August 13th, 2006


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Yeah. So.

Apparently Mugenjou is officially dead now...

and I don't know what to do with myself. @_@;;

I've been doing some research...maybe I should apply for this. I really don't know, though...

I'm on an RP withdrawl. T^T V, come back! The only one I have right now is the one with stillskies over email and the one on chiachiaamichan's journal...but the second one really doesn't count because it takes so flipping long and the first one isn't part of a big thing, which is what I really kind of want right now...

So. Maybe I'll check out _catchphrase_ a little more...

Oh. And V, get your little self back in New Mexico!!

Thank you. X3


The question is, who? I'll have to go over the wanted people list, reread all of my manga, rewatch a whole bunch of anime...

Say, anyone want to app with me? I know I'm a lameass, but I like having someone I know come with me. *elbows the empty space which should be V*

Candidates for playing

♪Edward Elric (FMA)*
♪Roy Mustang (FMA)*
♪Mokona Modoki (xxxHOLiC)
♪Mokona Modoki (Tsubasa)
♪Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)*
♪Kakei (Gohou Drug)*❖
♪Kazahaya (Gohou Drug)*❖
♪Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)

*I would need someone to join with me
❖I would need to study up like majorly. @_@;

I'll also take suggestions from anyone who wants to join with me (because I know you all love me so much that you're practically tripping for the opportunity -_-;; Humour me here.) Like, if you want to play someone or whatever.

Someone help me out here.

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First choose a CD without reading, then answer the following questions pertaining to it. List both the song and the pairing in the answer.


First song: Pick a person who's personality matches the song, whether it be the tempo, lyrics, or music. Explain how they match, then the person you would pair them with.
Second song: Pick a pairing you support that you could write a story about based on the lyrics (not a song fic).
Third song: Pick a pairing in which one person could possibly be singing the song to the other person.
Fourth song: Describe a storyline of a fic you could write to it. Then pick a pairing that would fit into the story well.
Fifth song: Pick a pairing you don't support that would fit with the song in a fic.
Sixth song: Would the song make a better cuddle fic or smut fic? What pairing would fit well with it?
Seventh song: Pick a pairing you rarely see/have never seen written that would match the song.
Eighth song: Pick a pairing you don't fangirl, but someone else you know does that would fit if it was written into a song fic.
Ninth song: Pick a pairing that you can't see fitting with the song at all. Which song on the album would they fit with, if any?
Tenth song: Would the song be a better fluff or character death fic? Pick one and a pairing that you would write, if making it into a song fic.

Should that album exceed 10 songs, repeat from #1.

After completing, post so that other may do the same for you

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