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the end. XD;

Post 4~
Everything the same as the first post.

The weeks came and went, and before long, a month had passed, though Seto hardly noticed the time going by. Kaiba Land was up and running seven days a week, and even with it open—especially with it open—he had more than enough work to keep himself busy. Moreover, Seto found himself scheduling larger chunks of time in his already busy days for time to spend with Mokuba. It was odd…in the past, it had always seemed to Seto that they saw a lot of each other, more than most brothers, perhaps, since Mokuba was always doing everything he could to help with Seto’s work. Recently, however, there simply hadn’t been enough time in the day for the two of them together. After all, they had to act as though nothing had changed between the two of them around others, and though it didn’t bother Seto much at all—it was convenient and simple; he was used to ordering Mokuba around—such time made Seto all the more aware of his longing to be with his brother on a more intimate level.

The time they spent together doing work, faking their normal brotherly relationship, left Seto longing for more time to be close. Nights spent together made up for some of the time Seto felt they missed, but it was the long days when Mokuba went to school and Seto didn’t that were the worst. Seto almost always found himself unconsciously hurrying through his work, leaving himself with a good half hour or more to sit and watch the clock, waiting for school to get out, adding in the time it took Mokuba to walk back, as well as ride the elevator. He had it down to just a few minutes, and though he always made himself look busy when Mokuba walked in, Seto knew he’d never wasted more time in his life. Yet he didn’t mind; it was worth it to be able to see Mokuba as soon as he could each day because their time alone was precious.

Seto strummed his fingers on his desk, looking from the clock to a stack of documents that he’d taken out merely for show; Mokuba was due to arrive in just a few minutes, and Seto didn’t want him to think that he’d been waiting for him for the past twenty-seven minutes.

For Mokuba, too, the past month, it seemed, had gone by in the blink of an eye. He had never been happier in his life; his brother was setting aside time that was just for him and nothing else. Seto's work, school, personal issues... none of them were Mokuba's problem anymore, because for the first time in his life, Seto was actually taking time to put all of it aside and spend time just with him. Mokuba was under the distinct impression for the first week or so that he had died and gone to heaven, and even now that he was beginning to get used to it, he was happier than he could ever remember being before.

Of course, it was a drag that they had to pretend around all the stupid KaibaCorp employees and board and all those other people that there was nothing going on between them... but Mokuba didn't mind so much. After all, he had always been ready and eager to help his brother, and taking orders was something he didn't mind, something he was good at. And helping Seto was still spending time with Seto, and Mokuba still liked it, though he liked their personal time better. So long as he kept busy when they were in front of others, Mokuba was content to wait until the evenings, when, behind closed doors, he could act as he pleased around his older brother.

But it really wasn't so bad, because for the first time in his life, Mokuba was actually spending some time outside of the KaibaCorp building that wasn't for school or some Seto-related activity (like briefcase-carrying). Because he knew that there was and always would be time that Seto set aside for him, for the first time, he began to make plans with his school friends to meet on weekends and after school, to spend some time together, like other people his age did. It was novel, to be able to hang out and have fun, to go to the amusement park for a Sunday afternoon or the movies in the evening, and Mokuba was surprised to find he really enjoyed it. It wasn't that he was any less dedicated to Seto; whenever his brother wanted him around, for work or otherwise, Mokuba called everything else off, but in the times he used to spend sitting on the couch in his brother's office, amusing himself with TV he didn't care about or books he had read before, he now spent outside, with friends, it was a nice change.

But of course, spending more time with friends led to more discussion with friends, and somehow (though Mokuba knew he had been careful, knew he hadn't let anything slip) his friends had caught onto the fact the Mokuba was in a romantic relationship with a mysterious boy they didn't know. Though Mokuba hated to admit it, he had been a bit lax about covering his hickeys with bandanas or scarves and he often called off outings at the last minute or left early due to "meeting someone else," and so it was really little surprise when Noriko and Yumi started pumping him for information on his mysterious, anonymous boyfriend.

For a while, Mokuba was good, he kept his lips sealed and changed the subject or pointed out something particularly cute in a window display, but after another week or so, they began to catch on, and were harder to distract. Finally, Mokuba just didn't know what to do; he hated to flat out turn them down, or else lie to them, but he didn't really have any other option. As much as he didn't want to admit it, this was one, if insignificant, downside to his wonderful new relationship with Seto.

