June 20th, 2006



Today was going really sucky, because I have a week before I go away and I had to clean the studio and set it up for Sunshine, who was off in that filthy excuse for a studio in Trolley Square. After working for 7 fucking hours, I was finally looking forward to coming home and RPing with V. Of course, Hiei-chan just HAS to go biking, and so my parents make me go with her. And when I get back, V is offline and won't come back until tomorrow. I fucking have to be packing and cleaning and preparing for the next 3 days. I fucking made time for this and needed something to cheer me up. And her fucking mom has to make her go offline.

FUCK. I hate the world.

[EDIT] V, please don't think I'm blaming you, because I'm not. So don't be sorry and don't be upset with me, please? It's not your fault at all!