October 31st, 2006



Happy Halloween everybody~!!

My Halloween was absolutely awesome! X3 I was Edward Elric, Ami was Russel Tringham, and S-chan was Sloth. Ami-chan had work, so we took pictures until 7:15. We then went out, and Ami and I were IC basically the whole time. XD; Every opportunity we had, we made fun of eachother, and she kept calling me short, or girly, or something. ^^; It was so freaking much fun. In the end, S-chan ended up being Al, because she can do that "Nii~san!" thing that Al does. xD;; As for costumes, mine was freaking amazing. Wearing it all together...I was awesome. S-chan braided my hair with a red hairtie and it was so cool! X3I ended up carrying my pocket watch around just for no reason...XD;; S-chan looked pretty awesome, too...there's something about her hair that eminates Trisha Elric vibes...I dunno. XD; Ami's hair was fscking amazing; it looked EXACTLY like Russel, and she can do this amazing eye-roll that looks just like his "better than you" attitude (that's why she's our Sanzo, too. ^^). And she had suspenders. I mean, COME ON. Suspenders are AWESOME.

Pictures will come tomorrow, I promise. Today my mom is too tired to hook up the camera ;; There's some pretty good ones. :D