January 16th, 2007



Turns out I'm acually really sick. Like, 101.7 degrees sick. So, looks like I won't be in school tomorrow, which sucks major ass, because I have exams. Only one, actually, History, but I really really don't want to have to make it up. But, like, when I stand up I see stars and my head feels like it's gonna explode and I got home at 1:30 and fell asleep at 2 and I've been asleep this whole time, which is like 6 and a half hours, and I've been having really weird dreams. So, life sucks, but I gotta stay home. I also gotta go to comapny tomorrow for Passing Through, which sucks even more major ass.

...actually, one of my dreams is kind of amusing. I was Corinne (from the RP) in it, and randomly I was like a Brigadier General or something (and not a Major...that's jumping, what, 3 slots? XD;) and the uniforms were pink instead of green (XD;; wtf.) And like, we were at the port meeting someone important (Dragomir and Niles never showed up through the whole thing...XD;), and I kept getting yelled at by Percy and Algernon for like not looking attentive enough and stuff, no matter what I did (I think Algernon like tried to seduce me once in there...o_o;) and then at the end, randomly, I got a like pimp cane and that made everything better.

wtf. XD;;;;

Ugh...seeing stars again, going back to bed.
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