December 31st, 2006


House fluff!

So, this is my first House fic. :D; it's House/Wilson, of course. I hope it's all right. ^^;

Title: Looking up

Disclaimer: House MD is not mine.

Rating: PGish

Warnings: Yaoi, first-season spoilers

Author's Note: This episode was so sweet. :DD Oh, Wilson. I love them.

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So, Sempai prompted me to make a post like this, as well, although I'm not going to list, as she did, mostly because I don't want to announce half the things I did in 2oo6. XD;; But, 2oo6 was a good year, I think, and I'm looking forward to 2oo7. As good as these crappy Charter years can be, anyway, but good enough. Outside of school (which is automatically crap because it's Charter) and dance (which had been automatically crap this year because some people suck), my life's been okay. I've got my great friends (tachi XDD), and became friends with Kai-kun, the most awesome member of the male gender ever to walk the planet. X3 And, of course, I have my lovely V, who is my world, as well as my (pants obsessed XD;) little sister and my parents. I love all you guys!

Lets 2oo6, I also got into Fullmetal Alchemist, and started writing smut (XD; ). I began teaching little kid dance, and somehow got into the favour of Miss Sherry (o_o;). I started magic_helmet_rp (which like died ;; ) as well as our original RP with V. :D; 2oo6 was pretty eventful. to resolutions. I gues "stop being a bitch" is really up there. Hm....
After much thought, here's the list:
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Well, so long, 2oo6. I'm gonna miss ya. ^^