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So, I just finished watching the 3rd and 4th Digimon movies... have a review! XD;;

Bokura no WAR GAME [Adventure]
This is the second part of the American release of the "Digimon Moive" (the dubs of movies 1, 2, and 3 strung together into one movie), for reference. The plot is fairly simple in comparison to the others: a digi-egg made of viruses appears on the internet and then hatches into a data-munching digimon of evil. It does several misdeeds, including taking down the phones and internet and launching a nuclear missile from America at Japan, and (when Patamon and Tentomon fail) Agumon and Gabumon must go into the internet and stop him. The movie remains fairly plothole-free up until Taichi and Yamato somehow enter through their computer monitors into the internet, but this practice is duplicated in the fourth movie, so one must assume that it's similar to going to the digital world (read as: ignore that it's an unexplained plothole XD). Diablomon, the evil digimon, has, by this point, multiplied to thousands, and Taichi and Yamato are challenged to find the original. Only then will the missile be disarmed, and so, rising to the challenge, Agumon and Gabumon DNA shinka to Omegamon and indeed kill all the Diablomon. Japan is saved, and everyone is joyful.

Personally, I'm quite fond of this movie. I mean, yes, it's a children's movie, but it's like, a part of my childhood. XD;; It's pretty cute, and much better in the original Japanese, and hints at Taito, for those who swing that way. ♡ Koushiro's antics are rather humourous, in a middle school sort of way, as are the brief views of Hikari, Jou, and Mimi. The Sora and Taichi subplot I could live without, but it also makes like millions of times more sense in Japanese, so for those who have seen it in English, watch it in Japanese too! Of the three movies that I've watched, I'd recommend Bokura no WAR GAME the most of the three.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Hurricane Touchdown! [Zero Two]
This is the last segment of the American dub, and by far the most convoluted. It takes place in America, for the most part, and opens with a young boy playing in a field of flowers with two digimon. A strange wind blows, and one of the digimon disappears. It then cuts to New York, years later, where Hikari and Takeru are vacationing and visiting Mimi. All of a sudden, Hikari proclaims that she can hear a crying digimon, and at that moment, a wind blows and Mimi disappears. There are cuts to the various original children, showing that all but Takeru and Hikari disappear in a strange wind. Hikari and Takeru see a boy with a small bunny-seeming digimon called Gumimon talking to a large digimon which he calls Chocomon. Chocomon, after attacking the boy, who calls himself Wallace, disappears in that same strange wind, and Hikari and Takeru decide to call Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori. Daisuke and Co. manage to hitchhike to South Dakota, where they run into the also-hitchhiking Wallace. Daisuke is distrustful, but their digimon get along, and so he gives in. They duke it out with Chocomon and learn the original 6 were abducted by him. Eventually, they get Wallace to befriend them, and they all go to Summer Memories, the flower field from the beginning scene. After learning that Chocomon was Wallace's second digimon who became infected with a virus of some sort and that Chocomon wants things to go back to how they were when Wallace was a small child, things get really weird. Chocomon is somehow able to shinka into a scary-looking bunny digimon, and makes the world go negative. Small black balls start falling from the sky, and shoot from the bunny digimon's injuries. Hikari and Takeru appear at some point with Angemon and Angewomon, who warp shinka and then are attacked, returning to their rookie/champion forms in about .5 seconds. For some reason, everyone turns into a small child, and the digimon cannot digivolve. Then, out of nowhere, gold digi-eggs appear, and Gumimon and V-mon armour shinka into golden-armoured digimon, and promptly get eaten by the large bunny digimon. By some magic, they fix the bunny, and he turns pretty and sweet for a moment before dissolving. Wallace is devastated that his digimon has died, however, when he finds that Gumimon has survived, he cheers up. Everyone magically is a teen again, and the children head back for Japan. Wallace sees an egg floating in the water, and runs toward it with Gumimon, laughing.

You can so how much more convoluted this is by the length of my summary. XD;;; This movie is not so much worth watching for the plot as it is for other things. First off, Wallace's English is really funny. He sounds like he says his name is Horace, and his attempt at an American accent is quite amusing. He spoke less and less English as the movie went on, which made me sad. But it was really cute. XD;;; The other thing is that, though the plot is impossible to follow, the movie is quite emotional. I cried at one point, even though I felt really stupid for it XD;; You actually really do feel for Wallace, for which I give the movie kudos.

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Diablomon Strikes Back! [Zero Two]
This movie, so far as I know, was never released in America. It takes place, so far as I can tell, after the end of Zero Two (but before the epilogue, obviously XD). Koushiro realizes that Kuramon are being released into the internet, and that Diablomon is not actually dead. While Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, Iori, Hikari and Takeru are sent around Japan to round up the Kuramon and send them back into the nets, Taichi and Yamato are sent into the internet to defeat Diablomon with Omegamon again, only to find out that Diablomon is not actually there and has instead dissolved himself into millions of Kuramon. Miyako opens the gate to allow Ken and Daisuke through only to accidentally release all the Kuramon into the real world, and they form into a giant digi-egg, which hatches into a scary digimon. Taichi and Yamato fight the scary-mon with Omegamon, but he defeats them easily. Ken and Daisuke, forced to get from Odaiba to Tokyo Harbour on foot and, at the end, on bike, only make it after Omegamon has been defeated. Luckily, V-mon and Wormmon are there, and DNA shinka into Imperialdramon. With everyone's hope, Omegamon produces a sword with which Imperialdramon can fight, and he defeats scary-mon. Once more, everyone is joyful.

Obviously, this movie is pretty crappy for several reasons. One: the plot is really lacking. It's complicated and really hard to understand, semi-riddled with plotholes, and not all that attention-captivating. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen, but it really didn't. Two: It's not very emotional. There's never a moment where I felt really touched or on edge, like I did with the other two movies. You don't even really get to see anything new out of the characters. It's really flat. Three: THERE'S NO DAIKEN! Hello. This is the only movie in which Ken appears. This is an obvious major flaw in the movie. All in all, if you want to see one out of the three, don't choose this one.

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

So there you have it, if you care XD;;; I should go write some Digimon fanfiction now... XD:;;

Oh, and for future reference: Digimon Zero Two
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