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And I'm miserable. XO If Tiina hadn't called me this morning I wouldn't have woken up... I don't know what happened to my alarm. I just want to lay down and die... BUT NO, I HAVE 2 MORE CLASSES YAY. Fucking Linda with her fucking class at fucking 6:30 at night...

Anyway... I made this last night. So yeah. This is... just because I feel like it. HUMOUR ME, I'M SICK.

...So. Most of you have at least heard of my Saiyuki mpreg!verse. XD;;; And I love it so because I love my kiddies and I'm going to keep writing fics about them whether any of you like it or not. XD;;; It fills my domestic soft spot, I guess.

So, uh. Here are some gaia avatars in kimono and bios for y'all. No one cares but me, I know. Shh.

...btw, mpreg!verse takes place in the "ideal world" where everyone makes it back in once piece and stuff. XD;;;

Riley Grouse [ ライリ • グロース ]
Age: Oldest at one year older than Kireihi
Blood Type: AB
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Purple
Mother: Hazel
Father: Sanzo
Riley is a quiet boy who is very analytical and thinks things through, sometimes overly so. He was raised for the first seven years of his life by Hazel in the Western Continent, and is a member of the One True Church of the West. Riley has a bit of an inferiority complex because he feels he will always be second to Rabenda in Sanzo's eyes, but loves Rabenda deeply and does everything he can to take care of and protect her. He considers her to be his best friend, and trusts her advice on most things. Though he is quiet and keeps mostly to himself, Riley is very intelligent and, when he speaks, he is usually assured that he is right, though when he chooses to show off, it is often for Sanzo and to try to assuage his feeling of inferiority. Riley sometimes has a delayed sense of guilt, but when he does something he later feels is wrong, he does everything in his power to fix it. As he was raised by Hazel, Riley came to Chang'an believing youkai to be terrible and untrustworthy, but, due mostly to his love for Rabenda, he began to open up and become less racist. Besides Rabenda, Riley does spend some time with Kibouko and her brother; Kireihi is the only boy his age with whom he will willingly interact. Riley speaks with a kansai dialect and cannot read Chinese, though he speaks fluently.

Sha Kireihi [ 沙きれいひ ]
Age: Second oldest
Blood Type: A
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel (more brown than green lulz.)
Mother: Hakkai
Father: Gojyo
Kireihi is a shy and contained boy who mostly spends time with himself, and is too timid to make many friendships. He is very intelligent, and spends a lot of his time reading. Kireihi is very attached to his mother, and likes to help around the house when he can; he loves to cook, especially desert type foods, which are his favourite. Kireihi likes animals very much, and spends time with Jeep, with whom he can semi-communicate, though not as well as Hakkai. He often comes home with dogs or cats following him from off the street, and is very upset when Hakkai won't let him keep them. When he gets older, he learns to drive (though he dislikes it), and, to help his parents, works in a pastry shop in town. Kireihi is very soft spoken, and, like his mother, tends to be overly polite, though not in the terrifying way that Hakkai is. He has to be convinced to use first names and drop honourifics. Though he loves his sister, the person he trusts most in the world is his mother, and he has a secret crush on Riley.

Son Rabenda [ 孫ラベンダ ]
Age: Third oldest at two years younger than Kireihi
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Mother: Sanzo
Father: Goku
Rabenda is an athletic, bright, emotive girl who lives in Kinzan Temple with her parents (despite the rules against women). Like her father, Rabenda is usually cheerful and energetic; she is fun-loving and always up for games. Also like her father, however, she tends to have a ravenous appetite and, when not fed promptly enough, turns extremely temperamental. Though she hates classes and things and isn't necessarily the most intelligent person, she is a hard worker, and Buddhism interests her enough that she attends all the classes her mother asks her, and is fully qualified to be a priest (though there's still the gender issue) at sixteen. She can execute the Makai Tenjou, though she isn't technically allowed to, and sometimes teaches classes when Sanzo doesn't feel like it. However, Rabenda is very sensitive to issues of her parentage and hair and eyes, and hates it when people call her names or discriminate against her for being a "taboo child." She does her best to hide it, but sometimes spends days locked in her bedroom, refusing to see anyone, depressed. The person who can usually get through to her at times like these is Riley, who she feels understands her better than most, and she greatly looks up to and respects him. Her best friend since childhood is Kibouko, and when they meet, she becomes instantly charmed by Masha. She is a horrible driver, and is not allowed near any motor vehicles for the safety of society at large.

Sha Kibouko [ 沙希望子 ]
Age: Fourth oldest at two years younger than Kireihi
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Mother: Hakkai
Father: Gojyo
Kibouko is a stereotypical younger sister to Kireihi- whiny, attention-seeking, and intentionally irritating. She makes a show about liking to have things her way, but is really very selfless, and often stands up for her shy brother. Kibouko is also an avid reader, but chooses to spend her time on less worthy pursuits; cheap romance novels, especially those centering on male homosexual relationships, make up most of what she reads, and she secretly fangirls her older brother in his pursuits of love. Rabenda is her best friend, and the two have much in common; they are both energetic and daring, but in most cases, Kibouko has to act as the voice of reason and/or responsibility for the more excitable Rabenda (such as not allowing Rabenda to attempt to drive). Though she loves spending time with her, Kibouko sometimes, privately, get rather jealous of Rabenda, whose wealth allows her most anything she wants, while, meanwhile, Kibouko is forced to work as a waitress in a local restaurant to help with her family finances. When Masha arrives on the scene, Kibouko is at first skeptical of her cousin, but after some time, the two become friends. Kibouko is the only heterosexual member of her family.

(Sha) Masha [ 沙魔者 ]
Age: Youngest at two and a half years younger than Kireihi
Hair: Sandy brown / dirty blonde
Eyes: Purple
Mother: Kougaiji
Father: Dokugakuji
Masha is a quiet, polite girl who was born and raised until she was sixteen in what remained of Houtou Castle in India. Because of the events leading up to the Sanzo-ikkou's defeat of Gyoukumen Koushou and the semi-destruction of Houtou, the humans in India especially became frightened and hateful of the youkai, and thus, when Masha was born, she was kept locked up inside for fear of being hurt, and, despite her parents' weak attempts to teach her not to be, she became terrified of humans. Though she was always kept inside, all throughout her youth, Masha was loved and adored by the Kougaiji-tachi, who, though they were struggling through hard times, did their best to spoil her and spend much of their attentions on her. Masha, despite being gentle in nature, was well taught in martial arts in the combined efforts of the Kougaiji-tachi; however, she refuses to harm another person, and, in the face of danger, freezes up and cowers rather than fighting back. Because of the terrible situation on the West, at sixteen, Masha is sent by her parents with some money to Chang'an, where she meets Rabenda in school and they become fast friends. Masha is captivated by the way Rabenda is half and half, and Rabenda is enthralled with Masha in general. Though she has her own home in town, Masha spends a lot of her time either at her uncle's home, under Hakkai's care, for the most part, or with Rabenda at the temple. Sanzo, who remains skeptical and somewhat distrusting of her, sarcastically and exclusively calls Masha "The Princess," and is conflicted between being displeased with his daughter's association with her and comforted that she makes Rabenda happier. Masha looks up to Rabenda more than anyone else, but, though being terrified of her at first, learns to like Kibouko as well, and works with her in a local restaurant. The three girls spend a lot of their time together.

...wow, those bios turned out more detailed than I expected. XD;; Lulz.


... I'm siiiiiiiiiick.
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