And so, today, he was walking home from school with Yumi and Noriko as per usual, happy in the knowledge that Seto had skipped school today, which meant that he would almost certainly have time for Mokuba as soon as he got home. However, he had to make it back alive first; when he had turned up at school was a rather large bruise on his neck that day, they had been entirely aghast, and would not stop bothering him about it. Finally, when they parted ways and he headed into the business district, they let up, but Mokuba made a mental note to ask Seto about it later, because, at this rate, Mokuba was going to end up murdered with a high heel in the night or something of the like.

However, those thoughts could be put aside for now, because now he was going to see Seto, and that made everything okay. Hurrying inside the Kaibacorp building and into the elevator, Mokuba got off on the floor of Seto's office, unable to keep a bit of a grin off of his face. Hurrying to the door, he pressed the button and spoke into the box, "Nii-sama, I'm home! Can I come in?" before trying the door. He could deal with his problems in a little bit, right now, he would let Seto cheer him up.

“Come in.” Seto called, standing and moving to the door to meet his brother. Mokuba was home at the exact time Seto had predicted, which was a relief; Seto didn’t think would have had the patience to wait much longer, and as he walked towards the door, Seto ran through all the things he wanted to do with Mokuba to compensate for their time apart. When the door opened, Seto was there; he took Mokuba’s hand, bending to kiss him briefly on the lips before leading him right back in the direction he’d initially come. “Let’s move upstairs, Mokuba.” Seto suggested, to be prepared for any number of things they could and hopefully would do in their time together.

Mokuba was a little surprised when Seto was waiting for him; usually he at least had a little bit of work to finish up before spending time with him, but Mokuba certainly wasn't complaining. Running a bit every third step in order to keep up with his brother's long strides, he smiled up at Seto when they reached the elevator before following him inside. When the doors closed behind them, Mokuba squeezed Seto's hand, leaning against him slightly now that they were entirely alone. Getting to spend this time with Seto... he was still wrapping his mind around it, still thrilled by the prospect, and he felt himself blush excitedly at the thought of what he was sure would happen once they were behind the closed doors of Seto's bedroom.

Seto didn’t want to wait; instead, he knelt and pressed a bruising kiss to Mokuba’s lips, even as the elevator neared the top floor. Seto didn’t pull away until the doors were open, when he stood, smirked, and took Mokuba’s hand once again, walking with him, as opposed to pulling him, to his room. Once inside, Seto pulled Mokuba into his arms affectionately and kissed him lightly on the cheek, lips, and neck as he strode across his room to the bed. “Well,” Seto began, almost absently as he dumped Mokuba on to the bed and collapsed next to him. “How was your day?” Seto asked, his voice dripping with the sarcasm intended by a question so ridiculously quaint and useless. Even so, he rolled to face Mokuba, propping himself up on his elbows. As much as Seto would have liked to skip any kind of pleasantry—as he knew they were entitled to do, as brothers—the two of them put enough effort into their charade of interest in school that it seemed worth asking about, at least occationally.

Mokuba smiled back at his brother, the feeling of novel happiness still bubbling inside of him as he gazed at Seto, thrilled just to be together. "Good," he replied, as was the automatic response to such a question, then thought a moment. "I did well on my last math exam," he reported blandly, trying to think of anything that might be of interest to Seto, "And... I ate lunch with Inoue-chan and Maeda-chan as usual... and we walked home together, too..." Trailing off, he remembered how his friends had been harassing him lately, and decided he may as well bring it up now. "Nii-sama... my friends are always asking me... well... where I get these..." He pointed to the mark he knew was still obvious on his neck before continuing. "I... I don't suppose I could tell them...? They are my friends, after all, and I hate lying to them..." He hoped Seto wouldn't be angry at him for asking such a stupid question... but yet, felt, it was worth asking.

“Mokuba.” Seto said sternly, sitting up quickly and looking down to where Mokuba had pointed. “You could have worn something to cover it.” He said tightly, turning away. “You know why we can’t tell anyone, Mokuba.” His voice was low, and he sighed, putting his face into his hands. They couldn’t tell anyone because their relationship was unnatural—no one would understand—and if anyone found out, Seto knew Mokuba would be taken away from him and he himself would be locked up. “Sometimes lying is necessary… And you’ll have to get used to it, if we’re going to stay together like this.” He looked pointedly away, gritting his teeth. A life of lies was not something he wanted Mokuba to go through… Perhaps this all had been a mistake…it would be better…it would be better if they cut it all off now…

