August 3rd, 2006


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二 I got my hair cut! Yaaaay! I have some bangs now~ It feels all gross and salon-y right now, though. I have to wash it and then try really hard to make it look the same with seven sprays and creams instead of seventeen. xP;;

三 S-chan came home. Yaaaaaaaaaay S-chan~ ♥

四 Ami-chan is sleeping over tomorrow. Yaaaaaaay Ami-chan! ♪

五 Did I mention Otakon was in 2 days?

六 Cinderella music is annoying me. Buu.

七 I made a KuroFye and a bunch of RoyEd desktops, if anyone wants one.

八 I'm cosplaying Hakkai in 2 days~ (that's a good number 8, right? xD)

九 There really is no number nine, but I wanted to make it a square number. :D

That's about all. I'm still getting use to my bangs...hee. I found a symbols option on my computer, so I'm having fun with it! xD ♪♥♠♣☆❖⁂✓☀☁☂☃

and look, an onsen mark like on Sano's headband!! →♨ ♨ ♨