July 30th, 2006



In case you can't tell, the title says "Meme". I did it for FMA (even though I already did it for all fandoms a long time ago...;; So yeah.

1) Edward Elric
2) Alphonse Elric
3) Roy Mustang
4) Jean Havoc
5) Heymans Breda
6) Kain Fuery
7) Hohenheim Elric
8) Vato Falman
9) Envy
10) Greed
11) Wrath
12) Barry the Chopper

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That was really weird. The only pairing that worked out was Barry/Falman! Hahaha ;;

In other news, I got a new 100 gig hard drive named Aoe-chan. It's an IOmega. She's named after the pretty blue light that blinks when she's thinking. Yeee! Sacchi/Aoe otp?? XDDDD;;;;
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This one is kind-of weird, though I like the homunculi. It's completely AU, and, from what I can figure, it's 2nd-person-y. I think Roy gives "you" that ring, and Ed talks to "you". Which is just weird. It's funny how Kimblee and Archer and other people show up, and some guy who looks like Kuwabara...XD Can someone watch it and tell me what it says?



Hagaren 61 is out. It was ok. I'm really sick of all this military talk though. u_u;; I wish it would go back to present-day. I liked the omakes a lot, though. Go to http://www.zomgfta.com to download your copy today~

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Puu...I can't seem to dowload the Otakon schedule and it's too small for me to read in Safari...

There is LoU though! xD That's cool! I already have seen 1-4, but hey! It's there~

Funny things I learned about dub voices from the Otakon website

Izumi (FMA) is done by the same person who did Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh).

Hawkeye and Rose (FMA) are both done by the same person.

Ritsu (Furuba) is done by the same person as Havoc (FMA).

Yuri (Kyou Kara Maoh) is done by a man named Yuri, who also does Sasuke (Naruto).

The woman who does Dante and Lyla (FMA) also did Jo (Burst Angel) and Gamemaster (Yu Yu Hakusho).

Isn't that funny~? I thought so. If there's a VA panel again, we simply must go!
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