"I... I'm sorry, Nii-sama... I forgot, is all..." Mokuba replied guiltily, knowing that, really, it was his fault in the end. He just wasn't used to having things he needed to remember to check for and cover up each morning... Especially since he had been having harder and hrader times gathering the willpower to get out of bed in time for school in the morning, now that he was in Seto's bed every night, and, as a result, was having less and less time to get ready before school... But Seto was right, he knew. Mokuba wasn't altogether sure exactly what would happen if it got out, but he knew that it would be something bad, because Seto had told him so, and he knew he shouldn't have questioned. Now Seto was angry again... sad again, beneath it, Mokuba could tell, and it was all his fault. Kicking himself mentally, Mokuba wished desperately the Seto would at least turn, so he could look at him... "I understand, Nii-sama... why we can't tell. I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said anything. Please... please forgive me...?" He leaned slightly, tilting his head, trying to catch Seto's eye, but he couldn't, a fact which made his stomach clecnh even more with worry.

“There’s…nothing to forgive,” Seto sighed, standing. “This is my fault… You can’t be expected to live like this…” Seto swallowed, and turned back to Mokuba, the pain evident in his eyes. “This isn’t normal, or healthy.” He put his face in his hands and turned away, taking a seat next to him. This had to stop, and yet… Seto wasn’t sure…didn’t think he could do it… “Mokuba…” he choked, “if we’re together, it’ll always be like this.” He took a breath, hardening his voice. “You’ll always have to lie to everyone.” He smirked bitterly. “We can’t go out to movies or dinner—we can’t be a couple. I can’t put you through that!” Not to mention the age difference…Mokuba…Mokuba surely didn’t crave what Seto desired…he couldn’t force him. “We have to stop—” Seto’s voice broke and he stopped speaking, turning back to Mokuba, unable to continue. He leaned forward slowly and kissed him softly on the lips. Hopefully this could be the last time…their last kiss. They would go back to being just brothers. “I’m sorry for putting you through this.” He got to his feet and looked at the wall. This was for the best.

Mokuba had experienced heartbreak once... or, at least, he thought he had, but this was worse, much worse. He felt as if, all of a sudden, his whole world was crumbling around him, and then there were tears in his eyes and he was all choked up and didn't even know what to say. "No-- Nii-sama--" he tried, but his mouth was dry and he fumbled over his words. This couldn't be happening-- this wasn't happening. This past month-- Mokuba had been happier than he had been in his entire life, he had felt, every minute of the day, reassured that his brother loved him... it was everything he had always wanted, ever. So how... how could Seto possibly think that was bad?

Stumbling to his feet, Mokuba looked at Seto's back pitifully, feeling suddenly awash, lost in the world, without Seto to hold onto. "Nii-sama..." he tried again, trembling before letting go entirely, throwing his arms around Seto's waist and pressing his face into Seto's back, breaking down into piteous sobs that shook his entire body. "Nii-sama, please! I don't care about any of that... It doesn't matter to me! I love you more than anything in the world... please..." Without this... Mokuba didn't know what he would do with himself. "Please..." he choked, sniffing pathetically even as he continued to cry, "I need you, Nii-sama..."

“But you don’t need this.” Seto said quietly. “I’m still your brother, Mokuba,” Seto tried to choke out a laugh, “it’ll be better if…if we end this now.” He turned slowly, breaking Mokuba’s hold. “Mokuba…I can’t…I can’t take care of you…and be your brother…if I’m your…” he swallowed, clenching his fists, knowing there was truth in what he was saying, “…lover.” As much as he wanted it, as much as Seto wanted to be with Mokuba, he knew it was an impossibility—he loved Mokuba too much to put him through any more.

"That's not so!" Mokuba cried almost before Seto had a chance to finished, "That's not true at all! This past month... Nii-sama, you've been perfect, you've been everything, you've been..." Mokuba choked on his words, coughing piteously on his tears before looking back up into Seto's eyes beseachingly. "Please-- this past month... I've never wanted anything more..." Mokuba didn't know how to explain the happiness, the joy Seto had given him, and the utter devastation Mokuba knew he would feel if Seto took it all back now. Swallowing, he looked back up at Seto's hardened face, and trembled for a moment before hanging his head, not knowing what else to do. "I love you, Nii-sama," he stated, strong in that one fact, before his voice cracked and he sniffed. "... If... if it's that you don't want me anymore... it's okay... I understand. But... but..." He couldn't help it, he looked back up at Seto, fisting his hands with the power of emotion that was overwhelming him. "But I'm in love with you, Nii-sama, and that's not going to change, no matter what!"

