September 22nd, 2007


Yuui & Fye icons

For the purpose of the not being confused. I'm referring to the person who comes to be adult Fye "Yuui," because there's also the other Fye, and it's all so confusing. So. The names are the original childhood names. ^^;

As to the icons in this post, they're all CLAMP manga pages coloured by me in photoshop. ^^; So...Um...Please enjoy!

15 Tsubasa RESERVior CHRoNiCLE
[5] Yuui
[3] Fye
[6] Yuui & Fye
[1] Ashura and Yuui
+[1] Friends Only banner

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5 & 8 are a set-ish. XD;
1 & 7 are a set-ish :D;;

If taking, please:
~Credit! But mostly don't claim them to be yours ^^;
~Comment~ Not neccesary, but really appreciated!
~Don't hotlink, because it's just not nice. :D;;
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Okeedokee, the Epic works unlike other things: it's in 3 chapters, and each chapter is its own bit, okay? Like a normal chapter.

The Epic!
Chapter: 1
Claimer: Perceval and Algernon are ours in their horny teenage glory. XD
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi, possibly language, phallic bananas and flower-talk XD
Beta: yomimashou says, "Yayyy Algernon and Percy ♥"

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