forward onto the bed, still on his knees, his face pressed into the sheets, his rear still thrust up towards Dragomir.

As Niles’s muscles clenched and tightened around him, Dragomir let out a gasp of pleasure and with Niles’s name on his lips, came, Niles’s orgasm triggering and intensifying his own. Dragomir’s mind went blank with ecstasy as the release came, and he slumped forward onto Niles, easing out slowly and smirking with pure satisfaction against Niles’s skin as he waited for his vision to return.

Niles smiled as he felt Dragomir come inside of him, collapse on top of him, however, he was still feeling rather unsatisfied. He wouldn't say anything, but secretly hoped that someone would touch him, kiss him again. For the time being, he busied himself with wiping the cum from his face with his fingers and licking them clean as he caught his breath, waiting for someone to move.

Dragomir pressed a quick kiss to the back of Niles’s neck before sitting up and looking over at his brother. Both he and Niles were sticky with Marius’s cum, and watching as Niles liked it off his fingers made Dragomir feel like he could do it all over again. This little experiment had turned out to be quite a lot better than Dragomir would have thought, and it was certainly worth the effort to see Niles so satisfied. Still, looking down at him, Dragomir noted the way he seemed to be waiting for one of them to do something, and he looked back at Marius meeting his gaze and matching his expression with a characteristic Hirlea smirk. He knew exactly what his brother was thinking and nodded his approval of the idea almost smugly.

“Niles,” Dragomir said slowly, his voice still husky as he became steadily more aroused again in anticipation. He licked his lips carefully, trailing his hand down Niles’s back before leaning forward and scooping him into his lap, pressing a kiss to his lips fervidly.

“It’s my turn, isn’t it?” Marius whined, still smirking, as he made his way to Niles, leaning in to tease his earlobe with his teeth.

Niles kissed Dragomir back, remaining mostly limp in his arms. Though he was eager to go again, he was still a little drained, and besides, he liked being at Dragomir and Marius' mercy. When he felt Marius nip at his ear, too, he whimpered, squirming in Dragomir's lap. Already, he was getting excited again, and he was once again elated at the feeling of both Marius and Dragomir on him.

Dragomir looked into Niles’s eyes and smiled at him lovingly, pleased with his receptiveness and grateful that he was willing to indulge them so thoroughly. He loved having Niles pressed up against him; the feel of Niles’s skin against his own sent a prickle of heat across him once again, and he knew he was ready for more. Dragomir slipped his arms under Niles’s, hoisting him up so that he was nearly startling him and pressing their hips together with a grunt of pleasure. It may have been Marius’s “turn” now, but Dragomir didn’t really feel all that left out. After all, he would be the one to watch as Niles’s face contorted in pleasure, and it would be Dragomir who would feel Niles’s hot cum spilling over them both. It was a fair enough trade, and with that thought in mind, Dragomir fumbled around blindly behind him, searching for the lubricant. Locating it, he smirked, and tossed the bottle to Marius, who caught it with a chuckle.

Marius wasted no time in spreading the lube across his forefingers, gently pressing the first digit against Niles’s opening as Dragomir lifted him a little, allowing Marius still better access. Just as Marius had expected, Niles was still hot and tight, and the mere act of fingering him gave Marius a rush of excitement, his erection steadily hardening in his eagerness and lust. He stretched Niles hastily, then curled his fingers inward sharply.

Niles placed his hands on Dragomir's shoulders and bit his lip a little in discomfort as he felt Marius stretching him. Soon, however, his discomfort was forgotten, and he let out a cry as Marius pressed his fingers in farther and he was once again overwhelmed with pleasure. "P-please..." he whimpered, letting his eyes fall shut and gripping Dragomir's shoulders tightly. "Please... fuck me..."

Marius laughed, withdrawing his fingers and leaning in so that he could whisper in Niles’s ear, his voice low and throaty; “With pleasure.”

Hearing Niles say those words hit Dragomir with a pang of jealousy; sure, he would be holding Niles, supporting him, watching him, but it would be Marius who would do the fucking. Dragomir didn’t want to ruin the experience with his jealously, but he couldn’t push it entirely out of his mind—the idea that Niles had just asked, almost begged, someone else to fuck him. It made Dragomir uneasy, but he knew he had to get over it. And he knew that none of this meant anything serious, which was exactly why he should enjoy it. Thus resolved, Dragomir rocked his hips up again, pressing against Niles and stealing his lips in a kiss as Marius applied the lubricant to his length thoroughly.

Marius capped the bottle and cast it aside, gripping Niles’s hips and pressing inside slowly, gasping at the sensation, his breath quickening with excitement as he withdrew slowly, then trust back inside once more, this time much faster, allowing him to penetrate deeper than before.

Niles broke the kiss to cry out loudly as he felt Marius thrust inside of him, digging his fingers into Dragomir's back. Arching his back, he let out another low moan before pressing his lips to Dragomir's again. It felt so good, and he rocked his hips back against Marius', pulling Dragomir closer. He couldn't help it, he wanted both, he wanted it all, because it was so amazing, so good, so overwhelming, and he cried out again, unintelligible cries of pleasure.

Dragomir kissed Niles back avidly, shivering at the way Niles’s body rocked against him, moving to Marius’s steadying rhythm, and he tightened his hold on Niles as well, supporting him, even as Niles pulled him closer, relishing the contact and delighting in Niles’s cries of pleasure.

Marius gasped slightly with pleasure as Niles arched back against him, and increased his speed further. He hadn’t been with another guy in a long time—not since he got married—but damn, it was good; Niles was good. Hot, tight, and receptive. Mrius’s breath was growing raged, and he slammed harder into Niles pushing forward, pressing for more contact. Moaning loudly at the sensation, he moved a hand from Niles’s hip to stroke the length of Niles’s erection briefly, then pressed it against Dragomir’s, squeezing lightly and savoring his brother’s yelp of surprise and pleasure.