Seto spun and dropped to his knees so that he could be eye to eye with Mokuba, seated on the bed. He took him gently by the shoulders and looked at him carefully, though Seto found it difficult to look into his eyes and think of telling him that they had to end it all now. But he had to…as much as it hurt him, he had to, for Mokuba—even if his little brother couldn’t see that now, Seto knew this was what needed to happen… And yet...at Mokuba’s words… Seto could feel his already fragile resolve begin to crumble. “Mokuba…” Seto gulped, “I…I do want you…so badly… You have no idea…” He resisted the urge to look away—he didn’t want to do this, but he had to—he didn’t want to see what his words would do to Mokuba. “But I love you…I love you too much to let what I want get in the way of what I know needs to happen…for you. It’s better this way…”

"I don't understand," Mokuba sniffed quietly in response, "...I've been so happy... how can it possibly be bad for me? How can something which will make me unhappy be better for me?" He looked searchingly into Seto's eyes, not knowing what else to do. "For the past month... you've been happy, too, Nii-sama, I know you have. You've been stressing less and worrying less, and just like you want what's best for me, I want you to be happy. So why... when we're both happy, why does it have to be wrong?" But he didn't see anything change in Seto's resolve, and so, in despair and abandon, Mokuba threw his arms around Seto's neck and pressed his lips to Seto's in a desperate kiss, hoping that, somehow, that might make Seto understand.

Seto couldn’t help it; he kissed back reflexively and put his arms slowly around Mokuba’s waist. …This…it felt so right there was nothing Seto wanted more than to give in entirely and allow it to continue, but he knew…nothing was solved, nothing could be done to make this right. He broke the kiss slowly and looked back at Mokuba sadly. “I’ve been so happy…” Seto admitted. “You may not see it now, but…our happiness together like this could be at the expense of…of everything else.” He swallowed and got up from the floor, moving to sit next to Mokuba and pulling him into his arms. “I don’t want to stop being brothers, Mokuba.”

Seto's embrace felt like heaven, but Mokuba couldn't just let go, not like that. He couldn't bear the idea of losing this all, not when everything had been so perfect... "We don't have to-- we won't!" he insisted, looking up into Seto's eyes. "You'll... no matter what, you'll always be my big brother, Nii-sama. It's... it's not the same with you as it would be with anyone else." Mokuba didn't know that for a fact, seeing as he had never dated before, but he was fairly certain it was the truth. "I told you... no matter what, I'll always be loyal to you and look up to you and love you... because you're my brother." Hesitating a moment simply because he didn't have the willpower, Mokuba pulled slightly away from his brother and met his gaze with all seriousness. "And when we've been together, like this... you didn't feel as if I wasn't the same little brother to you I've always been, did you? It's not different... it's... more." That sounded stupid, but Mokuba hoped Seto understood, because the way his heart was wrenching now, he didn't know if he could make it if things went back to the way they were...

Seto felt his breath catch in his throat and he stiffened, realizing that what Mokuba said was true… Of course he hadn’t felt differently about Mokuba; aside from the new physical feelings…he felt as if they’d only grown closer. That was, perhaps, what scared him… Seto knew that that wasn’t how brothers were supposed to feel…supposed to act. But as he’d questioned before, why was it so important to compare themselves to society’s norm? He swallowed, forcing himself to breath and pulled Mokuba back into his arms. “I love you…” Seto murmured. “And I…feel that way too.” He slumped over, resting his head against Mokuba’s lightly. “I want to be with you…I just don’t want these extra feelings to ever divide us…I don’t want you to have to deal with the extra burden of secrets…” Seto’s hand moved to Mokuba’s cheek and he brushed it softly, just for the sake of touching him.

Mokuba felt hope spark in his chest as Seto's hand grazed his skin, and, determined, he tried again. "Nii-sama... it's not a burden. To be with you... it's worth it, I don't care. Besides..." he added, hoping to add a bit of a lighter feeling, "It's not as if we can never been seen in public together. We are brothers, after all, and if we're at dinner or a movie together, people aren't going to think it's too weird. We just have to be careful, is all... right?" Offerring a small smile as his tears slowed, he added, "Nothing could ever divide us, ever... no matter what. I told you, Nii-sama, I'll always stay by your side, forever. I love you... so please believe me? More than anything in the world, I love you..." Softly he leaned into his brother's embrace, hoping that Seto would understand, would stop trying to put a stop to the things that were so perfect.

