August 23rd, 2005




Okay, so. We got there and saw all these great cosplayers straight off. There was a really great Lettuce, and the kid must have been 10 or 11, she was so cute! And I saw Gojyo, too, and my dad goes, "Hey, he has a moon-shaped scythe thing, just like in 'The Monkey King'!" and I was like "-_-;;;;"

Then we registered, and found Chi-chan and then went down to the dealers, where we saw more great cosplayers. There was a nice Mint and 2 or 3 Ichigos, an a nice Seshoumaru. Also, I bought a "Dad Hat" from Azumanga Daioh, and Hiei-chan bought a Biting Cat hat from AD, also. Chi-chan bought a Mokona hat.

After that, we went and watched Midori no Hibi. My mom and Chi-chan's mom liked it, because it made more sense then Risky Safety, and it was so much less weird than Mao-chan. I liked it, and the opening song was done by CooRie! Hah! They called Seiji a Yankee in it, and my parents were all confused.

After that, it was like 3 so we went to the restaurant we went to last year for lunch. The waitress looked at us like we were mad, but not too mad, since there were bundles of other cosplayers there, too. We ate, drank, and were merry for about an hour before heading back to the convention center.

After lunch, Hiei-chan and mom went back to watch Ah! My Goddess, and Chi-chan and I went to a voice actor panel. And IT. WAS. THE. BEST. EVER. It was just so awesome that I almose died! We got the Ed voice actor (FMA) to say "Colonel Mustang is damn sexy!", which gave me some pretty images, and then, later we got the Goku actor to say "Sanzo! I'm hungry! Won't you please give me just one meat bun?" And he was like, "I can't do this without looking at a Sanzo, so some girl cosplaying Sanzo stood up and he did it, and maybe it was meant perfectly innocently, but I got even more pretty 39 images from that and nearly died. And, after that, Yusuke's voice actor did this whole line as Puu! it was so kawaiiiiiiiiii! He was like "Puu! Pupupupuu! Puu! Puu puu puu pupupuu!" and we were all like "AWWWWW!" And they talked about some other interesting stuff,t oo, but man. That was THE BEST.

We were going to go to a panel on creating your own anime club, but it started during the VA panel, so we didn't. Instead, Chi-chan and I went down and caught one eppie of Ah! My Goddess before heading down to the Art Auction to look at the pretty art. There were, like, waaaaaay too many FMA pictures, but some of them were pretty cute. there was a nice one of Al with a bunch of kitties. There was also a damn smexy picture of Envy, which I wanted, but I was too lazy to register to bid for it. That was when I realzed I had become an Envy fangirl. XP There was also a nice picture of everyone from Nart, except, Sasori didn't make it on. T^T Itachi-chi and Sauce and Broccoli were there though.

On the way back from the art auction we went to check out the manga library. It sucked majorly. But on the way back to find Hiei-chan and my parents, we walked past this girl with a Jounouchi T-shirt. We didn't notice her until she talked to us! She asked for our picture because we were cosplaying her favourite Kaiba brothers!!! So we actually got a picture as Noa and Mokuba! It was beyond cool!

After that, we went and watched one eppie of this "Mystery" anime which was a fansub of this crazy anime about Miss Marple and Poirot. It was funny because hastings didn't have a last name, and it was just so. bizarre. But we could only stay for one eppie, because then we headed down to the 35 mm. to watch the simulcast of the Masquerade.

We learned our lesson last year that watching the real masquerade isn't such a good thing unless you manage really. good. seats. Which we wouldn't have, so we went to watch the simulcast instead. We had wonderful seats there, we sat in the first row behind the centre aisle. And we could see wonderfully. Before the masquerade started, there was a concert by Kumiko Kato, who is a very preppy J-pop artist. Nothing against her, but she was very preppy. And her second to last song was way better than her last. And she kept saying "cosplay" really weird, but that was funny. XD And then it was time for the real thing, yei~!

The masquerade was, as it always is, a little bit of really good mixed in with a lot of really bizarre. There was a funny Monty Python FMA skit, and a really funny Digimon skit in which Takeru ad Daisuke kept making out. Man. I was like *_____* And there was a funny Numa Numa FF8 skit, too. I was really mad, because there were no Saiyuki skits, for all the cosplayers there were.

As to cosplay: we saw so many good costumes. Besides the ones mentioned before, there was a lovely Fye and Kurogane, a nice Sakura, a pretty good Shampoo, and lots of others that I can't remember. THE THING to cosplay this year was Saiyuki or Naruto. For Naruto, there were (I swear) A BAZZILLION Rock Lees. By the end, we had dubbed him "Broccoli" (for obvious reasons). There were a bunch of Sasukes (Sauce) and Narutos (Nart) as well. As for Saiyuki, there were a whole bunch of incomplete Sanzo-Ikkous, and of course, none of them had Hakkais. There were also a whole bunch of incomplete Kougaiji-tachis, without Doukugakuji. NO ONE LOVES POOR JIEN-CHAAAAAAAAAN!!! T^T There were a whole bunch of Sanzos walking around on their own, too, and some Gojyos and a Goku. I saw 2 Hakkais on their own, but neither had monocles! I also saw 2 Kurama-Hiei sets, and one Hiei-Yukina set. It surprised me at the lack of Hieis and Kuramas though. And I saw a Karasu and RAN. AWAY. VERY. FAST. Karasu scares the crap out of me. But there were a lot of good cosplayers.

On the way to the hotel on Saturday evening, my mom and dad suddenly got curious about Mokuba and Noa's relationship. My dad was all like 'do they have a special friendship or something?" And we were like "Uh, yeah." and he was like "oh. good thing they're not really related." And then he had the "but they're like 12" response and so we had to go into the "Noa's mind is actually sixteen, and besides, grade school kids like eachoter all the time and it's not nearly so bad as Cardcaptor Sakura where everyone's like 'i love you!' all the time when they're in fourth grade. And plus it's anime," thing. And then my mom took a picture of us at the hotel. And we made a pose and she was like "Oh, they're that close." XDDD And we were like "-_-;;;; yeah."

ON SUNDAY! Sunday, we went back and went to the dealers room first thing again. I swear, there was NO SAIYUKI ANYTHING. Nart, FMA, and PoT were EVERYWHERE. But no Saiyuki. I went and bought myself a smexy bell necklace, and I bought S-chan something nice (not saying for her). And then I bought 3 Flint the Time Detective DVDs! OMG! Me and Hiei-chan were so pleased! Because we love Flint! And we never saw it again after they stoped showing Made In Japan on Fox. So we were uber-excited.

Then, we went upstairs and watched a few eppies of Burst Angel. That's that one where the charas are named ofter the litt le women. It was a nice, mecha-filled anime, and my mom actually enjoyed it. I did too, actually. Then, we watched Boogiepop phantom, which was Really. Creepy. It did have nice music, though.

And then we left. It was so sad. T^T Otakon was over. And now I have to wait a whole year to go back. But it was so mcuh fun! And Hiei-chan and I came home and watched FTTD. Which was nice.

Well, that was really long. XD Ja for now.
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