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28 June 2008 @ 09:11 pm
Hazel again ♥  
The last part~

Title: Soul

Disclaimer: Hazel is Minekura's sexiness, not mine.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: one-sided BL, mentions of sex

Author's note: A Hazel cosplay would be super awesome.

Slouching against a wall with his hat pulled down over his eyes, Hazel realized long ago, was a good way to make it appear as if he were sleeping, as useful position to be in when he wanted to find something out. An unfortunate downside to this was that he sometimes overheard things he rather wished he hadn't, but right now, he needed to be left alone, and feigning sleep was the best method. Slowly, things went on around him, but Hazel ignored it all, mulling over the words that had been echoing in his head.

"Even a one inch worm has a half inch soul." "The word 'soul' doesn't refer to life. It refers to pride." Pride was never something he had considered before, not when it came to choices. After all, his morals, his goal was the only thing that mattered, right? What did pride have to do with it? But a lot apparently, according to Sanzo... Should it matter to him, too?

He was distracted from his thoughts by loud footsteps; Gato was entering the room, and Hazel allowed himself to lay limp. He heard the footsteps stop, as Gato stood before him for a few minutes. Hazel didn't know what he was doing, and was beginning to worry that he had been figured out when the footsteps started again, and then Gato was gone.

Hazel was in the process of wondering the reason behind the visit when he suddenly heard speaking in the other room, and he changed his focus to listen.

"Why did you do that to him?" Gato's deep voice left the matter vague, but Hazel knew of what he was speaking, and he knew Sanzo knew, too. His stomach knotted, and he wished he hadn't listened; he had been trying as hard as he could to forget that night and the heartbreaking morning after, especially since he could find no sense in the Sanzo's act of cruelty. He had tried his hardest to block it out entirely and continue as if it had never happened, continue his life, his goal, his infatuation with Sanzo. But everything had been off, and he knew it, and so he kept listening, despite the wretched feeling it gave him.

"He didn't understand what it meant to have a soul," came Sanzo's flat reply, then silence, and Hazel couldn't hlp but laugh softly at himself. If even a one inch worm had a half inch soul, well... he supposed he much have a half in soul, too. He thought for a moment, then, making up his mind, rose, replacing his hat on his head, and strode into the other room.

"Well, if it isn't sleeping beauty," Sanzo remarked, with a roll of his eyes, not looking up from his paper.

Hazel, however, only smiled. "Really, Mister Sanzo, I'd be mighty grateful if next time ya wanted to teach me somethin', you did it with yer mouth."

Sanzo raised an eyebrow. "I should have known you were too stupid to learn, anyway. I just hate having to put up with your stupidity."

Hazel shrugged, turning to walk away. "Depends on what yer thinkin', I guess." He looked over his shoulder, smile still alive on his lips. "But from now on, if ya want me, yer gonna hafta come chasin' after me."

He could tell Sanzo was staring, but he didn't wait around to see. Strangely happy with himself, he walked away, grinning. If he couldn't have Sanzo's heart, it seemed, his respect might do, for the time being, and though maybe it made him a bit more like the youkai, perhaps a little more of a soul wouldn't hurt, either.
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Fye D. Fluoritehalf_misfortune on June 30th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
Oh <3 I'm stealing your account. That being said-


and let it be known that you write a very sexy Hazel.