September 3rd, 2006


Avril Lavein what.

I just listened to her CD again, and it was a bit sad, because, like three of the songs describe aspects of my life. XD; First of all, that 'Tomorrow' song always reminds me of S-chan, does. And then the song after's called 'anything but ordinary' or something, reminds me of me...because I want to be anything but ordinary. XD And sometimes, I do get so weird that I freak myself out. XD;;; *fail* Anyway...can't think of the third somg right now...but I'm such a loser. I'm probably never going to listen to that CD's so freakin old! But Hiei-chan said she was going to do a lyrical dance about it or something. XD;;

Wow. That post was like "stream of consiousness." XD;