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Bus Gamer fic~

As promised! The Bus Gamer fic that's been rolling around in my head for the past week or so. Seeing as there's only one volume available for me to read, it's a bit cliche and a bit drabbly, but I hope everyone will still enjoy!

Title: Chance Meetings

Disclaimer: Minekura owns (and better continue) Bus Gamer

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, Nakajyo's bad mouth

Author's Note: I really want to see how this pairing goes when Minekura continues... since it's obvious that's the pairing she wants from her art. XD; This is my little nudge in that direction... Hopefully it's somewhere near what Minekura had in mind!

He didn't think anything of it at first. After all, they were both living their lives, and chance meetings were bound to happen; it couldn't be called strange if they were both in the same electronics store for a few minutes, if they were both having dinner at the same ramen place. Coincidences were bound to happen, as they did with any other set of people, and so Mishiba was completely unfazed for the first few times when, fifteen minutes or so after he entered a restaurant or store or shop of some sort, the door would open and Nakajyo would appear, sauntering in as if he owned the place. They would exchange a look--only one-- and then go on with their respective business as if they had never met, because that was a sort-of unspoken part of the rules, even if Saitou refused to follow it. After he would finish, Mishiba would always leave (always first, which he also thought nothing of, since he entered first), and he wouldn't think anything of it after that, not until the next chance meeting.

But after some time, as the pattern continued, Mishiba began to realize the abnormal frequency with which these chance meetings occurred. They would cross paths in the video store Monday. Nakajyo would come in and take a seat two tables down from him in the Chinese restaurant Thursday. He'd turn around to meet with familiar eyes four people back in the line at the convenience store on Sunday. And when he tried to tell himself it was just coincidence, still, and soon they'd never run into each other by chance for some time, he would be proven wrong again and again when Nakajyo would appear, right on cue, only a few minutes after Mishiba had arrived at his destination.

Mishiba didn't know what to think. Though he had agreed wholeheartedly, Nakajyo had been the one insistent on the 'stick to yourself' rule, so what sense did it make for him to be following Mishiba? There really was no explanation, none at all, besides chance, and though it was uncanny, Mishiba refused to believe that Nakajyo would actually follow him, or that, for that matter, he would somehow, subconsciously, choose to go somewhere he knew Nakajyo would go. It was too farfetched, there was no other explanation beyond chance. After all, if Nakajyo wanted to talk to him about something, ask him about something, he would text or call or something, and when they met up again in-between the chance meetings to plan out their next strategy to prepare for the game later in the day, Nakajyo would say nothing of the chance run-ins, and, of course, Mishiba wouldn't, either. Best, he knew, to pretend they didn't happen at all, best not to start any conversation, best not to get attached. And so the chance meetings continued, unmentioned and unacknowledged, and Mishiba did his best to push them from his mind.

Time went on. The weather got warmer, then stormier. Mishiba, who was of the distinct opinion that he would not melt, continued to walk, for the most part, to and from work, and took in a blue, paisley-print umbrella as his new companion. When they were together, he listened to Saitou complain and Nakajyo grumbled, but he ignored them both, just as he ignored the rain and the chance meetings which, it seemed, were completely unhindered by the rain.

But then, one unfortunate evening, Mishiba made the error of leaving his umbrella at the bar. This would not have been an issue had the weather stayed clear, but halfway through his walk home from work, it began to drizzle, then to downpour, and Mishiba was left with no other option than to join a group of other unlucky pedestrians huddled under an awning, waiting for the storm to clear up. He waited for a few moments, staring at the ripples in the puddles in the street, before that lost interest and he began to survey the crowd.

He was just about to go back to looking at the puddles with the opinion that they were more interesting than the businessmen and college students around him when he noticed someone else entering the group, though at a slow pace, as if he was far too good to be bothered to hurry, and Mishiba gaped internally. Of course, it was Nakajyo, of course, it was just another chance meeting, and so Mishiba did his best to pretend as if he hadn't noticed his teammate's arrival and stared down, pointedly, at the puddles at his feet.

The rain carried on, beating down on the awning in a continual drone, and slowly but surely, the businessmen and college students began to relinquish hopes of staying dry, departing one after another at a jog or a run, some hurrying towards the next awning and some hailing taxis but most giving up and walking on through the rain, carefully avoiding the puddles as if that would keep them dryer, in the long run. Mishiba, however, stayed put, perhaps because he was in no hurry to go anywhere, perhaps because he was transfixed with the ripples in the puddles, or perhaps for some other reason entirely that he was not quite ready to admit, even to himself, but whatever the reason, he remained under the awning as, one by one, his compatriots left him, and eventually, he was left, alone, with Nakajyo.

For some reason, this situation startled Mishiba, as if he hadn't been expecting Nakajyo to still be there when he looked up again. But no matter what he had been expecting, Nakajyo was still there and looking straight back at him when he looked up, and so he had no choice but to acknowledge his presence. "Hey."

"Hey," Nakajyo responded with a lazy wave, taking a few steps closer. "Now that we've got the place to ourselves, there's actually room to breathe." He chuckled, and Mishiba half-nodded, not knowing what else to do and not interested in making conversation. In fact, he was really much more ready to pretend Nakajyo didn't exist and look the other way, though he was unsure why he was so strongly inclined to take up the defense mechanisms of a five-year-old. Why did it matter if Nakajyo was there? It was just the same as when they met as a team... except, of course, Saitou wasn't there. And since Saitou wasn't there to ask them questions and heckle them, they might, should they choose to talk, get to know each other. Which Mishiba distinctly did not want. That was the problem, he told himself. He just didn't want to get close, and there was nothing wrong with that.

"Shitty weather we're having," Nakajyo continued, looking out into the rain, a half-grin on his lips, and Mishiba, for some reason, felt obligated to respond. "Yeah."

"Though I guess some might say that a situation like this, two people hiding from the rain under an awning... some might say that's kinda romantic." He flashed a grin, and Mishiba started. He looked up at Nakajyo, planning a "what was that?" and then possibly a "what is that supposed to mean?" but when he looked up, he was caught up in Nakajyo's eyes looking back into his and how close Nakajyo's face was to his, and for an instant, he couldn't move and his breath caught in his throat, and he almost wasn't surprised when Nakajyo leaned forward and kissed him.

Mishiba was uncertain whether the kiss lasted a moment or close to an hour, but all of a sudden, it was done, and Nakajyo was sprinting away down the street in the rain, and all Mishiba could do was stare after him, wondering if that exchange had even actually happened, or if it was all a figment of his imagination. Slowly, he brought a hand to his lips, as if the kiss had been something tangible that he could touch, and the memory was so vivid in his mind it almost seemed as if it could be, and Mishiba found himself wishing that he could relive it, that Nakajyo would kiss him again. But-- that was stupid, he told himself, he didn't want to get attached! But, it seemed, he did, and Mishiba wasn't one to lie to himself. This would require some thinking through, this would require sleeping-on. With a sigh, he, too, headed out into the rain, pushing the thought from his mind for the time being. After a hot shower and a good night's sleep, then he would worry about the kiss and Nakajyo and everything else.

But even now, it seemed, one thing was obvious: the chance meetings may not have been chance, after all.

In other news, does anyone want to do some sort of email or aim RP with me involving Hazel? Because I'm still in that Hazelicious mood. *shrug* I guess I can write more fanfiction... but I have a nagging desire to RP him. It'll help, I guess that my Nii-mun is back from hiatus on nonstop_journey~! [Btw, if you want to do a Saiyuki RP, that's a good place! :D Please please please check it out?]
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