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Guess what this post is about.

My icon is really inappropriate for this XD;; Seto would die to see this icon, actually. So uh. Oops XD;;;

Title: Just as Good as Yesterday

Disclaimer: Mokuba's dashing outfit is mine. Everything else is Takahashi's. XD;

Rating: PGish? It turned out tamer than I was originally planning XD;;

Warnings: Uh? Incest if you really squint?

Author's Note: I've written a few fics with a very bleak outlook for Mokuba... I decided it was high time I gave him a happy future, instead. XD; This is set six years after the end of Yuugiou Duel Monsters.

Mokuba's day begins at five every morning. Since graduating junior high, he began waking earlier and earlier... after all, he has so much to get done in a day! When he was a child, he used to enjoy sleeping in, waking up just in time to dress, eat, and get to school -- in fact, he still might enjoy it, if he tried, but there's just too much to get done, and he can't afford that leisure anymore. After dressing and, occasionally, forcing some food into his system, he checks the stock market and the value of KaibaCorp, specifically, checks his email and does his best to respond to any issues there, then picks up, as best he can, from wherever he left off last night. Usually, he can at least get something done before he has to leave for school.

On average, Mokuba attends school three days a week, though it definitely varies (when work gets rough, he skips entire weeks altogether, and though he sometimes makes four days, he almost never attends more than that in a week). It's more than Seto ever went when he was in high school, but Mokuba feels a little bit more responsibility to go, since he is enrolled, after all. He gets the feeling the Seto was too self-important for high school, and, he supposes, it's pretty much true, Seto was too good for uniforms and grades and assignments. Seto's too good for a lot of things, but Mokuba has always been good at following rules, and so he goes, some of the time, at least, and when he doesn't he emails his assignments to his teachers by the end of the evening. And school is all right, really... Mokuba sees his friends (acquaintances, really, anymore, but they've been together since elementary, and he likes their presence) there, Yumi and Noriko. Sometimes, when they talk about their lives, he envies them; Yumi is in volleyball club after school and has a boyfriend who takes her to amusement parks and shopping arcades on the weekends, and Noriko is a dancer and is in ballet competitions and recitals and all her friends and family come to see her. Yumi has invited him out on weekends before, and Noriko to her shows, and Mokuba wishes he could go, but he always has to smile and shake his head and apologize, no, he has work, he has work...

But really, it's not so bad. Mokuba likes working, likes being able to do something for a change as Vice President of Kaiba Corporation. It definitely beats running around after his brother hauling the metal briefcase because it was the best he could do at eleven (though he does end up doing that, too, sometimes, to his nostalgic pleasure), and it gives him a sense of worth, that he's useful, that he's actually really truly honestly helping Seto. He delights in knowing that he's the only other person in the company that his brother trusts, despite the fact that it lands him a lot more work than he might normally have. His position is a combination, really, he's like part CTO, part CIO, part whatever-Seto-tells-him-to-do-at-the-moment, and it does make things a bit hectic and confusing sometimes, but even when he's stressed to the point that he's about to tear his hair out, he knows that he's taking some of the work off of Seto's shoulders, and so it's okay, and that thought alone gets him through until he's standing by his brother's side, watching the newest product get rave reviews, grinning stupidly from ear to ear. It's a pride that Mokuba never knew as a child, almost like being a parent, like every project completed is his and Seto's offspring. That's a silly thought, but Mokuba likes to think in metaphors when it comes to work; it makes things more interesting.

And though it's sometimes stressful, being an adult, Mokuba always bears in mind that it's not nearly as bad as it must have been for Seto when he was younger, taking care of Mokuba and running the company by himself. Because there's two of them, now, occasionally-- occasionally-- they have enough time to actually sit together, in the dining room and eat dinner, or have a conversation about something other than work. When he talks to Seto now, Mokuba always gets a stupidly giddy feeling, because he's an adult now and he's grown into his brother, it seems. He understands now, he's rational and logical, having grown out of the tantrums and haywire emotions and insecurity of childhood, and, though Mokuba knows Seto doesn't or doesn't want to know it, he can tell Seto's a little more at ease around him, too. They're on the same page now, they can almost communicate wordlessly, with a look in the eye or a gesture or a hint of a smile. Seto, Mokuba can tell, chalks it up coincidence, but Mokuba attributes it to being brothers, to being as close as they are, always have been, always will be.

Though Mokuba's become more and more like Seto as he's grown, however, he's decidedly his own person. He dresses his slender figure and lanky limbs in bright colours-- lime green skin tight corduroy pants, blue turtleneck belly shirt, billowing white trench coat... Mokuba's grown into Seto's sense of style but not palette. He keeps his hair long, like he always has, but ties it up, in a ponytail, at least, for work, and paints his nails on occasion (though he has always suspected Seto of getting manicures when no one was looking). In attitude, too, he remains cheerful and polite to his employees and everyone around him, never forgetting his honorifics like his brother so purposefully does, doing his best to be pleasant, to juxtapose his brother's constant scowl.

Still, though Mokuba himself has changed, as have their conversations and their working relationship and their attitudes towards one another, little of consequence has really changed between Seto and Mokuba. Mokuba is still obedient to his revered Nii-sama, still lives and breathes for the older brother who has always, always been his god, and Seto still orders and frowns and ignores and thinks but never says "I love you, I love you." Mokuba knows and so, still, he says it enough for the both of them, and sometimes, sometimes gets rewarded with a smile or a touch and on very rare instances, an embrace. And he waits until late, until one, two, three in the morning before coming back to Seto's bedroom and climbing into bed beside him like he has been doing for years and listening to Seto grumble at him like he always has for a moment or two before curling up beside him and closing his eyes. Mokuba smiles to himself as Seto takes him into his arms after he thinks Mokuba's fallen asleep and presses a kiss to the back of his neck, and though, occasionally, things are better, Mokuba likes it this way, definitely likes it this way, he thinks, as he falls into a dreamless sleep...

And then prying himself out of his brother's arms is always the hardest at five in the morning, but Mokuba has learned not to complain, unlike when he was a child, when he questioned everything, Mokuba knows that today will be just as good as yesterday and the day before, and he's perfectly content with that.
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