August 28th, 2006



Buhhhhh I'm beat after that stay-in-shape class today. I pity those who haven't danced for more than a week when classes start next week! I've had a class a week ago and I'm totally out of shape! Thank goodness for that class today! XD;; I sucked really bad, though. It was embarassing. I couldn't even do a proper triple pirouette or double pique! Bah!

Hm...Psych tonight, but it's a rerun of the Scifi con one. Oh well, I thought that one was cute, and they didn't make conventions seem gross, like people usually do. ^^ Even if it wasn't quite the right type of setup.

Also, my cousin is visiting. He's like six foot 5. I feel so short. In two inch heels I made it to, like his shoulder. u_u;; So short.