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26 February 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Things I learned today.  
☎ Making four 19 x 7 inch prints for my final and then procrastinating was a bad plan.

☎ I understand more Japanese than I give myself credit for.

☎ I listen to too much TeniMyu.

☎ The more I listen to TeniMyu, the more I understand. Maybe the people talk too fast for me to catch it the first time. Maybe I've memorized the plot by now. I know I've memorized a lot of the dialogue by now lol.


☎ Kanji is evil.

☎ Tracing paper is also evil.

☎ The Bush administration, and Republicans in general, are also evil, according to my Macro professor.

☎ The telephone-shaped bullet point is really adorable.

☎ I'm an attention whore and now that I only have 4 people in my cosplay group I'm freaking. Someone remind me that cosplay is supposed to be for fun and not profit...

☎ Girls don't like boys (girls like cars and money).

☎ Blue Bus drivers have questionable taste in music.

☎ I need to get more sleep liek whoa.

☎ I'm out of things to say.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Oishi Shuuichirou and Kikumaru Eiji//Type wa D!
Syomimashou on February 27th, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
Kanji is definitely evil. I fucked up my quiz today XD;;

Remember how much attention we've gotten in the past with only four people? Plus, it might be nice to be able to walk five steps without getting a picture request again XD

And...lulz at those lyrics XD;;;;
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on February 27th, 2009 02:47 am (UTC)
XD; Me too, it's all good. I usually study at breakfast right before, which is probably a bad call... XD;; so yeah.

True, true... but me and Ami want to do something that's only TWO people. That's like. Made of fail. TT___TT;;

Questionable taste in radio stations, I'm telling you. XD;
Syomimashou on February 27th, 2009 02:59 am (UTC)
We'll still be awesome the other two days, though... And last year there were like no tennis people. So maybe people will be happy to see even two.

What radio station would play that song? XD;;
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on February 27th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
Are you saying me and Ami wouldn't be awesome? XD; And yeah, the ones we saw were really bad, so maybe we'll get some loving. That would be nice.

I... don't know. What radio station plays only beach boys and hootie and the blowfish? Because they listen to that one too.
Syomimashou on February 27th, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
You and Ami are ALWAYS awesome.

wtf XD;;;
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on February 27th, 2009 10:19 am (UTC)

I don't even know XD;;;;