January 18th, 2007



Buhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Guess what guys. Still sick. I wanna cry. TT^TT; My hands are weird and shaky, and I can't control them very well. I can't really write, and I definitely can't draw, which is really what I want to do right now. I feel like shit, my nose hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts, and, worst of all, I look like hell, which I can't stand. It would be okay if I felt crappy if I could at least keep up my appearance, but I can't, and it sucks, and I bet I'm going to look sucky for Ami's party, too, and I'm going to killlllllllllllll myself. I want to sleep, and I need to sleep, but I'm really tired of just sleeping all the time. I want to draw or write or play Guitar Hero (wtf? I don't even own it) but I can't and this SUCKS!!! And even worse: V's got craploads of homework so I can't talk to her all that much and she won't be around until 8 anyway, and alf;sal;fkvmklcsnakjvbjdkfnafvnkahjbvas.

One good thing: Not teaching tomorrow. ...gotta find a sub. Crap.

Oh, and: Anyone want to take some screenshots from Less Than Three for me so that I can make an icon? I kinda want to. :D;; Like, just a few that amuse you. I'd be super grateful. <3
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So, would anyone be interested in my posting the official character art from the RP? It's far from perfect or complete, but I figured maybe you guys might want to know what they look like :D;;;

Let me know~
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