November 5th, 2007



ARGHHHHHH I'm sick. *cough cough* In case someone missed that today. >> I didn't go to dance, and slept for 2 hours, but then I woke up to eat dinner, and now I have to wait, and I guess I'll call V early so it will be easier for both of us...

I finished all of Tsubasa on Sunday, and I'm quite proud of myself. I think one of the things that surprised me the most was Mokona's amount of character. That is to say, before I thought he was fairly flat, because he was in Magic Knight Rayearth, and because, really, all he was was silly and teasing Kurogane and so I assumed there wasn't much more under there. But then in Acid Tokyo, Mokona was desperate and helpless and crying and he didn't want Fye to die along with the rest of them, and I was really quite surprised. I liked Mokona before, but now I like him a deal more. ♥

Another thing that surprised me was that I found Fye drinking blood to be quite fun. X3;; I didn't really think I would, to be honest, because fandom was so hardcore about it at the time, but actually, I thought it was rather sexy. XD;; Which is totally why I'm shamelessly putting it in my story. (Now I wonder, if Kuro had been drink and had a high BAC, would Fye get drunk, too? XD;; ) Though I totally feel bad that the poor Scandanasian magical ninja kids are going to have a propensity for eating rare meat...XD;;;;;; Ah c'est la vie.

Of all the worlds so far, I think I really liked Acid Tokyo and Infinity the least, to be perfectly honest. I liked have the Autozam people show up again (yay Lantis/Eagle~~) but the whole BDSM-gothic-lolita-emo feel was a bit heavy for me. And Acid Tokyo depended heavily on a knowledge of X/1999 that I did not possess, so that kind of stunk a little bit. And angry-emo-Sakura pisses me off to no end, btw. I'm glad at least Fye is happy again, with his Kuro-sama.

All in all, I'm really glad to be completely up to date. Now the emo is behind me and all I have to look forward to is happy KuroFye-ness and saving Sakura's ass. Now I wonder who, as CLAMP promised, will have the unhappy ending? Only one, if I remember correctly, is doomed, and it pretty damn well better not be Fye of Kurogane. They don't deserve it, not after everything.

In other news, expect Tsubasa icons in the future. It's mostly from Acid Tokyo and Inifinty.
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