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14 October 2008 @ 04:19 pm
Thoughts concerning Kanan  
Messing around in nitro_dressing made me think about some things...

On Kanan:
① You almost never see Kanan with her eyes open. In all of the flashbacks, when you get a good look at her (ex: the colour page at the beginning of volume 4, the "the child of that monster is inside me" picture, the picture of her and Gonou frolicking through the fields of flowers) she has her eyes closed. The only other character who I can find who exhibits this trait is Chin Yisou. Is there a connection here?
② Kanan is, as far as anyone can tell, Catholic. Gonou was, judging from the nuns and crosses, Catholic. It can be deduced, from the crucifixes apparent in the Sunspot arc, that Hazel is also Catholic (aka, Minekura's "True Church of the West" is the Catholic church). All three of these individuals are notably racist. Hmmmmmmmmm.
③ For that matter, Kanan and Hazel have the same religion! TT___TT;; Alas.

Regardless... it's amusing pissing Kanan off as Hazel. XD;;; Though she's kind of kicking his ass right now...... Oh well. XD;;;

[EDIT] Haha... Hazel ran into Konzen & friends... and is refusing to believe that they're gods (as in, there's more than one god XD). I find it very strange that I so love such a religious, racist character... but I love Hazel so. XD;;;
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