Seto held Mokuba carefully in his arms and sighed. This was what he wanted...this was what Mokuba wanted... But was it all too much to ask for? "I know. I know you'll be loyal." Seto said softly. "But everything changes...and if your feelings--if our feelings change--I don't want you to feel...obligated..." He swallowed and pulled away to look into Mokuba's eyes. "I love you." Seto managed finally. "As long as we're together...and things don't change." Seto felt he was being foolish, like he was just trying to make excuses, both for and against...like he was afraid. Which was not true. Kaiba Seto was not afraid. Resolved, Seto closed his eyes and pressed a kiss on to Mokuba's lips. They would make this work, one way or another. "When we go out, we're just brothers." Seto said, pulling away just so that he could push Mokuba backwards onto the bed and climb over him. "It has to stay a secret...but...I want this. I want you. If you...if you want this, we can work it out." Seto paused, waiting. He knew the answer...but he had to hear it again.

Mokuba broke into a grin which he simply couldn't hold back, and reached up, wrapping his arms around Seto's neck. Leaning up, he pressed a soft kiss to Seto's lips, letting his eyes fall shut at the perfection of it all. When he broke away, falling back into the bed, he smiled. "I only want you, Nii-sama. I love you." This was the way things were supposed to be, he knew, this was happiness. Here with Seto like this... he couldn't possibly be happier.

"Good," Seto smirked slightly, kissing Mokuba back as his hands moved down his little brother's body, lifing his shirt and slipping a hand under his waistband. He broke the kiss abruptly and dropped to Mokuba's neck; the bruise reminded him to go lightly as he sucked and bit softly until the collar of Mokuba's shirt got in the way. "I love you, too, Mokuba." Seto murmured, sitting up just enough to pull off his own shirt then slide Mokuba's up over his head as well. "I want to be with you...we'll make it work." Seto breathed, leaning forward to capture Mokuba's lips once more.

Mokuba was about to respond that yes, everything was right and perfect and of course they would make things work when Seto's lips cut him off, but he did his best to convey his response through the kiss, instead. He shivered a little at the feeling of Seto's skin against his own, squeezing his eyes shut and mewling softly into the kiss. When they broke apart for air, Mokuba grinned back up at Seto. "Let's make it work, Nii-sama. I love you," he gasped, leaning up and kissing Seto again.

Encouraged by Mokuba’s actions, Seto deepened the kiss immediately and slowly began working Mokuba’s waistband down off of his hips, pressing teasingly against him through the cloth as he worked them off. He broke the kiss and paused momentarily, a hand sliding down Mokuba’s leg to his foot, pulling off both shoes before Seto finished removing the pants and discarded them on the floor, smirking subtly in anticipation when he turned back to Mokuba’s tight underwear. Silently, he leaned forward over Mokuba once again and began trailing kisses down his chest, slowly over his stomach and to his waist, pausing when he reached the underwear. Slowly, he removed it, cast it aside, and placed an insubstantial kiss on Mokuba’s hardening erection.

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba gasped, inhaling sharply at the sensation. Now entirely naked, he blushed a little and squirmed against the bed linnens, arching up, trying to earn a more substantial touch. Seto had done things like this to him before, of course, but he had never been quite so... Mokuba didn't know how to describe it, but something felt different about this; Seto seemed more determined, less aware. Peering through his lashes up at Seto's face, Mokuba took in his expression, exhaling shakily. His eyes seemed glazed over, almost, with something Mokuba didn't know how to explain even to himself, and the look on his face... Mokuba didn't know how to describe that, either, but it made something just below his tummy tighten and his heart beat a little bit faster. Letting his eyes fall shut again, Mokuba sighed breathily, hoping Seto wouldn't keep holding out on him... "Nii-sama... please..."

“Wait…give me just a moment.” Seto murmured apologetically, pulling away and getting to his feet so that he could step out of the pants that had become entirely too tight. Before returning to Mokuba, he located a small bottle of lubricant, specially purchased for the day when Seto decided he was ready to try something new, something affirming and binding; this seemed like the perfect day, and he knew that with his mind made up, there was no turning back. He crawled back over Mokuba, dropping the bottle onto the bed and grinding their hips together roughly with a gasp. He kissed Mokuba on the lips to cut off his own gasp of need as he hands made their way down Mokuba’s body, caressing his skin a final time as he tried to go over what needed to be done….tried to remember exactly what he’d seen in the few movies he’d watched that could possibly give him a clue.

Arching up against Seto at the overwhelmingly good feeling, Mokuba couldn't help letting out a high-pitched moan, clutching at Seto's back. It was all so much... Mokuba couldn't barely think anymore, he only knew he wanted Seto, wanted him close, touching... in fact, Mokuba wasn't even sure he knew what he wanted, but he wa sure Seto knew what he was doing, and so did his best to breathe regularly, pressing back against Seto.

