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14 February 2009 @ 02:32 am
PoT BL fic yo.  
I wrote a fic for Valentine's day, but... it's not Valentine-related at all... XD;;; It's just fluff. Golden Pair fluff, because they're just adorable. Yeah. XD;;; Please enjoy!

Title: Nice

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis isn't mine :O

Rating: G

Warnings: BL, drabble, fluff

Author's Note: ... I shouldn't write at 2:30 am. My lexicon just disappears. This isn't as good as I would have liked.

Eiji liked to think of himself as a nice person. After all, he was, generally, pleasant to people he met, and he had a lot of friends and a wonderful boyfriend - all these things seemed to be proof, in his mind, of his apparent nice-ness. Especially when he had Tezuka and Kaidoh and Ryoma, even, to whom to compare himself on a regular basis, Eiji felt that he was, for the most part, a very pleasant person to be around, and a rather caring individual, on a whole.

But despite all of his proof and reasoning, Eiji couldn't help it - when it turned out that Momo was the one who was off the Regulars this time around, he was glad. It wasn't because it was Momo - Eiji had nothing, against Momo, of course! Nothing at all, and Eiji certainly wasn't glad that it was Momo to get kicked off. He was simply glad it wasn't Oishi.

It wasn't that Eiji doubted Oishi's tennis skills, either, of course! He didn't really know what it was, honestly, and the moment he realized that he had thought it, he tried to push it away, tried to rationalize it, tried to cover it with jokes and making light of the whole matter. He was horrified with himself - after all, Momo was his friend! Who was he to be thinking such things about him? But it really was the truth; Eiji was truly and completely relieved that Oishi had made it through, and, of course, he had made it through, and they would still be together.

Luckily, Eiji was able to push the matter from his mind, for the most part, as preparations began for Seigaku's upcoming matches against Hyoutei. After all, it was hard to stay upset and worried when he had to concentrate and work, and when he wasn't practicing, he was with Oishi so much of the time that it was hard not to be bubbly and happy. The thought slipped from his mind and he simply didn't think about it; that was that... until the unthinkable happened, until Oishi sprained his wrist, and suddenly, nothing was okay anymore.

In the revelation of this news just minutes before he had to play, Eiji was sent into a spiral of doubts and worries and fears. There was Oishi's medical condition to worry about, and whether or not he could effectively play doubles with Momo, with whom he had neither practiced nor placed his implicit trust. But to put the icing on the cake, the first thought in Eiji's mind, before worrying about the match, before worrying about Oishi, was to the injustice of it all. It was supposed to be Momo who wasn't playing, it was Momo who lost the ranking matches. So why, then, why did Oishi have to be removed from the regulars? It wasn't his fault, it wasn't fair! This wasn't how things were supposed to be, and Eiji was practically throwing an internal tantrum before he realized precisely how terrible his train of thought had been.

Luckily enough, the matches had begun soon, and the stress of Mukahi's taunts and not having the practice or the chemistry with Momo and beginning by losing a game took over Eiji's mind enough to ride him out until after the tournament. It was only much later, sitting in Oishi's bedroom, carefully re-wrapping Oishi's sprained wrist when the thoughts returned to him and once again filled him with doubts. What sort of a terrible person was he, anyway? He only cared about himself, about his own gain... Biting his lip, he tied off the bandages and hesitated, not looking up, not knowing what to think.

"Eiji." At his name being spoken, Eiji couldn't help his reflex reaction and looked up to meet Oishi's eyes hesitantly. He hadn't noticed it before he began with the bandages, but now, as Oishi looked into his eyes, he looked deeply concerned, worried, even, and he softly brushed his left hand against Eiji's cheek. "What's worrying you?"

Eiji opened his mouth to speak, but something in Oishi's expression caught his attention, and he hesitated. Oishi's hand was warm, tender, comforting against his face, and in his eyes, Eiji could discern worry, caring beyond anything he had ever seen in anyone before. Oishi was obviously really very worried about him, really cared about him... about him, the selfish, mean, uncaring loser that he was. But then again, Eiji trusted Oishi's judgement implicitly... so if Oishi truly cared so much about him... perhaps... well, maybe he wasn't so bad.

Smiling, he leaned in and pecked Oishi on the lips. "You worried me. Just get well soon, okay?"

Oishi laughed softly, though his smile was warm, and he nodded. "You really are sweet, Eiji. I don't want to worry you... so I'll get better as soon as possible."

Blushing softly, Eiji nodded, and didn't protest when Oishi pulled him into a gentle embrace. Sure, he had a lot of friends, and he tried to be nice and pleasant when he was around a lot of people... but if Oishi said he was nice, then, really, for Eiji, that was more than enough.
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S: pas de deuxyomimashou on February 14th, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
This is very cute~ It registered a definite "fluff" on the S-chan face meter. XD;;; I love Eiji and Oishi...I need to watch Prince of Tennis XD;;
ミランダ (大丈夫): lovefaded_lace on February 14th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Thanks! I know it's not substantial at all, but at least it's cute, right? XD;; And yes, you do need to watch it... they're totally canon, lulz. XD;