October 23rd, 2007


As of right now--

I know I've been a little loose with money recently, but it's all going to come to a stop. Besides gasoline and Christmas and Birthday gifts (which might end up being a little shabby...I'm really sorry, guys) I'm not going to spend on anything I don't absolutely need. As of right now, I'm starting up the New Mexico fund with both the Kaiba Family Fortune (which is empty right now...I need some cash to put in there XO) and my bank account. Should I save enough in my bank account, the Kaiba Family Fortune will go to Otakon expenses. I believe I'll need around 500 dollars for the week trip to New Mexico...with my paycheck of 40 dollars a week, that's 12.5 weeks, which is about 3 and an 8th months. Subtracting gas, at 25 dollars a week, that makes about 6 and a half months. Subtracting Christmas and Birthday expenses, which are usually around 100 dollars plus the 25 I owe Ami, that's another 3 weeks. So, about 7 months will be required to save that, not including money given from relatives, not including money earned over the summer, not including classes substituted during the year. That means that 7 out of the next 10 months, I will be scrimping.

That all being said, any donations will be gratefully accepted. ♥

To do list:
☂ Ask mom to pay for gas
☂Pay Ami her 25 dollars XP;;
☂Go wig shopping (how does this thursaday sound, Ami? After school on the half day?)
☂Find an obi for Arielle
☂Get things tried on and get costumes to respective people to try them on.

Tis all for now.