Mokuba’s cry of pleasure affirmed Seto’s desire to try—his need to be closer than ever to Mokuba, and carefully, he pulled back, looking down at his brother and meeting his eyes. “Are…are you ready?” Seto asked lamely, reaching for the bottle and fumbling for a moment with the cap. He swallowed, still holding Mokuba’s gaze and quickly spread the lube over his forefingers. “It might hurt,” Seto informed him softly, pressing his fingers gently against Mokuba’s opening, unable to give him any other kind of warning. Carefully, a little unsure of himself, Seto inserted the first finger. He knew it had to be done, but watching Mokuba squirm…Seto wished he could do something to make it more bearable… Inserting the second finger, Seto jerked his hand slightly and had to resist the urge to withdraw his fingers entirely—he looked quickly down at Mokuba to make sure he hadn’t been hurt.

Mokuba bit his lip, uncertain for the first time in this whole experience. He wasn't sure why Seto was doing what he was doing... or, for that matter, exactly what Seto was doing, but it was uncomfortable, and Mokuba lifted his head up to try to look, try to understand what Seto was planning. "Nii-sama... what...?" he managed before giving up and falling back to the bed, placing his trust in his brother. After all, Seto was much older and knew what he was doing... Mokuba would trust him, as always, and hopefully it would stop hurting soon. "It... it only hurts a little..." he whimpered, clutching at the sheets and squeezing his eyes shut.

“It won’t be so bad,” Seto tried to be reassuring; he knew that this step, if done correctly, would make his cheap promise true. He just wasn’t quite sure exactly what he was doing now quite entailed… “Sorry…” Seto said awkwardly, leaning forward over Mokuba, “to put you through this.” He kissed Mokuba gently on the lips then pulled back. “It’ll be worth it.” Seto would make sure of it…he refused to force Mokuba through it all for nothing, though he knew that this is what he himself needed now. As a final precaution, Seto inserted his fingers a little deeper and curled them inward as he found Mokuba’s hand and gripped it in his free one.

Mokuba grit his teeth to bear it when Seto pushed his fingers in farther when, all of a sudden, he was overwhelmed with an amazing, wonderful feeling. Crying out in surprise and pleasure, he rocked his hips up against Seto's hand, pain completely forgotten. "Nii-sama--" he gasped, forcing his eyes open slightly, clutching Seto's hand. "That's... that's good..."

“Really?” Seto asked huskily, Mokuba’s cries heightening his arousal. “Good.” At least now he knew what to do in the future…and he had an idea of what Mokuba could expect. At least he was right in assuring him that it would get better… And Seto knew, instinctively, that what awaited him was unlike anything he had ever experienced; he wanted it so badly, and with Mokuba’s cry of pleasure as reassurance, Seto was ready to satisfy his own desires and do everything he could to give Mokuba even more. Slowly he withdrew his fingers and reached for the bottle, spreading a substantial quantity over his fingers and applying it to his length with a small gasp. He ached so badly…and Mokuba looking the way he did as he squirmed beneath him made waiting any longer intolerable. Lining himself up, Seto grasped Mokuba both firmly and as gently as he could, then carefully eased his way inside. He couldn’t help but let out a low gasp of pleasure as the exquisite sensation sent a jolt through, forcing him to pause to find his breath. He pulled back out slowly, then, eager for the feeling once more, pushed back inside again, harder, with another gasp, already desperate to continue. He knew, however, to control himself, and opened his eyes to look down at Mokuba, checking to see that he wasn’t in too much pain for Seto to continue. “Mokuba…?” Seto managed with some difficulty

Mokuba felt himself tearing up at the initial penetration; it hurt, and his fists clenched tighter in the sheets as he struggled not to make any noise. "Nii-sama--" he finally ground out when Seto stopped moving, "It-- it hurts--!" Whatever was going on-- Mokuba wasn't coherent enough to think anything through, really-- it must be good for Seto, judging from the sounds he was making... and Mokuba could endure anything for Seto, to make Seto happy... but it just... it hurt...

"Mokuba," Seto grunted, furrowing his brow and reaching again for Mokuba's hand. He hated putting him through anything that hurt him, but-- but Seto knew it would get better-- it had to. He had to trust that he could give Mokuba pleasure... at least as much as he had before. And the sensation-- it was just so good for Seto... he couldn't stop. And, for Mokuba as well, if he could just hold on a little longer, soon it would get easier. Seto began to move again, forcing himself to go slowly, rhythmically, and not letting go of Mokuba's hand. "I... promise," Seto grunted, squeezing his eyes shut tightly as another wave of pleasure swept over him, "It'll get better..." It had too... Seto wanted nothing more than for Mokuba to feel just as much raw pleasure as he did... so that they could experience the pleasures of one another at the same time together for the first time, thus physically reaffirming their emotional love. "I love you, Mokuba." Seto gasped, thrusting forward once more and hoping that soon it would be enough for Mokuba not to feel the pain.

