July 21st, 2006



I did a camp performance of CATS today. It was lots of fun. I was a counciller/class assistant/whatever (as in I was being paid, not paying) for the 6-8 year old class (It's a theatre dance camp, so it was a lot of dancing and not much talking.) I was Rum Tum Tugger, which was amazing, because 1) it was crazy fun and 2) I started seeing a lot of yaoi in the darn musical and he was in the main pairing. Because he is so bi. Like, amazingly so. Of course, one of our campers and not someone I knew and could have fun with was Mr. Mistoffelees and so I couldn't be like "OMG I LOVE YOU!" but I managed to do it subtley without her knowing. It was a ton of fun and pretty amazing...and I may end up writing yaoi with characters based on CATS...which is weird. XD;;

In other news rp_me is taking over my flist. XD;;; Oh well. I can't wait for the people who talked to me to email me back!

In other news, setting up msn is too difficult for me. I'm sticking to AIM. Pfft!