December 26th, 2005


Robert Dream >.>

O_O Last night I had the weirdest, scariest dream. WARNING: The following dream contains spoilers for the Law of Ueki before episode 9-ish. Not very much spoilers, so I wouldn't worry abut it, but...yeah.

So. In my dream, I was one of the Robert no Juudan. It was weird O_o;; Because Dream!Kit was like a totally loyal servant and stuff (but Robert was really nice to me...I have such a soft spot for Robert n_n;) and I think I must have had a crush on Robert in my dream or something because I was all over him. But Robert is cute. <3 Anyway. So we were in America and I was the only Ten with him, because the rest of the ten must have been back in Japan or something. And I don't know who I was replacing. Probably Black Shadow. So we had, like, hijacked this plane that flew at the speed of sound, and also a car. And Robert wanted to get the body of this power user and take their powers before they got burried. (I don't know what my power was. Huh.) So we flew to the area by the funeral place and then drove up and snatched the body when no one was looking, and then drove to the house where the person whose body we snatched lived because he were going to leave them there for their family to have because we weren't that mean. So we got there and opened the cofin and I was like "OMFG" because it was Gozaburo-chan. @_@ Gozaburo-chan was dead in my dream! And somehow I didn't recognize it has her house. So we were doing the whole take-the-powers-out thing (maybe my power was to take other people's powers? That might be it). And when we were done we were putting her back in the coffin and were about to leave when who shoudl show up but S-chan. And she was like "OMGWTF KIT and ROBERT?????????" And she came in at a bad time because I think I was currently hugging Robert or something. And I think S-chan was a little bit jealous or something. But anyway, she got really pissed at Robert, and I was defending him (like I said, Dream!Kit = LoyalTenMember!Kit) and then S-chn was like "nooo he's brain washed you!" and then she tried to make me un-brainwashed. But then S-chan and Go-chan's mother showed up and was like "...WTF." And then I woke up.

That was the weirdest dream EVER.

Oh, and I forgot to say that S-chan was insult Robert's clothes. XD She was like "Ew, how could you liek spme who dresses like that?" That's so OOC. XD But S-chan was mostly IC. I guess I was the OOCest in my dream.