Niles gasped at the contact, crying out again and pulling Dragomir tighter still. The feelings were so overwhelming, he could hardly take it anymore, and he didn't know which way to move, how to get more contact with Marius and Dragomir at the same time. "P-please..." he managed to choke out, "more..." He knew that wasn't very specific, but hopefully, they would understand what he meant, what he so desperately needed.

Both moved quickly to respond to Niles’s request, both equally desperate for more. Grunting, Dragomir let go of Niles with one hand to take over for Marius, who had withdrawn his hand to steady himself in his increasing desperation to penetrate Niles deeper still. Dragomir placed a fleeting kiss on Niles’s lips before gasping incoherently as he squeezed their erections together, pumping to match the Marius’s degrading rhythm.

Marius gripped Niles by the hips, slamming into Niles once more and withdrawing slowly, shifting his weight to adjust the angle of his strokes, aiming to please. He moaned lowly at the new sensation and bit his lip; he was close to his edge, but he held back, letting the feeling strengthen and intensify his pleasure with each thrust.

Gripping Dragomir's back tightly and rocking his hips back to meet Marius' thrusts, Niles cried out again at the new and pleasurable feelings. It was just so good, he knew he wouldn't last much longer, and sure enough, moments later, he was coming with an unintelligible cry, spilling cum all over himself and Dragomir before collapsing forward, his vision white, overwhelmed by pure pleasure.

The spasming of Niles’s muscles around him drove Marius crazy with intoxicating pleasure, pushing him over the brink. He came, crying out incoherencies as he spilled his seed deep inside of Niles. Overcome with ecstasy, Marius’s vision went blank. Blinking, he pulled away from Niles slowly and lay back onto the bed, feeling more content than he had in ages and smirking with smug satisfaction.

Dragomir watched through squinted eyes, breathing heavily, as Niles came, savoring his expression and imprinting the look of pure rapture in his mind’s eye. Watching him in such a state drove Dragomir crazy, though he forced the slight twinge of jealousy out of him, instead focusing on all the passion he felt for Niles and letting it drive him over the edge. He could smell the cum, feel it on his skin—that and the visual of Niles, spent against him, was enough to bring him to his climax. Dragomir came, gasping; withdrawing his hand covered in his and Niles’s cum and pulling Niles back with him as he fell back on the bed.

Niles smiled warmly, snuggling into Dragomir's chest. He felt entirely spent and contently tired, and Dragomir's comforting arms around him only added to the feeling. "Thank you," he managed softly, looking to Marius, before cuddling up to Dragomir again. "And thank you, Dragomir... I love you so much." He pressed an exhausted kiss to Dragomir's lips, letting his eyes fall shut. "I love you."

“I love you too,” Dragomir breathed back, pressing a light kiss to Niles’s forehead lovingly. They were exhausted, sticky, and sweaty, but what did it matter? Niles was happy, and Dragomir was happy Niles was happy.

Marius leaned forward on his elbows and let out a low chortle. “Aww,” he teased, never one for anything too sentimental. “Hold me too, Dragos?” He edged forward, stopping when Dragomir shot him a look and pulled Niles closer possessively. Marius laughed again, and sat back on his knees. “You did say I could stay the night?” Marius reminded, stating it as a question emphatically.

"Oh, of course!" Niles responded, sitting up and pulling away from Dragomir momentarily. He looked around, a little concerned. After all, when he had acquired his bed, he had only himself in mind for sleeping in it, and though it was plenty big for both he and Dragomir, he didn't think it was really proper for three. He didn't want Marius to be uncomfortable through the night, and so he motioned to his large sitting-room couch. "You can sleep over there, if you want. It's really big and comfy, and I fall asleep on it all the time. I just don't think there's enough room here for you to be comfortable...right Dragomir?" He turned back to Dragomir, blinking concernedly.

“Nope, not enough room.” Dragomir repeated for good measure, sitting up as well. Now he was the one smirking. “It really is comfortable over there, though.” Dragomir reassured him, though he couldn’t say he knew that from experience; he’d never been banished to the couch. His smirk broadened a little wider, and he pulled Niles back into his arms so that Niles was leaning against him.

“The couch…?” Marius asked pathetically, doing his best to ignore his brother and focusing all his energy into his most pathetic and hurt looking face, directed at Niles. “Are you sure…? No room at all?” But, Marius sighed, sliding off the bed onto the floor, if he wanted to be invited again, it would be best for him to do what they wanted. He was just the guest, after all. “Well…okay…thank you. I am really tired, actually, so this will be better.” He laughed, shrugging it off. He could let Dragomir have this little victory. He didn’t really care.

Niles pulled one of the blankets from the bed, handing it to Marius. "I promise, it won't be uncomfortable," he swore, smiling and hoping Marius wasn't too upset about it. "Thank you again, and sleep well." With that, he smiled back at Dragomir, tugging on his arm before laying back into the bed. "Good night!" he called, waiting for Dragomir to lay with him, for Dragomir's warm embrace to lull him to sleep.

Dragomir dropped down next to Niles, shifting around a bit until he had a leg under their remaining blanket and his arms around Niles comfortably. He smiled softly, finding Niles’s lips and pressing a soft kiss to them as he let his eyes fall shut. Dragomir felt content and satisfied; Niles was his again, and he would not be sharing for a while.

“Night!” Marius grinned, accepting the blanket and shuffling over to the sofa before falling into with a loud and contented sigh. Actually, it really was comfortable, and this way he could be sure Dragomir wouldn’t push him off the bed, or anything. And, if they all woke up feeling rested, maybe, just maybe, Dragomir and Niles would be up for a little more fun.
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