May 31st, 2007



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That out of my system, I'm relatively stressed for it being the end of the year. Tomorrow, we have the Latin timed essay, and everything hangs in the balance of whether or not I'm exempt from that exam. Ughhhh I hope that I am...I don't want to have to take another final...

Although, tomorrow's a half day, and the pirate party is Sunday. I have to clean the house for it, but I'm really excited. I'm going to marry omniomphalos~!

It is depressing, however, V's in California until Wednesday. I miss her so much already...she's probably off having a grand old time at the Doll Convention, and I hope she's enjoying herself, but...I miss her. T^T;

Wow. A real post, ftw. It took a crisis for me to do it. XD;;