September 28th, 2006



Today I went to Goodwill and bought a shiney black collared shirt to make into my Ed's going to be a bit difficult to turn the coller under part-way and then sew and tape it up to make it like Ed's, but I'll manage. There was some better stuff, but I had to get something that I could wear under my red sweater jacket (which I still need to sew the flammel on......>_>;) so....thus. Now all I have to do it fix up the jacket and sew on the flammel and I'm done. Oh, and dig up some white gloves. Yay. Maybe I'll post some pictures when O'm done, even though it won't be that great because it's only a Halloween costume, so it's not overly speshul. XD;

Also, today, I realized that one of my earphones it totally totalled. Like, the white outer stuff is cut and two of the wires are completely frayed. I have to go get some new ones now...maybe I'll get not-iPod brand and get some cute pink ones or something.

Anyway, I'm about to pass out now. I think someone drugged my food or something. But I have to wait for V....have to stay awake......

I'm failing.
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