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22 February 2009 @ 04:17 pm
The Original Musical Prince of Tennis, review  
So, because I continue to make poor choice in time management (read as: the grande majority of my homework is drawing and I can totally do that while watching stuff) I finished the Original Musical Tenisu no Oujisama! Yay.

Um... What can I say. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the part of the movie that I watched. XD;; Still, Imperial Match is, in my opinion, far superior, probably because it's a lot later in the line of musicals. My main problem with it, besides the uninteresting musical composition, was that they seemed to have trouble integrating the songs into the actual action of the story. A lot of the songs were a sort of disconnect in the storyline and there were a couple points where you can tell they wanted to put this song in so they sort of just added in a chunk for the song's sake. The way this is laid out, I can see the transition to Dream Live First; the concert setting makes it a lot easier with the way they were doing the songs, which is probably why I found Dream Live First a lot more entertaining than this despite the fact that they shared like 50% of their music. That and the fact that Dream Live First had ridiculously gratuitous gay, of course...

Beyond that, I didn't particularly like the actor they had playing Eiji. Something about his face was just wrong. I don't know. It just didn't fit for me. This Ryoma was a MUCH better singer, however, and I did like him a lot. I liked Kaidoh, but his singing voice bothered me for some reason. It was too rough or something. It made me laugh how, because they had Kimeru as Fuji, Fuji suddenly got to sing like, everything and its brother. XD;; Kimeru is adorable, though, so I don't mind. I liked him singing You Got Game and everyone dancing along at the end.

There were some good dance scenes... but again, it wasn't better than Imperial Match, so it didn't really make up for much. I also could have done without so much of Nanjirou... I'm not particularly a fan of him in general (he gets on my nerves liek whoa) and I feel like it was a little unfortunate that he seemed to get more stage time than say, Oishi. It was nice that they subtly shipped Golden Pair, since you don't see much of Golden Pair to speak of early on. The weirdest thing, however, was like, Inui's random fantasy of Eiji and Fuji. It really had nothing to do with what happened in the series during the whole little intro part anyway; it was like they wanted to have weird gay-boy happy happy joy joy scene. o___O; If I were Oishi, I'd be jealous, too. And then Inui was creepily like "Oh~ Fuji~ Don't do that~" and Horio was like "wtf all I asked was who would win..." XD;; It was so bizarre.

Overall, it's kind of a disappointment, because those beginning few episodes are hard enough to get through as it is, and they did nothing to expedite the process by adding in really unnecessary songs and stuff. I don't think I'd choose to show this to anyone if I was trying to get them to like Prince of Tennis, which is a bit aggravating, because then you have to explain the whole Regulars process and how Ryoma is super special awesome and things before sitting them down in front of Imperial Match.

So, to sum up this summary in four words to the producers and directors of TeniMyu, I say:

That's all. XD;;
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