November 17th, 2005


S-chan and Kit answer everyone's questions about Gonou's killing spree!

Okay, so. This all started when I was like "What if Kanan hadn't commited suicide, and had died some time later after she had the kid?" But somehow this brought up a whole bunch of questions about the actual event. So here are some and how we answered them.

Q) How did Gonou kill all of the demons and villagers with just a dagger without youkai powers or claws or anything?

A) He either stabbed them hard enough to get the blood on him, smashed them with stuff/into wall, or (obviously) ripped their eyes out.

Q) Why didn't he try to stop Kanan when she took his dagger?

A) He was in shock and couldn't think straight. stfu.

Q) (This question assumes that Gojyo's path home from the bar doesn't go directly between Gonou's village and the centipede place.) Why did Gonou end up on Gojyo's rout home when that's completely out of his way?

A) He killed his entire village, and wanted to die anyway. Why go back there? He probably wandered aimlessly until he was out of strength or blood from his wound.

Yupyup. And we decided that the whole Kanan having the kid thing was bad because then Gonou probably would never have become a youkai, would have a random kid to tote around, and might not even be Hakkai.

And now, a question from us: How did Gonou get the stomach wound? It couldn't be directly after the Chin Yisou incident because he had limiters. So...I doubt he walked all blody into a, like, limiter store and was like "yo give me cuffs or die." Yeah.

The END!!!