August 16th, 2006


Sore. T^T

I got this huge bruise from smacking my knee into the metal support part of the wall barre doing a pirouette...It's all purple and gross and hurts like a monkey! And I'm really sore.

Some fun and slashy stuff happened today. First off, Ana (hanyou/Ishballan teacher) and Chloe (normal teacher xD;) asked for some videos because their hotel sucks and only has a VCR and not a dvd player. So Erin brought in some movies: Sweet Home Alabama, Shakespeare in Love, and some other chick-flicky movies. And Ana was all "Hahaha, what do you think we're in love or something?" and Chloe was like "*pointedly looks in other direction while we all stare and Ana tried to explain what she meant*" It was funny.

Also, I was minding my own business and putting on my pointe shoes, and then I hear Ria moan like really loudly. So I was like "O_O;" and discretely looked over in her direction to see Ari sitting on top of her. Apparently she was giving her a masage. But I was like "xD;;;;"And, yes, their names have been changed to obvious aliases to prevent people they know or them from finding out.

Well, that's about all. Over and out.

Going senile O_O;

Okay, I'm losing my mind. What are the names of the Buddhist scriptures (in Saiyuki, at least)? Sanzo has the Seiten, and then Nii Jianyi has the Maten and one other...what is it? And do we ever know what the other two are? @_@;; I'm goign senile!
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