June 11th, 2006


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Woot. Got up at 5 this morning for an 8:30 flight...so I'm a little tired. XD Sacchi-chan and Ecoko-imouto rode in a new bag that fits both of them, though! XD And on the way to the airport, Hiei-chan and I had an interesting conversation. This one excerpt basicly says it all.

Me: I bet without suspenders, Russel couldn't keep his pants on.
Hiei-chan: Especially when his little brother was around.

XD; So. Yes, I've decided that I believe in Tringhamcest, sadly enough. Not saying that I'm going to fangirl it or anything, but it's definitely there. So shoot me. -_-;;

On the plane, Hiei-chan and I talked some more, mostly making fun of that AARP ad ("Larry, we need more life insurance!") and talking about Tringhamcest and Russel's suspenders and Fletcher's headband and how Russel is Al's age but looks older than Al does in Conqueror of Shamballa, where Al is supposed to be even older, I think. (Right? Isn't Al older in Conqueror of Shamballa? Or is he like 12? I haven't seen it.) Then, I went to sleep on Puffy Baggy, a Fom ripoff (You know, those foamy pillows that are really comfortable?), which was really comfortable.

After we got off the plane, we got a nice big rental car and drove to my Grandparents' house while Hiei-chan and I did our rendition of Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, and Green Day. Then, we got here and ate and played monopoly and I tried to use this super slow dial up which sucks majorly. And that's about all.

Um, and RP. Yay. Both RoyEd and Tringhamcest have eaten my head, and I'm not overly please about the latter. Someone help. XD;;

Lastly, I need to make myself new icons. Buh. I can't do it here, though, because I can't transfer from here to Sacchi-chan, where I have Photoshop. Oh well.

Er...this was a long entry. Sorry to spam everyone!