February 18th, 2007



This stemmed from a discussion about my valentines day fic. Read at your own risk. XD; It's an AU RP omake.

Title: RP Omake 1
Claimer: All characters are ours :D
Rating: PG-13 to R for brain-breakage. XD;
Warnings: AU, yaoi, dress-up (XD; )

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Pictures of Niles :D;

Soo I was bored yesterday and drew these. They're obviously not of the highest quality, just quickly draw for giggles. XD; It's all of present day AU Niles, so yeah. Look at your own discretion. (they're all rated G. :D; ) As an added bonus, one of them goes with the omake I posted yesterday, so you can have a visual :D;;

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