Mokuba let out another soft whimper and nodded when Seto spoke to him; it was impossible for him not to trust Seto, and he tightening his hold on his brother's hand, sqeezing his eyes shut. But then, all of a sudden, when Seto moved again, he was suddenly filled with the amazing feeling again, and he couldn't help it, he cluchted at Seto's hand and moaned loudly, arching up against him. "Nii-sama--! It's-- that's good--" he cried out, pain completely forgotten. "Deeper-- inside me-- it's good... Nii-sama..."

As Mokuba moved beneath him to meet his thrust, Seto couldn’t hold back a small cry of his own; as good as it had been before, this was even better. Moving together like this…experiencing everything for the first time together was more than Seto could have imagined. Mokuba was just so hot and tight…and now that he knew that it felt good for Mokuba too, Seto’s initial uncertainties were beginning to vanish entirely—his control was beginning to waver. Running his free hand along Mokuba’s thigh, Seto hoisted it over his shoulder, thrusting deeper, adjusting the angle in an attempt to give to Mokuba the ecstasy that was now overwhelming his senses.

As he felt Seto thrust deeper inside of him, Mokuba couldn't help it, he cried out again and again, not caring how loud he was. It just felt so amazingly, overwhelmingly good... Mokuba couldn't possibly keep himself quiet. "Nii-sama--! Harder-- please! Feels-- so good--!!" he cried, rocking his hips back against Seto's and cutting himself off with a moan at the feeling. On impulse, one hand found its way to his erection, and he began to touch himself in time with his brother's thrusts, crying out his name loudly again.

In spite of himself, Seto blushed at Mokuba’s requests even as he sped up his pace, thrusting harder and penetrating deeper, eager to fulfill his brother’s desires, to achieve his own perfect rapture. Desperate to reach Mokuba’s lips, Seto adjusted their position, bending him to capture his lips in a frantic kiss—the new position affording deeper penetration still and the feeling forcing Seto to break the kiss himself with a low moan. “Mokuba—” he gasped, unable to continue—unable to form a coherent thought whatsoever. His hand moved to Mokuba’s, encircling both it and his erection to stroke in time to his uneven desperate thrusts.

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba cried, arching up again into Seto's hand. The sensations were all so overwhelming, and as much as he tried, Mokuba couldn't hold on any longer; with his brother's name on his lips, he came, collapsing back into the bed in completely satisfied ecstacy.

The erratic spasming of Mokuba’s muscles around him both startled and exhilarated Seto, and it sent him over the edge. The feeling that had been building inside of him seemed spread throughout his body in a wave of overwhelming rapturous heat, and seeing Mokuba beneath him, spent and flushed—feeling Mokuba’s cum hot and sticky all over them both—it was enough for Seto to lose his mind and give in to elation. With a final thrust, Seto came, gasping, and immediately sought Mokuba’s lips for a brief appreciative kiss.

As his vision began to come back to him, Mokuba blinked up at Seto, smiling softly. "I love you, Nii-sama," he whispered, lifting his head up to press a light kiss on Seto's lips. After all of that... he was beginning to feel sleepy again... He hated that he always fell asleep after everything, but just to curl up in Seto's arms right now was such an appealing thought... Yawning, he smiled sheepishly. "'m sorry... 'm sleepy..."

“It’s all right.” Seto sighed, rolling off of Mokuba and pulling him into his arms. He didn’t mind if Mokuba slept, and he could feel sleep tugging at his eyes as well, though, Seto assumed he felt tired more from feeling of bliss that still saturated his consciousness than from actual exhaustion. Still, nothing would please him more than drifting off to sleep with Mokuba curled in his arms and everything feeling so perfect; they were together now, there was no going back, and Seto felt a certain amount of relief in the new feeling of permanence. “I love you, Mokuba.”

Mokuba smiled back serenely, looking into Seto's eyes contentedly for a moment before letting his eyes fall shut and snuggling into his brother's embrace. Everything seemed so perfect right now... Mokuba didn't want things ever to change. No matter how hectic, scary, troubling life got... so long as he could stay together like this, with Seto, Mokuba would be happy. "I love you, too, Nii-sama," he murmured as he drifted off into a comfortable sleep.

