June 13th, 2007


Ohohohoho ;;

So...I was lonely, so I wrote a bit of an emo-ish RP story. It's mostly Niles-centric, of course, and the main theme is solo, so...be warned. XD;; V says it's the perfect mix of hotness and emoness, so...yeah XD;;

Title: Alone

Claimer: Niles is mine, and Dragomir is mine by association, so there. XD;;

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Major solo, with mentions of yaoi.

Author's note: Um...I really just wanted to write a story with Niles masturbating XD;;;; Plus, I'm super lonely right now. T^T;

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So, my email isn't working. The comcast people were all "I should be fixed by morning," but it isn't. Isn't life grand. >___>;

Until further notice, please direct all emails to the temporary account, faded_lace@yahoo.com.

[EDIT] Further notice is given. Please return to using my old account :D;;
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