August 29th, 2006



So, to all of those who bothered to amuse me by naming off people by their icon, you all get a prize! Yaaaaay!

You can pick from:
♪A banner (you need to specify size if you don't have a generator-style layout. You also need to tell me what you want or send me an image. :D)
♪An icon (Again, tell me what you want or send me an image. :D)
♪A drabble (Give me a pairing or general plotbunny)

So, chiachiaamichan, yomimashou, vink_sama, and sweetinsanity90, let me know what you want, please~

And if I missed you, kick me -_-; I'm tired, so I'm extra fallible.


Ah! Finally, finally, I have finished Harry Potter six. I don't really feel any better than when I started, save for the fact that I can say I've read it and know what everyone's going on about now. If it wasn't so popular, I might go so far as to say that was a considerable waste of time -_-; But hey. Now I can reflect on the storyline for a little while before promptly forgetting eerything that happened (I went through the whole book having not a clue what went on in the 5th book, or what Occulamency or Legilimency or whatever were...I can't remember much about the 5th book at all! XP;;;))

Now, for some reflections. Spoilers for HBP. You have been warned.

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I doubt anyone's going to read all of that crap, but I put it there anyway to get it out of my system. xD Now maybe I'll go make some Harry Potter icons or something.


...why is my computer suddenly so slow...?

[EDIT 2] Hahahahaha. It's all "seven is the most magicful number" and there's seven Harry Potter books. Hahahahahah. I just figured that out. *shot*

What wouldl we do with wiki? (say that 5 times fast. xD)

So. I was google-searching Gojyo. And the wiki entry came up. So I clicked. Stupid me.

I was like, "Hey, what a cute little entry! It even has his stats, and look! He's left-handed. Cool!" So, I seached Hakkai. Stupid me.

So, Hakkai's page is like 3 times as long as Gojyo's. I'm like "XD; I guess you could expect that..." So I go down to the bottom of the page to look at the interesting stuff. First thing I saw was it said that "Yaone reminds him of Kanan, and so he's in love with Yaone." WHAT? Where did that come from? HakkaiYaone is SO not canon. It doesn't even make any sense. Srsly. But then, the next line down, it says, "According to Sanzo, Hakkai sleeps with his eyes open and often giggles in his sleep." Which is kind-of true according to Saiyuubito, except he says something along the lines of "He often opens his eyes in his sleep and laughs like 'fufufufufufufufu!'" XD; Although I can see him giggling, too.

Wiki is like drugs. Bad drugs. xD;;
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Icon dump!

I'm really a big Rose fan. XD; She makes my day. So I made some icons of her!

11 Fullmetal Alchemist (vague series and movie spoilers...)
[6] Rose
[2] Clara/Psiren
[1] Rose's child
[1] Pinako
[1] Noa

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