March 20th, 2006


stolen from Sarah!

Fullmetal Alchemist: You as a State Alchemist by SilvernFalcon
Favorite alchemist?:
Favorite homunculus?:
Your alchemy element:Light
Your alchemist name:Moonlight Alchemist
Roy Mustang...:...Considers you a friend.
Edward Elric...:...Loves you.
Scar...:...Believes you are related to him.
Envy...:...Loves you.
Your alchemy success percentage:: 53%
Your rank:Second Lieutenant
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I was gonna put my baby Gluttony as my favourite homunculus, but the idea of Roy wanting to see me in a miniskirt added to the idea of Scar hating me and Envy thinking I loved Hohenheim wasn't working out so well.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Your Fullmetal Alchemist Marriage by SilvernFalcon
Your name:
Your age:
Your career/occupation:
Who you'd marry:Ed
Who'd be the best man:Al
Who'd interrupt your wedding:Wrath
How well you'd get along:: 100%
In the end:You ended up with twins
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Oh dear. Just Wow.

How would you die in fullmetal alchemist by fullmetalfan
Who and why did they kill you.Lust because she didn't like you
Who tries to save youEdward
Why did they try to save youBecause they secretly was in love with you
Who cried a your fural besides your parentsEdward
How sad were people when you died: 45%
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Wow. Mine is like a universe too. O_O