April 20th, 2006


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Well, this is the last day I'm in Boston. *sniff* I guess I never posted about being in Boston, but...oh well. I had lots of fun and bought a ton of crap at the anime store, spending most of the money that I brought with me, which is a little sad but was fun nonetheless. I got the complete Hagaren song file. Hughes' song with Elicia is soooooo cute and sad! BTW, if anyone knows the names of Hughes songs, can you let me know? Because I couldn't find the titles anywhere and I was too lazy to figure out what they were on my own/I can't read kanji. Also, Ed's song "RETURNABLE MEMORIES" is just a little bit Elricesty, which creeps me out to no end. But Al's voice is so cute! And it amuses me that Paku Romi can't seem to sing like a man even though she can talk like one, since both Ueki and Ed sound like total girls when they sing. XD And Roy has trouble pronouncing English...And his songs are all old-sounding, music style wise. Like, "ame no hi wa no sankyu" sounds like it's from the fifties, and "shounen yo, shinjiru nakama yo" sounds like the eighties or something. And that homuculus song is creepy. O_O

As well as my CD, I bought Chi-chan a gift (which is a secret until I give it to her, in case she checks her flist) and a Gluttony charm for Hiei-chan. It's sooooo cute. I <3 Gluttony, and me and her are such crazy fangirls of him. XD Who ever thought my sister an I would fangirl the same thing.

Also, while we were there, S-chan bought an Azumanga Daioh CD, from which we learned that Chiyo-chan can't carry a tune to save her life, and Tomo sounds like a little boy when she sings. XD Also, she boguht a cute Al keychain that's super cute with a little kitten! And she bought Gozaburo-chan a cute Chiyo's dad pin. It was funny, she bought 2 AD things and one hagaren thing, and I bought two hagaren things and one saiyuki thing. I was also super super tempted to buy Roy gloves or an Envy keychain, but I only had 5 dollars left. Really, I could have sat in that store all day and been completely content.

On a bizzare other note, we saw Sanzo's character song album. It was funny to see and album all of Sanzo. But S-chan was like "aaaaaaa it doesn't have 'Game'!!!!!" I hate 'Game'. It annoys me. So I always forget that some people actually like it. XD;;