July 7th, 2007


Ahahahah ;

Goodness, Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone [the movie] is going to turn me into a shotacon, I swear. XD; They're so cuuuuuuute!!! X3 And so totally Harry/Draco (or Draco/Harry, as the case may be X3)

In other news, I'm reading Loveless and I really like it, actually. V and I were trying to think of something to cosplay when she comes next Otakon, and Soubi and Ritsuka works nicely with our heights. :D; Plus, no one seems to cosplay Loveless very much, so we'd get lots of pictures, and stuff, and plus if people ask for pictures, we know they like yaoi. X3; So, it all works out.

I miss V. ;___;