January 10th, 2007


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Kai-kun is my personal slave. :D

Also: Housewife!Percy. Ahahahahahaha. Scary mental image there. XD;;

I was also amused by this, reported to me by S-chan:
S-chan: blah blah blah Kit and V's RP, blah blah blah Percy and Algernon...
Ami: ....they kind of scare me.

*sporfle* XD;


So. I'm doing this meme again, because I'm bored. But GUESS WHAT. THIS ONE HAS A TWIST!

Warning: You may not recognize some of these characters, even if you've read. ^^;; No real spoilers, though.

Collapse )

Yeah. XD; and for your information, I just put people arbitrarily in numbers far away from eachother so they'd be paired together. XD;
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