Being with Mokuba was so natural, so easy; as time when on, Seto went back to his regular work schedule—he didn’t need to stare at the clock and wait with bated breath for Mokuba to get home every day, he just knew that Mokuba would be home soon, and eventually he’d finish his work, and then they had the entire rest of the evening together to do as they pleased. Even after two months of passionate nights spent together, to Seto, it still felt as if they were brothers, and as far as the public was concerned, almost nothing about their relationship had changed—except perhaps for the fact that they were often seen together on weekends at movies, restaurants, and the like. The difference seemed to surprise no one, somehow, though Seto could swear that every time he looked at Mokuba, still, he could feel himself practically swell with both love and a twinge of lust; the fact that no one noticed never ceased to amaze him.

It was strange to feel so much, though it didn’t really seem as if it changed him. Seto still chose to boss his little brother around, but that was just one facet of their relationship, and Seto was glad Mokuba could put up with it. He liked having Mokuba around him—always—and asking Mokuba to do things for him was the best cover possible. With Mokuba, Seto felt complete. They were brothers and yet they felt so much more—every emotion they experienced together seemed only to be heightened, not hindered, by their familial relationship. Seto could say now, that he was honestly happy, not just satisfied, with his life—his life with Mokuba.

As Seto shifted back into his regular life, Mokuba did and didn't; though he still spent the majority of his time with his brother, he continued to see his friends out of school when he knew Seto didn't need him around. It felt to him as if he had shifted universes or something of the like; life was normal in the respect that he still helped Seto with work, followed Seto around, spent the majority of his time with his life revolving around Seto, but it was different in that, at the end of the day, instead of a "did you do your homework?" tops, Mokuba got kisses and warm embraces and smiles, everything he had always wanted and more. And Seto seemed happier, too, even when he was stressing, even when he was mercilessly ordering Mokuba around. He had thought he knew what "happiness" was before (a brief look, a vaguely caring comment, the hint of a smile he sometimes caught on Seto's lips), but now he knew.

Life seemed to go a lot faster when he was so entirely happy, but occasionally, Mokuba had time so sit back and consider life like he used to. Now, laying in bed beside his brother in the early hours of a Sunday morning, Mokuba pondered life before things had turned so unexpectedly wonderfully, and, bemusedly, remembered his short-lived captivation with Noa. He supposed he was just attracted to the brotherly sort... but really, he knew, his feelings for Noa had been different than those for Seto... because Seto was everything to him, and love was just another layer to the relationship. Laughing softly to himself, he rolled onto his stomach and looked over at Seto, commenting airily, "So... I've been thinking about Noa..."

“Noa?” Seto asked tightly, clenching his jaw as he thought back to what seemed like another existence entirely, when Mokuba had first confessed his “feelings” for Noa. “Why?” He pulled Mokuba into his arms and held him tightly, as if to assert his indisputable claim on his little brother.”What made you think of him?” Seto asked tersely.

Mokuba shook his head, laughing again and placing a kiss on Seto's cheek. "Not like that, don't worry, Nii-sama," he clarified, snuggling into Seto's embrace even though Seto seemed to be attempting to keep him from moving much at all. "I was just thinking how... different it was with him... and how I'm happier now." Smiling, Mokuba sighed contentedly, considering how truly happy he really was. "Because you're here for me, Nii-sama."

“Good.” Seto kissed the top of Mokuba’s head as a smirk began to make its way to his lips. “He was just manipulating you, you know, Mokuba.” Mokuba was happy now, which meant that one thing at least was certain, and, uncharacteristically, Seto chuckled lowly at the thought. He knew now, with Mokuba lying next to him in his arms, that he had undoubtedly won. Noa had tried and failed to take Mokuba away from him, and though his attempt had lingering consequences, Seto could be certain that Noa no longer stood a chance. Mokuba was entirely his. “I’ll always be here for you, Mokuba.”

Mokuba pouted even as Seto kissed him. "That's not so, Nii-sama," he mumbled for the sake of what he honestly knew to be the truth, even though he had absolutely no desire to argue with Seto. After all, why should he need to prove that Noa really did love him? He knew in his heart, but Noa was gone now, and he was with Seto. That was what mattered, really, in the end, and so he smiled warmly, looking up to meet Seto's eyes. "And I won't ever not be there for you ever again, Nii-sama. I promise. I love you."

“I know.” Seto agreed, pulling Mokuba into his arms and silencing him with a kiss. Seto won, Mokuba was his, and Noa was now, and always had been, completely irrelevent to their life. They were together; that was all that mattered. “I love you, too.”
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